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Season 4 1967

  • 1967-01-23T14:00:00Z on Seven Network
  • 50 mins
  • 1 day, 16 hours, 0 mins
  • Australia
  • English
  • Drama

Homicide was Australia's first major drama series, and the most influential by any measure. Based around murder cases investigated by the Homicide squad at Melbourne's Russell Street police headquarters, Homicide single-handedly established a viable TV drama industry in Australia. Over 11 years and 510 episodes, Homicide acheived massive ratings (peaking at an incredible 54 at one point), made household names of its stars, spawned two sister series- Division 4 and Matlock Police- on rival networks, and still outlived them both! In the twenty-two years since it was last broadcast (in afternoon re-runs), the series has become renowned for its frequent car chases, slightly shonky 1970's fashions, and occasionally stilted dialogue. Some of Australia's best-known actors, writers, and directors got their start on Homicide, and without it- and the successors it generated- Australian drama would be very, very different.

48 episodes

4x01 A Long Shadow

  • Season Premiere

    1967-01-23T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Two men fight on a river bridge. One loses his life, the second vanishes, and the Homicide team set out to trace a man of whom they know practically nothing, except that he is tall and casts a long shadow.

4x02 Final Payment

  • 1967-01-30T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Peter Lovegrove is shot dead on his doorstep, but he leaves documents proving him a blackmailer. This makes the murder motive obvious, but police discover a different crime racket before determining which victim fired the fatal shot.

4x03 Keeper Of Lions

  • 1967-02-06T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

A girl shot dead near the zoo is identified as Christy Baker, teenage daughter of the zoo's lion keeper Alex Baker. As the Homicide team investigates, Christy's tragic life story unfolds in flashback.

4x04 The Second Alibi

  • 1967-02-13T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

After serving 15 years for murder, Geoffrey Gibson still claims he is innocent. Suspicions about a former witness cause the case to be re-opened.

4x05 The Haven

  • 1967-02-20T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

A woman dies mysteriously in the country, making a puzzling case for detectives as they try to determine if she died from natural causes or foul play. Investigations lead to a house called 'The Haven' where they hope to find an answer.

4x06 On Highway 31

  • 1967-02-27T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

A motorist is killed in a crash on the Hume Highway when his car goes up in flames. Police examine the wreck and suspect that petrol was poured inside it before the crash occurred, and it becomes a case for Homicide. Investigations lead to Barbara Watson, the wife of a man who planned a murder to swindle an insurance company

4x07 Zemsta

  • 1967-03-06T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

A shot is fired at the celebrated Polish painter Alex Kapolski during an exhibition of his work. Police at first believe it is a prank, but they think again when Alex receives a note threatening his life.

4x08 The Traveller

  • 1967-03-13T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

As motor-cycle policeman Const. Bourke overtakes a speeding car on the Geelong Highway, the driver deliberately rams him sending Bourke to his death as the bike crashes over a bank in flames.

4x09 Ghost Story

  • 1967-03-20T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

A man is found dead on a doorstep. The principal witnesses, two elderly women, insist that a ghost was responsible. The homicide detectives soon discover they have to grapple with something more dangerous than a ghost.

4x10 The Intruders

  • 1967-03-27T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Sgt. Mackay runs into danger when he discovers the hideout of 'The Intruders', two men who have been terrorising and robbing people in their homes.

4x11 Whistle In The Dark

  • 1967-04-03T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Teenager Margaret Lambert hears her boyfriend's familiar whistle, and she runs happily out to meet him. But death is in her path and Homicide detectives find evidence of murder.

4x12 One-Eyed Luck

  • 1967-04-10T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Det. Doug Marshall is shot and badly wounded during an investigation into the murder of gambler Bernie Little.

4x13 The Living Death

  • 1967-04-17T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Inspector Connolly takes a sympathetic interest in the problems of Gina Lambton, a woman who is desperately unhappy for good reason. When her son voices his suspicion that his mother is being slowly poisoned, the Inspector takes a much more active interest in the case.

4x14 The Spectator

  • 1967-04-24T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

A quiet stroll turns into a nightmare for expectant mother Rebecca Jones when she witnesses a murder. The gunmen threaten her with death if she goes to the police.

4x15 The Destroyer

  • 1967-05-01T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Pamela Reynolds, a schoolgirl out on a date and out of the school grounds without permission, sees a man's body on a railway line near Ballarat. She is afraid to go to the police in case she is expelled from school if her escapade becomes known.

4x16 The Wild Cockatoo

  • 1967-05-08T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Security guard Dave Carter is shot dead during a factory break-in, and his partner Harry Parr is knocked unconscious. Homicide detectives believe that Parr can help them identify the killers, but he won’t talk for personal reasons.

4x17 The Catch

  • 1967-05-15T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

When a woman's skeleton is discovered in a burnt-out bush shack, Homicide detectives question an old firebug whose description of a tall man seen leaving the burning house provides an important lead.

4x18 End Of Playtime

  • 1967-05-22T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

A pedestrian is killed by a car that TV personality Lyn Eliot-Smith is a passenger in. Lyn and the driver panic at the thought of the adverse publicity that will result if they report the matter to the police, and subsequent events reveal that more people were involved than first meets the eye.

4x19 What's The Answer?

  • 1967-05-29T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Businessman Lloyd Chandler's staff arrive at work one morning to find his secretary dead in his private office. Chandler becomes the prime suspect for her murder.

4x20 Bitter Almonds

  • 1967-06-05T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

The guests at a fashionable dinner party are shocked when Stephen Galliard collapses and dies. Homicide detectives discover he was poisoned when they find in his glass the unmistakable odour of bitter almonds.

4x21 Crocodile Crocodile

  • 1967-06-12T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

A small girl's birthday party turns sour when she disappears after playing a game of ‘crocodile’ in a local playground.

4x22 No Through Road

  • 1967-06-19T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Gentleman farmer John Lancaster is shot dead and robbed while making up his payroll. His son falls under suspicion when he disappears.

4x23 The Opportunist

  • 1967-06-26T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

A baker reports to police that he has found a woman customer shot dead and a man's body nearby. Detectives are puzzled when they can find only one body at the scene.

4x24 No Other Girl

  • 1967-07-03T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Teenager Joy Hamilton secretly dates a former boy friend and while they are out together he is shot dead. Homicide detectives think she knows more about the murder than she is letting on.

4x25 Lovely Lady

  • 1967-07-10T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Television personality Sunny Miles makes the headlines when she wins custody of her two children, but within days of her triumph she is stabbed to death.

4x26 Big Time Operator

  • 1967-07-17T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Someone takes a shot at former gambler Nick Corbett. He is not injured, but police suspect that another big-time gambler, Norm Hansen, is out to get Corbett and will try again.

4x27 Self Defence

  • 1967-07-24T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

An hour after a night out with some friends, Ron Gibson is shot dead in his driveway. Police enquiries reveal there was no love lost between Gibson and his neighbours.

4x28 One Way Ticket

  • 1967-07-31T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

After Tina Carroll has left for holidays on the Princess Of Tasmania ferry, her friends are horrified when a body answering her description is found by a fisherman at Black Rock beach.

4x29 The Legacy

  • 1967-08-07T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Aboriginal gardener Jim Paterson finds his employer, John Fleming, stabbed to death. Police find that many people will benefit from Fleming's will, including Paterson.

4x30 The Dear One

  • 1967-08-14T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

When Jill Henderson is found strangled, police have two suspects - her boyfriend, and an older man she was seeing on the side.

4x31 No Licence To Kill

  • 1967-08-21T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

The difference between car racing at Templestowe Hill Climb and speeding on the road is stressed when Det. Sgt. Mackay meets an old Air Force friend who asks him to clear his son of a speeding charge.

4x32 Postscript

  • 1967-09-25T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

When Christine Foley is attacked in a dark street, detectives have three suspects, until a missing letter provides them with their biggest clue and uncovers a blackmail attempt.

4x33 The Kingpin Is Dead

  • 1967-09-04T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

When king pin gangster Keith Wells is shot and critically wounded outside a grocery store, detectives question known criminals including former king pin Norm Jamieson who was recently released from prison.

4x34 The Long Climb

  • 1967-09-11T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Separated from his wife, artist Graham Reid is horrified when she calls at his studio and slashes one of his best paintings. He is later questioned by police when she is found unconscious in a telephone booth.

4x35 Thirty Pieces Of Tin

  • 1967-09-18T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Aged pensioner Wally Walters and his sister Kitty find the body of a well-dressed Italian man covered by sheets of tin at the dump. Afraid they will become involved, they do not tell the police, and Wally soon finds himself embroiled in the activities of a counterfeiting ring.

4x36 Freakout

  • 1967-08-28T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

A teenage girl walks straight into the path of a speeding car, and Homicide detectives find a link between her death and a group of LSD addicts.

4x37 There's No Fool

  • 1967-10-02T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Elderly Geoffrey Collins pleads with his former girlfriend, Eileen Webster, to return to him. When she refuses he goes into a jealous rage and shoots her dead.

4x38 The Killer Instinct

  • 1967-10-09T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Harry Millet, well known trainer of athletes and boxers, is shot dead as he is timing one of his runners. Police investigating the case discover that he had many enemies in the sporting world.

4x39 The Visitors

  • 1967-10-16T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

A former Sydneysider, Tom Carrell, is shot dead while riding a motor scooter, and young Sydney vice squad detective Peter Barnes, who is in Melbourne on exchange duties, assists the Homicide squad in their investigations.

4x40 Without Fear Or Favour

  • 1967-10-23T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

A ride on his bicycle along a quiet country road brings tragedy to Martin O'Brien when he is killed by a hit and run driver, and Sandra Fleming becomes a girl in conflict dealing with the social problems and temptations of a modern woman in a big city. Det. Peter Barnes is permanently transferred to the Homicide squad.

4x41 One Last Wish

  • 1967-10-30T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

A school classroom is burnt down and a woman's body is found beneath the rubble. Detectives find evidence pointing to arson.

4x42 High On A Mountain

  • 1967-11-06T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Teenager Loralee Bennett is at the centre of a feud involving her jealous boyfriend David Harding which leads to murder when a group of young people, including their mutual friend Chris Miller, are holidaying at Mt. Buller ski resort.

4x43 Love Is On A Silver Chain

  • 1967-11-13T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

When a man out rabbiting is shot and critically wounded, pop star Gavin Jones from the 'Love-In' discotheque becomes a prime suspect because of his fanatical hatred of blood sports and animal killers. The clues to the murder lie in the lyrics of three songs that Jones wrote.

4x44 Run Rabbit

  • 1967-11-20T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

A teenage girl in a country town is strangled in her home by an intruder. When police begin questioning newcomers to the district the killer takes off in panic. On the run, the killer makes a savage threat to another young girl.

4x45 Rat Race

  • 1967-11-27T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

Marika Kerteli, ambitious editor of a publishing company, learns that she is to be sacked. In retaliation, she plans the ruthless murder of her employer.

4x46 Position Of Trust

  • 1967-12-06T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

A number of drunks have been allegedly assaulted by policemen, and Const. Allan Larkin comes under investigation by Homicide detectives.

4x47 Never Dob Your Mates In

  • 1967-12-11T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

A warder is killed at a prison farm when two prisoners escape. The Homicide team swing into action to recapture the escapees, Lennie Lister and Dick Boyd.

4x48 Nothing Is For Nothing

  • 1967-12-18T14:00:00Z — 50 mins

A policeman is killed by masked bandits during a payroll robbery, and Homicide detectives rely on an informer to help them with their investigations.