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Heroes & Halfwits

Season 2 2017

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  • 2017-01-11T23:00:00Z on Rooster Teeth
  • 90 mins
  • 16 hours, 30 mins (11 episodes)
  • United States
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Come one, come all, to RoosterTeeth's new show, Heroes & Halfwits! Gus, Ryan, Michael, and Geoff are at the mercy of Dungeon Master Frank. Don’t miss the action – it’s sure to be a crit hit.

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11 episodes

2x01 The Search for the Spy Master

  • Season Premiere

    2017-01-11T23:00:00Z — 90 mins

They are back! Heroes and Halfwits Gus, Geoff, Griffon, Ryan, Michael, and Dungeon Master Frank are in the city of Jackal Heart. Still separated into two teams, team one finds themselves stuck in an interrogation room. While team A is looking dapper in their new clothes and talking their way into the auction. Will they find the “Spy Master”?

2x02 Revelations

  • 2017-01-25T23:00:00Z — 90 mins

Our brave adventurers find out people lie then punch you in the face.

2x03 Pyromania

  • 2017-02-08T23:00:00Z — 90 mins

The roof is on fire! Bo Jingles is burning down houses while Albus grabs everything that is not nailed down.

2x04 Green With Envy

  • 2017-02-22T23:00:00Z — 90 mins

The party meets an uber-powerful magician with anger and social interaction issues who can crush people with a thought. Will this be the end of Bo Jingles?

2x05 Blood and Darkness

  • 2017-03-08T23:00:00Z — 90 mins

Our intrepid heroes battle their way through the first level of the Dolorous Chateau.

2x06 Of Fear and Other Strange Drugs

  • 2017-03-22T22:00:00Z — 90 mins

To ascend the stairs or not to ascend the stairs--that is the question. And it will be asked again and again and again...

2x07 Hex, Drugs, & Clocks That Toll

  • 2017-04-05T22:00:00Z — 90 mins

The party interrupts a dark ritual--and experience something a little bit unexpected.

2x08 Anamnesis Upheaval

  • 2017-04-19T22:00:00Z — 90 mins

What do we really know about Bo Jingles? Where can Akshay get a drink in this town? Who is the mystery man with the cigar?

As we near the end of the season, the party is embroiled further in the situation at Ribcage. Stoneykill Sam reveals a wrong from the past that must be righted. And Cork's destiny is revealed. Meanwhile, Akshay is presented with an opportunity to better himself. Can he do it?

2x10 Stuck In the Ribcage With You

  • 2017-05-17T22:00:00Z — 90 mins

In the season finale, our beloved halfwits split the party again because, of course they do. Bo Jingles and Bor Ealis continue to enact their plan to ambush the mayor of Ribcage. The rest of the party pose as revelers. Meanwhile, the constable's investigation into the salamander attack yields up some interesting answers.

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