If nothing else, this is a tremendous step up for Alison Pill after Star Trek Picard.

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Three episodes in. Cross Mad Men and Death of a Salesman with space ships and robots that don't have anything to do with the very simple central story.

The positive:

  • The show looks glamorous, it's visually stunning.

The negative:

  • The set designers have worked their asses off but the rest of the series is half-baked. The idea behind the show is certainly interesting but the execution of it is so mediocre which makes the plot basic and dull. It is lacking an interesting main motivating conflict or problem.

  • For a show billed a dramedy, it’s not quite funny enough to be a comedy or deep enough to hit as a drama. It’s not a thriller or mystery, there's no great cliffhanger that must be answered.

  • Poorly drawn characters, there is no nuance or motivations behind character's actions. None of the characters are captivating. The protagonist Jack Billings has a potential to be antihero but a redemption story is supplied to make him sympathetic - he is trying to help his son that he abandoned years earlier.

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Odd show. Has a great premise, but feels very aimless. The story just seems to have a very slow pace, despite being interesting.

I'll watch it to the end, but can't quite see this panning out any better.

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Three episodes in and I think I’m out. Visually appealing , great cast , but seems pointless. Can’t see this premise of selling life on the moon for seven more episodes

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