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The History Channel is a satellite and cable TV channel, devoted mainly to historical events and persons. Programming covers a wide array of periods and topics, while similar topics are often organized into themed weeks or daily marathons. Subjects include military history, medieval history, the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, modern engineering, and historical biographies.

20 episodes

He is mythology's greatest and most celebrated hero, a towering figure whose name is synonymous with strength itself. The son of a mortal woman who was seduced by Zeus, Hercules was the mightiest of all humans. His celebrated 12 labors took him to the very ends of the earth and beyond as he fought fearsome creatures, battled injustice and defied even the gods themselves. Journey back to Ancient Greece to discover the origins of this epic hero. Probe the true meaning of his labors, and see how Hercules' divine power is balanced by very human frailty.

Special 4 Angels and Demons Decoded

  • 2009-05-10T04:00:00Z — 60 mins

The Da Vinci Code was a smash hit novel and blockbuster movie, now experts investigate the fascinating truths, mysteries and secrets behind Dan Brown's preceding book, Angels and Demons.

Historically speaking, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that Hitler and Stalin forged an alliance: the totalitarian demagogues stood on very similar footing as paragons of all that is base and evil when ruling their respective Germany and U.S.S.R. But the similarities run deeper than some might initially realize: both men grew up with abusive, domineering fathers and overprotective mothers; both shunned their backgrounds and expressed disdain over their physical appearances; and both rose to power with an iron fist at exactly the same moment in history. This documentary special from The History Channel draws these and other parallels between the two men in an attempt to ascertain what emotional, psychological, psychosocial and mental factors could prompt an individual to lead a nation to ruin and commit mass genocide - the Great Purge in Stalin's case, the Final Solution in Hitler's. In relaying its disturbing yet illuminating account, the program utilizes such elements as rare archival footage, incisive analysis from historians and psychologists, and much more.

Special 9 Superhuman

  • 2009-04-17T04:00:00Z — 60 mins

If you think that people with superhuman abilities are only found in comic books or in Hollywood movies--think again. In Superhuman, our superhuman host will travel around the world to meet the real life "X-Men" and "Heroes"--the people with truly remarkable powers. These include The Real Spiderman, The Real Aqua Man, The Strongest Girl In The World, Million Volt Man, and The Girl with X-ray Eyes, The Man Who Can See in the Future, The Real Bat Boy and The Human Magnet.

Special 13 Beyond the Da Vinci Code

  • 2005-01-12T05:00:00Z — 60 mins

The Da Vinci Code has raised questions about religion art and faith across the globe. Now take a 2000 year journey through time to examine the surprising truths and controversial ideas set forth in Dan Brown's worldwide bestseller.

Special 14 Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide

  • 2011-02-02T05:00:00Z — 60 mins

A team of top scientists come together with one goal to create the definitive guide to Bigfoot. Does the creature exist? And if it does where is it? And how can it survive without being detected? Using a new interactive map the team has plotted more than 10,000 Bigfoot type sightings from around the world. These sightings are of an unidentified creature which walks on two legs and is covered in a thick layer of hair. Many of theses sightings date back over 100 years. With their expert knowledge of the natural world they are able to dismiss nearly 90% of the sightings, but what emerges is a series of global hotspots that cannot be explained which indicate that something is out there. The team examines these global hotspots and searches for explanations including new theories that suggest we may have been looking for the wrong creature all along?

History Channel DVD box set. "Tragic mistakes and fatal decisions that changed the course of the war"

Special 16 Scotland's Essential History

  • 2007-10-29T04:00:00Z — 60 mins

Scotland's Essential History is a one-hour special filmed for the History Channel in which Scottish archaeologist and historian Neil Oliver takes a revealing journey through the history of one of the world’s oldest nations.

Special 17 Curse of the Axe

  • no air date — 60 mins

Curse of the Axe tells the story of a recent archaeological discovery that will fundamentally change viewers' understanding of North American life before the arrival of the Europeans. A team of world-renowned archaeologists has unearthed the largest and most complex Huron First Nations village ever found. The village, which they dub 'Mantle', contains 90 longhouses surrounded by a high, defensive three-row wooden wall, or "palisade" that required the Hurons to cut down 60,000 trees - using only stone axes! Beyond the walls the Huron cultivated 80 square kilometers of cornfields (larger than present-day Metropolitan Toronto) - enough to feed its thousands of inhabitants. But the revelations – and the mysteries - do not end with the village itself. Compounding the mystery of this remarkable discovery is a second, shocking discovery. During the excavation, a mysterious metal object is found, buried with great care and respect. It is made of iron – a material totally alien to the Huron. The object is believed to be some kind of blade, perhaps once part of an axe. But the stunning discovery raised more questions than it answered. How did a piece of European iron get to Mantle almost 100 years before the arrival of the first Europeans in this part of the world? Where did it come from? And why did the people of Mantle bury it?