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Hella Gay

Season 2

  • 8 mins
  • Comedy, Documentary, Reality

Trans and queer activist Miles McKenna and their guests take to the streets to actively explore topics of vital interest to the LGBTQ+ community like coming out online, coping with disapproving friends and family, and embracing your identity.

9 episodes

2x01 Gender Therapy

  • Season Premiere

    no air date — 8 mins

Surrounded by adorable, therapeutic puppies, Miles chats with Aydin Olson-Kennedy, executive director of the Los Angeles Gender Center, about gender therapy. It can seem scary, but not when you're surrounded by cute puppies!

2x02 Drag Kings

  • no air date — 8 mins

Miles heads back to Hamburger Mary’s to meet with drag kings Ivory Onyx and Havok Von Doom. While turning Miles into a king, they dive into the world of drag.

2x03 Pulse Nightclub

  • no air date — 8 mins

Miles meets up with community leader Terry DeCarlo in Orlando. They discuss the Pulse nightclub shooting and how this tragedy affected the LGBTQ+ community, Orlando, and the world. Miles and Terry plant 49 flowers in honor of the victims.

2x04 Faith & Sexuality

  • no air date — 8 mins

Miles meets social activist Taylor Amari Little to discuss what it's like being a Muslim and gay person today. And since many want to build walls between marginalized groups, Miles and Taylor build a rainbow-colored ladder to bridge the gap.

2x05 LGBTQ+ Rapper

  • no air date — 8 mins

Famed gay rapper Cakes Da Killa talks to Miles about what it's like being a gay man in the rap world. Then Miles shares a rap song they wrote with Cakes, and the two of them make a music video together.

2x06 Mid West Trans* Twins

  • no air date — 8 mins

Miles travels to Michigan and meets trans twins MK & Ash Kelly. They chat about what it’s like growing up feeling different and then eventually coming out as trans in a small town. Miles also tries out for the twins’ band, Nonbinary.

2x07 Married, Gay and Happy

  • no air date — 8 mins

Seeing a married gay couple living life and being happy…that’s what this is all about! The Next Family vloggers tell Miles how they met, what day-to-day life is like, and how they're just a normal family. Then everybody cooks dinner together.

2x08 Gender Inclusivity

  • no air date — 8 mins

Miles is introduced to roller derby and meets Rachel Johnston of the Angel City Derby Girls to talk about the roller derby community, the sport's progressive rules, and how derby is paving the way for gender inclusivity.

2x09 Conversion Therapy

  • no air date — 8 mins

Conversion therapy survivor and nuclear physicist Sam Brinton talks about what it's like to work in D.C. and what they are doing for policy reform. Plus, Sam teaches Miles nuclear physics in 60 seconds.