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    Hell Date

    Season 3

    • BET
    • 20 mins
    • Reality

    The show started with one unsuspecting date telling the viewers who his/her ideal mate is. This individual thinks that he/she is on a standard dating show, such as "Blind Date", where both daters have gone on a TV show to look for love. However, in this case the second dater is actually an actor portraying a genuine dater. This actor, known as a "Hell Dater", portrays a character who has an incredibly annoying personality trait which is typical of the single worst date that most people have ever been on.

    As the date progresses, the Hell Dater becomes increasingly more extreme in their off-putting behavior, making life more and more miserable for the unsuspecting dater. Finally, the victimized dater is put out of their misery when a little person dressed as a devil jumps out, pokes them with a pitchfork, and exclaims, "You on Hell Date!"

    18 episodes

    3x01 Getting Edgy

    • Season Premiere

      no air date — 20 mins

    These daters take crazy behavior to a new level. From a dater who can’t seem to choose between boys and girls to a dater who has evident mental issues, these daters keep their unsuspecting dates on the edge of their seats, literally.

    3x02 New Attitudes

    • no air date — 20 mins

    She has a new identity and a new attitude...a bit more attitude than her date cares to experience. The second dater can't believe how much attention her date needs. He loves himself and has a beauty kit to prove it.

    3x03 Humor Me

    • no air date — 20 mins

    These daters are into people who are down-to-earth with a good sense of humor. This first dater is an aspiring comedian, but there is nothing funny about him. Meanwhile, the second dater is a perfectionist who can only see flaws in her date.

    3x04 Kitchen Heat

    • no air date — 20 mins

    When this date gets hot in the kitchen, the dater doesn't know whether to dive in or to run. And the second dater is just a brother trying to handle his business, but his date can't relate.

    3x05 Friendly Fire

    • no air date — 20 mins

    These daters started out attracted to their blind dates, but it ends up a total disaster. The first date gets crowded when the best friend joins the date, forcing this dater to choose where his attention should fall. And the second dater goes from super cool to super crazed, confusing his date with his bi-polar behavior.

    3x06 Super Hyped

    • no air date — 20 mins

    He's the super hype workout brother who is more into his body than his date. The second dater is a male bashing comic who targets her date for her not-so-funny barbs.

    3x07 Ego Tripping

    • no air date — 20 mins

    This dater likes smart, attractive women…but just as friends. His date wants to know "what’s that about?" Meanwhile, the second date is spiraling out of control with an ego-centric diva from hell.

    3x08 Dancing Cats

    • no air date — 20 mins

    This dancing fool can't stop moving, but his date wishes he would keep his happy feet still. Meanwhile, this second dater is all about her kitty cat. Her date may be a dog lover but he is cool with her kitties until she starts purring like a cat.

    3x09 Wannabe Who?

    • no air date — 20 mins

    This dater is a daddy's girl and is used to being spoiled. But if she expects her date to wait on her hand and foot, she is in for a rude awakening. This second dater takes his Asian wannabe style very seriously, but when this imitator tries to test his skills on his date, he is given a Karate-chop, beat down.

    3x10 Fly Scholar

    • no air date — 20 mins

    She's the fly scholar type who is ready to get her freak on. But this dater is not so sure he’s ready for the kind of freakin' she is suggesting. This second dater has a big ego but his small size is an even bigger issue. He's overly aggressive and his date grows more concerned with each interaction.

    3x11 Is That a Dude?

    • no air date — 20 mins

    He thought she was the full package, but it turns out her package isn't wrapped too tight or straight.

    3x12 Moron Alert!

    • no air date — 20 mins

    These daters are way out of touch, from a lunar lunatic to a dim wit, these daters would try the patience of a saint.

    3x13 Super Dud!

    • no air date — 20 mins

    Boy, who you foolin'? This dater may think he is a Super Hero, but he is a Super Dud! Now, if he could just save her from this date.

    3x14 Quit Playin'

    • no air date — 20 mins

    These dates quickly go from funny to annoying to downright frustrating. Girl, why you twitching?

    3x15 A Hot Mess

    • no air date — 20 mins

    This first dater is a frustrated actor who can't take rejection, while the second dater is stuck in 1985. They both are a hot a mess!

    3x16 Just Not Into You

    • no air date — 20 mins

    Distractions, reckless behavior, and a barrage of interruptions suggest these daters are just not into their dates.

    3x17 Picky, Picky

    • no air date — 20 mins

    He's a swingin' O.G.! He wants to love 'em all, then leave 'em. The opposite is true of this second date. She sees nothing but flaws in her date and tells him, repeatedly.

    3x18 Preach On Sista!

    • no air date — 20 mins

    This ultra-feminist preachin' sista is verbally aggressive and will take on anyone for her cause, including her date, their instructor and even other women!