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House of Anubis

All Episodes 2013

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  • Ended
  • Nickelodeon
  • 2011-01-02T01:30:00Z
  • 12 mins
  • 2 days, 10 hours, 25 mins (190 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Nickelodeon Productions + 2 more, Lime Pictures, Studio 100
  • Mystery, Fantasy, Science Fiction
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The hit series known around the world comes to US television. At an exclusive boarding school in England a girl named Joy goes missing. And taking her place is American named Nina. Patricia, who now has to share a room with Nina thinks Nina has something to do with it. But, there are more secrets to be uncovered in House of Anubis.
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191 episodes

Special 1 The Touchstone of Ra

  • 2013-06-15T00:30:00Z — 70 mins

The Touchstone of Ra catches up with the students of Anubis house on the eve of their graduation as they encounter a new group of underclassmen and a mysterious stone that leads them on a quest to save the world from evil. In the Touchstone of Ra, the residents of Anubis House are nearing the end of their final term when their celebratory mood is cut short after a group of underclassman unexpectedly move into Anubis house, and a trip to an Egyptian museum leaves the group with a strange stone in hand. The Sibunas are confronted with their greatest challenge yet as they set out to decipher the secrets behind the touchstone of the ancient Egyptian god, Ra. As the power of the stone begins to cause chaos, it’s up to leader Eddie Miller and the Sibunas to solve the mystery before it’s too late. As the mystery unfolds, the Sibunas learn that not everyone is as they seem, and there’s only one among them who can save them from the powers of the stone.

1x01 House of Secrets

  • Series Premiere

    2011-01-02T01:30:00Z — 48 mins

American girl Nina gets off to a bad start on her first day of boarding school. Her new roommate Patricia is upset that Joy, her old room mate has disappeared without any farewells. Finding that Nina has taken her place just makes things worse.

1x02 House of Attitude

  • 2011-01-02T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Fabian and Amber confront Patricia about allowing Nina to come out of the attic; however, Patricia has thrown the key out of the window into the bushes. While hiding from Victor, Nina accidentally opens a secret panel in the attic with her locket and sees a pair of mysterious eyes looking out at her, causing her to panic. In the end, she uses a hairpin to pick the lock and leave the attic. She successfully finishes her "initiation ceremony" and later confides in Fabian about the eyes. The next day, Fabian asks Nina to walk with him to school, and on the way there, they recover the key and Nina decides to keep it for future trips into the attic - "the only place where she truly felt welcome".

1x03 House of the Blackbird

  • 2011-01-02T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Patricia reports Joy as a missing person to the police. After looking up the hieroglyphic symbols on the back of the old painting, Nina and Fabian conclude that the treasure is hidden under the eighth stair, and they manage to crack the code leading them to the staircase where they find the next clue - a key. Fabian makes Jerome reveal his plan to Mick and this makes it so that Amber and him are back together - at the expense of Alfie. Mick and Amber decide to have a getting together party that night and invite everyone to attend.

1x04 House of Dares

  • 2011-01-02T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Victor rigs the attic door with a feather, and when Nina and Fabian sneak up to find some strange wax cylinders (during Mick and Amber's getting together party), Victor knows that someone has been up there. Mara talks to Patrica in the girls bathroom about her liking Mick, and unknowing to the two of them, Amber hears the whole thing - eventually being fed up. Amber blows up with jealousy over Mara and Mick's friendship and demands to change rooms, sharing with Nina instead of Mara. Fabian and Nina take the wax cylinders to Fabian's uncle Ade who runs an antique shop and find out about the phonograph cylinders. Fabian remembers seeing an old phonograph in the attic. They resolve to return to the attic if they want to play the cylinders. Patricia overhears Victor talking to the Sergeant from the police station about Joy, and realizes the police are also involved in the conspiracy surrounding Joy's disappearance and becomes afraid of everything.

1x05 House of Lies

  • 2011-01-02T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Mara cheats on Mick's French test for him, which Jerome sees, and Jerome uses it to blackmail her into doing chores for him and Alfie. Nina and Fabian sneak back into the attic to listen to the cylinders but it makes a loud screeching sound and they have to abandon their plans. Patricia sees someone hanging around on the school grounds and is freaked out, thinking it is a ghost. She confides in her Drama teacher, Jason (Mr. Winkler) who says he'll help her solve the conspiracy surrounding Joy's disappearance. Amber catches Nina with the puzzle piece and forces her to tell all about the quest for Sarah's treasure. While Nina and Fabian visit the attic they listen to the cylinders, Amber sneak into the attic and follows them.

1x06 House of Locks

  • 2011-01-03T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Mick finds out Mara cheated for him and falls out with her. Amber discovers a secret message written behind the wallpaper - "Help me, Sarah Frobisher Smythe." Fabian, Nina, and Amber record the cylinders onto a Dictaphone. The young girl on the recordings mentions a murder. They suspect that the girl may be a young Sarah. Amber and Nina go to the old people's home to visit Sarah and confirm that she is, in fact, the girl from the recordings. Amber comes up with a name for their gang - "Sibuna" (Anubis backwards). They make it official with a ceremony by the woods after which Fabian manages to open the puzzle piece, revealing a riddle. Meanwhile, Jason finds Joy's broken mobile phone at the school bins; he searches for more clues but finds nothing. Guest Star: Francis Magee

1x07 House of Eyes

  • 2011-01-03T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Patricia meets her "ghost" again in the woods; however, this time they talk and he informs her that he is a private investigator by the name of Dr. Renee Zeldman and that he will help her find Joy. Mick rudely breaks up with Amber after she skips too many dates. Jason's investigations lead him to a meeting with Victor, and he emerges from the meeting as a changed man. After Alfie and Jerome record over the Dictaphone, Sibuna returns to the attic to re-record the cylinders, where Amber accidentally solves the first puzzle piece's riddle.

1x08 House of Agendas

  • 2011-01-03T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Patricia spots Nina's necklace and recognizes it as the Eye of Horus and calls Rufus to inform him that she has seen the Eye of Horus. Sibuna opens the next puzzle piece to reveal the second riddle. They work out that it refers to a fireplace, so they begin to check every fireplace in the house. Meanwhile, down in the cellar, a strange ritual is taking place involving Victor, the teachers and a select few others. The teachers confiscate Patricia's phone and find out that she is in contact with Rufus Zeno - a man known to them as "The Betrayer". Sibuna manages to open the old stove in the kitchen with Nina's pendant, and it leads them down into the cellar where they find the next clue - an old tethering ring with a code on the inside. While inspecting it, Victor comes down; they manage to hide in an old cabinet, and from their hiding place see him drink a strange liquid and toast to "life."

1x09 House of Keys

  • 2011-01-03T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Amber and Nina find a black cat which has escaped from the cellar. Amber pretends that she is sick and takes the day off school to look after it, but it disappears while she is asleep. Patricia persuades Nina to go and meet Rufus to show him the pendant but when they get to the meeting place they witness Victor kidnapping an apparently unconscious Rufus, which makes them suspicious. Sibuna lets Patricia in on the secret, and debates the possibility that Victor might be drinking an elixir that gives him eternal life. They decide to use the school play to try and expose Victor. After finding evidence of sinister experiments in the cellar, they turn to Trudy for help; she forces Victor to open the cellar only to reveal that he has moved everything. To the house's horror, Victor fires Trudy.

1x10 House of Discovery

  • 2011-01-11T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

With Trudy gone, Victor installs security cameras to spy on the kids. Mara challenges Mick to a sports quiz and defeats him; having proved herself, she offers to help with his training program. Nina finds an article on Tutankhamen's treasure and the original owners of Anubis House, who were implicated in stealing something from his tomb that was never found. After pressure from Mick's Dad, Victor removes the cameras and reinstates Trudy. The next riddle leads Sibuna (which now includes Patricia) to look underneath the stairs for something "beleathered and clasped" and there they stumble across a couple of photographs of Victor from 1925 looking exactly the same as he looks now. Guest Star: Francis Magee

1x11 House of Hyper

  • 2011-01-11T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

The security cameras are removed and Trudy returns to the house. Mick excels in training thanks to Mara and the two end up kissing. Sibuna returns to the cellar to find proof of the elixir, and come face to face with something terrifying - a pair of zombies. Alfie and Jerome admit that they were the "zombies" down in the cellar. Later they get into trouble with Jason for conning the younger years into paying to audition for the school play. Patricia hides the elixir sample they took from the cellar, while Nina visits Sarah who tells the former that she and Rufus used to play together as children and she also seems to suggest that Victor killed her parents. At the end of the episode, Mara overhears Mick saying that he could never see himself with Mara, upsetting the latter.

1x12 House of Cheats

  • 2011-01-12T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Mara changes her appearance (and personality) to try and impress Mick and not be "boring"; she ruins Mick's sports gear by putting a red sock in the dryer with it. Alfie gets trapped in the cellar while going back to retrieve his zombie mask. Jerome is caught near the cellar by Victor and is sent to his room, unable to rescue Alfie who sees something traumatic in the cellar. Jerome enlists Fabian's help to rescue a shaken and traumatized Alfie from the cellar. The next day Alfie hyperventilates while trying to remember what happened, and Nina accidentally gives him the elixir from the cellar to drink. He collapses and is hospitalized. Nina feels so guilty that she quits Sibuna, handing her locket to Fabian

1x13 House of Rumors

  • 2011-01-12T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Victor announces that Alfie drank cleaning fluid. Nina tries to distance herself from Sibuna but still can't help solving the latest riddle leading them to an old "beleathered and clasped" dictionary which can only be opened with her locket (also, the locket only works when Nina wields it). While visiting Alfie in hospital, Patricia finds Rufus in a catatonic state. Patricia rescues Rufus from the hospital and hides him in the woods where he meets the others and warns Nina to give the locket back to Sarah. The gang manages to read a secret message hidden in the dictionary which gives them their next clue. Unfortunately, while Nina and Fabian are cracking the clue, Victor catches them and forces them to hand over the next puzzle piece.

1x14 House of Intruders

  • 2011-01-13T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

A jealous Mara sends untruthfully incriminating pictures of Mick and his new training partner, Esther (the health and physical education teacher of the school), to Mr Sweet, forcing Principal Sweet to sack the innocent teacher. After reading a book given to them by Fabian's Uncle Ade, the gang works out they could be searching for the Cup of Ankh, and they plot to steal the puzzle piece from Victor's safe. Then, during the opening scene of the school play, Patricia spots Joy in the audience. Patricia manages to decode her unusual good luck card - a secret message from Joy arranging to meet after the play. Whilst everyone is at the play, Nina attempts to break into Victor's safe to steal the puzzle piece back - she is scared when she hears Victor returning to the house.

1x15 House of Proof

  • 2011-01-13T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Nina successfully completes her mission, and finds another relic. She hears Victor saying he will "eliminate" someone in the audience. When she tells Patricia and Fabian this, Patricia thinks he is going to kill Joy; however, he meant Rufus. At the end of the play, Joy reveals herself by accident, and Victor chases her. He finds her and calls her the "Chosen One". Patricia looks at her card saying "Meet me tonight. Nine. Clearing in the woods. Joy." She meets Rufus there and he kidnaps her making Nina think the battery on her phone is dead.

1x16 House of Confrontation

  • 2011-01-14T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Having kidnapped Patricia, Rufus attempts to blackmail Mr Sweet and Victor's followers - known as the Society of Ankh. Mara is worried, and she wants to talk about Mick breaking up, but Patricia seems to no longer be able to make time for Mara - especially since she joins Sibuna. Nina and Amber follow the clue on Joy's good luck card, spot Rufus's van in the clearing, and follow its oil leak to the warehouse where Patricia is being kept prisoner but when they go in there they get locked themselves.

1x17 House of Alarms

  • 2011-01-14T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Mick and Mara make up. Mick leaves the house. Fabian rescues Nina and Amber, and then Nina, Amber, and Fabian rescue Patricia with the help of Mrs. Andrews. Rufus escapes and is confirmed to be an antagonist. Nina, Amber, Fabian, and Patricia video chat with Joy when Victor says he'll give them "answers".

1x18 House of Flames

  • 2011-01-15T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Patrica confronts Amber about ratting her out to Nina. The Alfie gets his blood test results back from the hospital which Fabian and Nina read when they sneak into Victor's office. It turns out that the elixir was really just an herbal concoction. Mara and Jerome become closer and start to hang out more. Jerome starts to hang out with Mara more than Alfie and it is revealed that he has a crush on her, even nominating Mara to become the school representative. Fabian loses a puzzle piece when he shoves his bag away when he thinks there will be a bag search.

1x19 House of Passages

  • 2011-01-15T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

The contest for School Representative heats up, with Mara running. Jerome asks Mara out, but gets rejected when he starts insulting Mick. The latest riddle leads Sibuna to the grandfather clock, but when they open it, it is found to be empty, making it seem like someone has already taken the puzzle piece. Alfie is still fishing around so the gang tells him he was right all along about aliens. Then, during a Sibuna meeting, Nina opens the 5th puzzle piece and a secret message appears on the wall of the house itself.

1x20 House of Kidnap

  • 2011-01-19T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Amber decides to compete against Mara in the school elections. Mara begins focusing her attention on Mick - much to the frustration of Jerome. Sibuna decides to return to the cellar in order to collect a sample of the elixir, with Alfie insisting that he should go alone to prove himself. While down there, he has a terrifying flashback to the night he was trapped. Victor is suspicious when he discovers the gang were helped in their school play research by a woman called Sarah. He finds a clue in the signing out book which leads him to the old people's home and comes face to face with Sarah. Alfie tells the gang he remembered the teachers' spooky rituals from the cellar, and they discover the next clue hidden inside a fake phonograph cylinder in the attic.

1x21 House of Cat-Nap

  • 2011-01-19T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Victor has Sarah stop by the house. When she sees him, she calls him a murderer, but then has various flashbacks from the past when she used to live in the house, including one in which she and Victor had been friends. Victor's father, Victor Rodenmaar, Sr. (who looks exactly like Victor) is portrayed to be cruel and unloving to his son, threatening to put him in the orphanage if he did not get the information that he wanted from Sarah. Meanwhile, Jerome shifts his allegiance to Amber's campaign.

1x22 House of Cameras

  • 2011-01-20T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Mara is furious that Mick cheated for her in the school elections. Nina attends Sarah's funeral and then witnesses a confrontation between Rufus and Victor at the care home. She hears them mention Joy being the "Chosen One" before they realize that she has been eavesdropping. Victor tries to find out how much Nina knows, but she gives nothing away. Later, she leads an expedition down to the cellar where Sibuna witnesses a meeting of Victor's society. Meanwhile, Patricia calls Joy to find out if she knows more than she is saying.

1x23 House of Numbers

  • 2011-01-20T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

It is Nina's unlucky day when Victor padlocks the attic door to stop her going up there again after seeing her go in. Victor even catches Nina doing something, which ruins everything. She does not even know the worst part yet - Jerome has contacted Rufus by getting Rufus's number off Patricia's phone and is now spying on Sibuna for Rufus after being bribed. Sibuna plan to go down into the cellar to collect some of the elixir and to try to crack the latest clue. Alfie draws the short straw, but this time he will have a walkie talkie to maintain radio contact. However, Jerome secretly sabotages the whole mission by taking Alfie's walkie talkie. He almost gets caught by Victor twice and manages to escape the second time by hiding in the sarcophagus. Jerome shuts and locks the sarcophagus with Alfie still inside.

1x24 House of Scares

  • 2011-01-21T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Jerome poses as Alfie's savior after his failed cellar mission by reopening the sarcophagus. He demands that Alfie repay him by secretly passing him information on Sibuna. Nina works out that the next puzzle is inside the chandelier. Amber distracts Victor by pretending to faint so that Nina can get the relic. Mara and Mick finally kiss and make up. Alfie and Jerome fall out when Jerome accidentally reveals that he is working for Rufus. Fabian and Nina near the end of their search but still have one more place to look for the last puzzle piece, which is in the stuffed black crow in Victor's office. Written on the last puzzle piece is "END." Nina begins to hear voices and when she tells Fabian about it, he questions if she's truly the Chosen One, and not Joy. This scares Nina and she gets defensive about it.

1x25 House of Fakers

  • 2011-01-21T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Victor grows frustrated with Sibuna and concocts a scheme to put a stop to their quest. He secretly releases mice in the house to give him a reason to search the bedrooms. He searches and finds the elixir and some of the students' proof. He also finds the panel in the attic that conceals the picture of Sarah. While this goes on, the students must spend the night at the school. Under the guise of needing to place the order for a take-away dinner, NIna and Fabian lure Trudy and Mr. Sweet into his office and lock the door. Victor is forced to abandon his search of the house in order to go and let Trudy and Mr. Sweet out.

1x26 House of Identity

  • 2011-01-22T01:30:00Z — 21 mins

Jerome gives Rufus Alfie's puzzle piece, much to the dismay of Alfie. Meanwhile Fabian works out that the puzzle pieces may actually be the seven pieces of the Cup of Ankh. Sibuna goes to put the Cup together when Alfie admits to letting Jerome give the piece to Rufus. Jerome is scared of Rufus and agrees to get the piece back by trying to lock Rufus in the cellar. The plan backfires when Jerome has to go down with Rufus, instead of Rufus going down by himself. They call Victor like they had planned and he goes down to be surprised by Rufus who has drunk the elixir. Jerome manages to escape while they talk, but just as Nina is about to close the passageway, Rufus grabs her arm to stop her.

1x27 House of Emergency

  • 2011-01-22T01:30:00Z — 53 mins

Rufus escapes and Jerome asks Nina to protect him from Rufus. Amber receives her first invitation to the prom - a message on her profile from "King Tut". She reckons it is a boy with a thing about Egyptology and worries that this means Fabian. She tells Fabian and he says he hasn't asked anyone. Nina arrives and he gets nervous. Then Amber realizes "King Tut" is full of himself and thinks it is Jerome. Jerome makes a joke about it and embarrasses her in front of the house.

1x28 House of Reunion

  • 2011-01-25T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Mara is upset when Mick gets a new trainer. Jerome & Patricia visit Alfie in the hospital but Patrica meets an unexpected patient there.

1x29 House of Memories

  • 2011-01-25T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

After Patricia rescues Rufus from the hospital, he disappears. Amber attempts to help Alfie remember what happened in the cellar by hypnotizing him. Nina & Fabian solve the next part of the mystery but have their reward confiscated when Victor catches them.

1x30 House of Drama

  • 2011-01-26T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Just before the play opens, Nina and Fabian learn what the "treasure" that they are searching for might be. While Victor is watching the play might be the perfect time to retrieve the confiscated puzzle piece from his safe but there's more than one unexpected visitor in the audience...

1x31 House of Codes

  • 2011-01-26T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Mick finds out about the pictures and fears he may be expelled. As the play begins, Nina slips out to retrieve the puzzle piece from Victor's safe. Mick and Mara kiss onstage and realize they have feelings for each other. Patricia receives a message from Joy. Nina makes a surprising discovery in Victor's desk but becomes trapped when Victor returns unexpectedly.

1x32 House of Risk

  • 2011-01-27T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Nina sees Victor open the safe. Mr. Sweet calls to tell Victor that Rufus is in the audience and Victor rushes back to the play. Nina recovers two puzzle pieces from the safe. As the play ends, Victor spots Joy in the audience and chases her.

1x33 House of Thieves

  • 2011-01-27T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Patricia meets with Rufus and shows him the note from Joy. Mick meets with Mr. Sweet, but their meeting is interrupted by Mara -- who confesses to taking the pictures and cropping them to look incriminating. Victor discovers the puzzle pieces have been stolen. Patricia signs out of the house for the night so she and Rufus can try to meet with Joy.

1x34 House of Hazard

  • 2011-01-28T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Following the play, Mara and Mick are still not speaking after their spat. Patricia is in the custody of Rufus and Victor confronts the students about items missing from his safe.

1x35 House of Charades

  • 2011-01-28T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

With Patricia still missing, Jerome and Alfie try to impress Alfie's parents. Fabian overhears the staff talking of a plan behind Victor's back and Nina and Amber follow a trail that leads to Patricia and trouble.

1x36 House of Rendez

  • 2011-02-01T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Mara stumbles on a prank that Jerome and Alfie are staging on Mick but Mick discovers her and jumps to conclusions. Fabian finds and rescues Nina & Amber while Mrs. Andrews makes plans to meet with Rufus to rescue Patricia.

1x37 House of Rescue

  • 2011-02-01T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Mick leaves for his try out after reconciling with Mara. Now that Patricia has been rescued from Rufus Victor sets up a video conference to show the Sibuna members that Joy is alive and well. However everyone wonders what he's still hiding.

1x38 House of Arrest

  • 2011-02-02T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

With Mick gone Mara befriends Jerome and Alfie feels abandoned. While some of the Sibuna crew feel that the mysteries are now resolved, Nina wants to continue and Fabian agrees. However he loses one of the puzzle pieces. That night, Sarah appears to Nina in her sleep and gives her a mysterious message.

1x39 House of Hoax

  • 2011-02-02T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Fabian tells Nina that he lost one of the puzzle pieces but Patricia gets it back from Alfie. Meanwhile Jerome volunteers to manage Mara's election campaign. And the Sibuna crew are shaken when they solve the next part of the puzzle using Sarah's mystery numbers.

1x40 House of Time

  • 2011-02-03T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Fabian figures out that the newest riddle refers to the grandfather clock in the hallway but the secret compartment is empty. Alfie catches him in the search and the Sibuna crew misleads Alfie with a story about aliens.

1x41 House of Aliens

  • 2011-02-03T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

When the Sibuna crew try Nina's numbers on the latest puzzle piece mysterious writing appears on the wall. Meanwhile Mick returns and his comments to Amber are misinterpreted.

1x42 House of Masks

  • 2011-02-04T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Mick plans a candle-lit dinner for Mara but jealous Jerome seeks to sabotage it. Meanwhile Fabian and Alfie go back to the cellar to get another sample of the elixir but Alfie has a flashback and panics.

1x43 House of Pursuit

  • 2011-02-04T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Amber decides to campaign for election against Mara out of her jealousy over Mick. Alfie tells the Sibuna crew about what he saw when trapped in the cellar. Victor determines that Sarah is still alive and goes looking for her.

1x44 House of Yesterday

  • 2011-02-05T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

When Mick & Mara grow even closer as they bake muffins for Mara's election campaign, Jerome's jealousy peaks and he switches sides becoming Amber's campaign manager. Meanwhile Victor arranges for Sarah to visit Anubis house in hopes of getting her to finally reveal what she knows.

1x45 House of Victory

  • 2011-02-05T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Nina goes to the old folks home to retrieve a box of things that Sarah left for her. Meanwhile the election comes to a climax with Amber's showmanship giving a Mara's policy ideas a run for the votes. Mick exerts a little pressure on a fellow student in his desire to support Mara.

1x46 House of Bribes

  • 2011-02-15T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Mara is upset by Mick's attempt to fix her election and breaks up with him. Meanwhile Nina attends Sarah's funeral and afterwords catches Victor and Rufus arguing but is caught herself.

1x47 House of Venom

  • 2011-02-15T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Nina fills in the Sibuna Crew on what she learned at the funeral and the gang agree that they need to return to the basement to spy on the initiation ceremony.

1x48 House of Stars

  • 2011-02-16T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

It's Nina's unlucky day when Victor padlocks the attic door to stop her going up there again. Now she can't get to the puzzle pieces!/The Sibunas plan to go down into the cellar, to collect some of the elixir and try to crack the latest clue.

1x49 House of Harsh

  • 2011-02-16T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

It's Nina's unlucky day when Victor padlocks the attic door to stop her going up there again. Now she can't get to the puzzle pieces! She doesn't even know the worst part yet - Jerome has contacted Rufus and is now spying on the Sibuna gang for him.../The Sibunas plan to go down into the cellar, to collect some of the elixir and try to crack the latest clue.

1x50 House of Lights

  • 2011-02-17T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

The Sibuna crew decide to induct Alfie unaware that he's been leaking information to Jerome. Nick goes to embarrassing lengths to apologize to Mara. Nina hears another mystical voice and locates the next clue and puzzle piece.

1x51 House of Allegiance

  • 2011-02-17T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Alfie confronts Jerome when he discloses that he's has been working for Rufus Zeno. Fabian confides to Nina that he's beginning to suspect that the coven has misidentified "the Chosen One." During a spat between Alfie & Jerome, Vistor intervenes and stumbles upon sketches of the puzzle-piece relics. Meanwhile Nina and Fabian find the last of the relics.

1x52 House of Pests

  • 2011-02-18T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Victor gets all of the students out of Anubis house by staging a mouse infestation. He decrees a search for food that might have attracted them as a cover for his searching the students belongings. Fabian and Nina scheme to interrupt the search and sneak back to the house but before their plan comes to fruition, Victor discovers the secret attic room.

1x53 House of Betrayal

  • 2011-02-18T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Worried that Victor might find the relics, Fabian & Nina remove them & split them up among the Sibuna crew. Unfortunately Jerome spots Alfie hiding his.

1x54 House of Revelation

  • 2011-02-19T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Jerome gives Rufus Alfie's puzzle piece much to the dismay of Alfie./Nina hatches a plan to bring Rufus to Anubis House and trick him into bringing the missing puzzle piece.

1x55 House of Heavy

  • 2011-02-19T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Jerome gives Rufus Alfie's puzzle piece much to the dismay of Alfie. Meanwhile Fabian works out that the puzzle pieces may actually be the seven pieces of the Cup of Ankh. But how can they put the Cup together when Alfie's piece of it is missing?/Nina hatches a plan to bring Rufus to Anubis House and trick him into bringing the missing puzzle piece.

1x56 House of Hush

  • 2011-02-20T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Season Finale: Joy fails in her attempts to assemble the Cup of Ankh. Could Nina be the Chosen One instead? The Sibunas face their toughest challenge as Rufus makes his final play for immortality at any cost. After all that has happened, can the students and teachers unite against him?

1x57 House of Spies

  • 2011-02-20T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Season Finale: Joy fails in her attempts to assemble the Cup of Ankh. Could Nina be the Chosen One instead? The Sibunas face their toughest challenge as Rufus makes his final play for immortality at any cost. After all that has happened, can the students and teachers unite against him?

1x58 House of Sting

  • 2011-02-20T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Season Finale: Joy fails in her attempts to assemble the Cup of Ankh. Could Nina be the Chosen One instead? The Sibunas face their toughest challenge as Rufus makes his final play for immortality at any cost. After all that has happened, can the students and teachers unite against him?

1x59 House of Never

  • 2011-02-20T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Season Finale: Joy fails in her attempts to assemble the Cup of Ankh. Could Nina be the Chosen One instead? The Sibunas face their toughest challenge as Rufus makes his final play for immortality at any cost. After all that has happened, can the students and teachers unite against him?

1x60 House of Forever

  • 2011-02-19T19:30:00Z — 12 mins

Season Finale: Joy fails in her attempts to assemble the Cup of Ankh. Could Nina be the Chosen One instead? The Sibunas face their toughest challenge as Rufus makes his final play for immortality at any cost. After all that has happened, can the students and teachers unite against him?

2x01 House of Hello

  • Season Premiere

    2012-01-10T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

The students return after the holidays, but who is Jerome avoiding and why? Amber is regretting agreeing to be Alfie's girlfriend. Sibuna has a midnight feast in the attic and are soon joined by the rest of the residents in Anubis house. Amber finds a dollhouse that is an exact replica of Anubis house. They get caught by Victor and everyone files down the stairs and back into their bedrooms, but Nina is determined to look for a new hiding place for the Cup of Ankh. Victor finds her as soon as she puts it into the secret door.

2x02 House of Dolls

  • 2012-01-11T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Nina's grandmother comes to visit the house. A seventh grader blackmails Jerome. Alfie tries get Amber to be his girlfriend by giving her raspberry cupcakes, but Amber is allergic to raspberry and develops a blotchy face. Meanwhile, Nina has a dream inspired by Victor's riddle, which she has overheard. A malignant spirit emerges from the cup. Sibuna finds out who is blackmailing Jerome, and Victor is convinced that he will find the Book of Isis in a traveling Egyptian artifacts exhibition. Nina hears some noises and goes up to the attic to examine. She takes the cup out of the hiding place, and Senkhara comes out. The spirit tells Nina to find the Mask of Anubis before anyone else or forfeit her life. Trudy cleans out the attic to prepare a guest room and throws out the dollhouse. Alfie saves it to give to Amber and passes Step 1 in Amber's dating book.

2x03 House of Spirits

  • 2012-01-12T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Mara is upset that Mick's family is moving. Alfie tries to impress Amber with one of his photos in a magazine cover and passes Step 2 in Amber's dating book. Fabian writes a poem for Nina, but Nina has something else on her mind. It is discovered that someone else might have found the path to the Mask of Anubis. There is a replica of the Mask of Anubis in the exhibition, so Nina and Fabian go check it out. Jerome's sister, Poppy, reads her father's letter to Jerome. Meanwhile, Fabian's attempt to read Nina his poem fails, and Nina has another terrifying dream.

2x04 House of Blackmail

  • 2012-01-13T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Senkhara leaves her mark on Nina, and Fabian's godfather, Jasper, advises her about the mark and the Mask, which he believes to be a myth. Jerome finds Fabian's poem to Nina. The dollhouse begins to communicate with Nina, and Nina thinks that the Mask is in the house. Nina starts to become jealous of Fabian and Joy spending time with each other. Alfie passes Step 3 in Amber's dating book, and Amber tells him that they need to have a trial date before they are officially "together". Mara decides that she needs to make Mick break up with her so that he can go to a sports school in Australia. Mara takes Patricia's implicit advice and acts nerdy around him. The plan fails, making Mick like Mara even more than before. Later on, the dollhouse opens a hidden compartment to reveal a map. Poppy researches her father and discovers some interesting information. That night, Senkhara marks Fabian as well.

2x05 House of Rivals

  • 2012-01-12T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

Fabian decides to keep the mark secret from Nina. The map leads Nina to think that the mask is hidden in the house. As Fabian and Alfie set up a picnic for their double-date with Nina and Amber, respectively, Alfie keeps saying that he wants to give Amber the best so that she does not "put him on the bench".

2x06 House of Faces

  • 2012-01-12T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Sibuna finds an antechamber and several amulets. Mara is still upset about Mick while Jerome creates trouble between Mara and Mick. Mick prepares to leave for good. Everyone throws Mick a surprise party, but Mara decides not to go. Jerome decides to hire a private investigator to find his father. Mara finally decides to say goodbye to Mick. Nina, Fabian, and Amber go back to the antechamber to investigate further. Amber pulls a book and finds a tunnel behind the antechamber bookshelf by doing so.

2x07 House of Myths

  • 2012-01-18T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Amber is temporarily blinded by a strange beacon that is apparently a trap. Nina and Fabian discover the only thing that can protect them from the beacon: the amulets. Nina and Fabian explore the first task, set by Sarah's father, Robert Frobisher-Smythe, in the tunnels. The answer lies in some old tomes, but one is missing. Jerome reads a letter to his mum from his father and makes a shocking discovery. Anubis House is assigned a new housemother, named Vera, and she appears to be more suspicious than anyone.

2x08 House of Nightmares

  • 2012-01-19T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

A new boy, Eddie, arrives and instantly makes an enemy in Patricia. Amber surprises Nina by finding something that Nina has been looking for. While Jerome plans to scam some money out of his classmates, Vera, the new house mother, and Jasper have a secret meeting. Eddie causes trouble at Jerome's fundraiser, and things become worse when Mara figures out that the entire fundraiser is a scam. That night, Senkhara invades Amber's dreams and attempts to mark her as well.

2x09 House of Combinations

  • 2012-01-14T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Nina and Fabian puzzle over the mysterious cube that they have found in the tunnels, but it falls into the wrong hands. Soon, Jasper steals it for the Collector, his apparent patron. Nina figures out how to make the mysterious cube into a key to unlock the first door in the tunnels, and, soon, Sibuna faces their next task. A deadly endeavor that involves potentially fatal traps.

2x10 House of Heartbreak

  • 2012-01-21T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Sibuna's next task is a deadly Egyptian version of hopscotch. If the sequence is not correct on the first try, the ceiling descends to crush everything in its path and keep the mask hidden from the world until the end of time. Meanwhile, Jerome is desperate to clear his debt after his charity scam fails. He starts selling masks and dresses for the dance. Unfortunately, he, setting himself up to be ostracized, sells Nina, Joy, and Mrs. Andrews the same dress. Sibuna figures out the correct sequence to safely cross the deadly hopscotch. In a dream at the end, during the dance, Fabian and Nina share a kiss. Then, when Nina hears Senkhara calling, she follows, but she can be walking into a trap. The episode ends with the dream.

2x11 House of Tunnels

  • 2012-01-17T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

This is the day of the ball. Amber, Nina, and Fabian had the same dream involving Senkhara pushing Nina into the chasm the night before. Vera and Trudy have a bake-off during the ball. Mrs. Andrews finds a receipt near Vera's cake and suspects she may have bought it. Also, down in the tunnels, Amber, Nina and Fabian attempt the deadly hopscotch challenge on the night of the ball. The three complete the hopscotch challenge, but there is a bigger test to come. Eddie gets Patricia into trouble over the music and then saves the day. Nina and Fabian are alarmed to see that their dream from the night before is coming true.

2x12 House of Goodbye

  • 2012-01-17T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

The Collector intimidates Jasper into giving him the key to the exhibit, but Trudy finds out and becomes suspicious. The Collector creeps into the library to examine the Exhibition, leading to a close shave for both Nina and Victor. Jerome and Alfie bet Eddie that he cannot convince Patricia to dance, and Eddie wins. Nina figures out how to cross the chasm, but when she runs to tell Fabian, she sees Joy kissing him. Upset, she flees to the tunnels while Jerome reads the letter that his father has sent to him and his sister from prison. Nina is angry with Fabian, but she shows him and Amber the crocodile beam, which they need to use to bridge the chasm. However, the quest becomes even more dangerous because Victor is now closer than ever to discovering the tunnels.

2x13 House of Protection

  • 2012-01-18T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

Jerome finds out that his dad wants him to visit in prison. Patricia softens her attitude towards Eddie and then finds out about his bet. Joy and Mara sign up for the school website. Amber and Fabian enlist Patricia and Alfie to help them fit the bridge across the chasm, but it almost falls in. Sibuna practices laying the beam, and Victor finds the lock in the cellar. Alfie fails to dump Amber while Patricia plans her revenge on Eddie. Jerome and Mara visit his father while Sibuna encounters a new danger at the chasm.

2x14 House of Letters

  • 2012-01-18T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Victor and Vera hide in the cellar and see Nina exiting. Thus, the antechamber code is revealed. While Sibuna practices dodging pendulums, Patricia's revenge on Eddie backfires. As Sibuna enters the antechamber, they are shocked to find Victor standing there. Victor has been blinded by the beacon flash, though, and Sibuna only just manages to avoid him. Poppy finds out that her father wants to arrange a prison visit and that Jerome did not tell her. Sibuna crosses the chasm but then finds a dead end. Senkhara becomes angry at Nina and gives the mark to Amber, Patricia, and Alfie as well in vengeance. Vera is portrayed as being the Collector because the Collector sent the same message Vera sent to Jasper.

2x15 House of Who?

  • 2012-01-19T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Victor's sight returns in time for him to find an important passage on the Mask of Anubis. Jerome goes to visit his father, but he finds that Poppy has beaten him to it. Sibuna finds a crawl tunnel, and it is implied that it could that be the only way through to the next task. When Alfie enters it, it collapses, trapping him. Amber tries to rescue Alfie from the crawl tunnel; however, she fails, and Fabian has to save both of them. Later, Amber and Alfie break up. Victor spots the amulet around Amber's neck and confiscates all pupils' jewellery by invoking an obscure school rule. Now, the tunnels are his to explore.

2x16 House of Frauds

  • 2012-01-19T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

Victor hits a dead end in the tunnels. When Victor returns from the tunnels, Vera gives the Book of Isis, which she had found in the desk located within Robert Frobisher-Smithe's study, to Victor. However, she steals the most important chapter from the book first. Sibuna tries to exhaust Victor by keeping him awake all night. He falls into a deep sleep so they can steal the amulets from him. Jerome looks for his dad's gem but fails to find it. While Nina and Fabian try to take the amulets off Victor, he nearly awakes from the sound of Nina cutting the amulets off him.

2x17 House of Chance

  • 2012-01-20T01:30:00Z — 12 mins

Jerome informs Mara of his father's mission and tells her that his dad wants him to find a special gem in a suit of armor. When Nina enters the tunnel, she finds a lever and pulls it to open the next door in the tunnels. Back by the entrance, the wall folds in on itself and leads deeper into the tunnels. The kids arrive at their next challenge: a giant spider web. While searching the kids' rooms, Vera gets a hold of the extra amulet hidden in the dollhouse. While Nina, Fabian, Alfie, and Amber are down in the tunnels, Eddie and Patricia perform chores for Victor. Mara tells Jerome that the armor is hidden in Mr. Sweet's office. Jerome inadvertently convinces Alfie to create a distraction to lure Mr. Sweet out of his office by letting a goose through the hallway. While searching for the gem, Jerome accidentally causes the armor to fall and hears Mr. Sweet coming back to his office.

2x18 House of Divides

  • 2012-01-20T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

Alfie's goose is led into Mr. Sweet's office, and it swallows the gem. Victor decides to forge a fake amulet so that when the kids look to find the extra amulet, they will not realize that Victor stole it. Trudy tells Mrs. Andrews her concerns about Vera. Eddie and Patricia run off to play American football, and Patrica loses her amulet. Joy asks Fabian to go on a date, but he does not give a definitive answer. Victor calls everyone inside to check the house after a suspicious pet food package arrives in the mail. Victor puts the fake amulet inside the dollhouse. Patricia realizes her amulet is missing and goes to look for it. While she has no luck, someone finds the amulet and takes it

2x19 House of Crushes

  • 2012-01-21T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

Mrs. Andrews asks Mara to investigate Vera for a "profile" on the website. Jerome is delighted when the goose passes the gem, until Mara drops it down the sink. Patricia wears the fake amulet to the tunnels, and she is blinded. The others go ahead into the tunnels without her. Patricia hears someone coming into the tunnels and blindly searches for Sibuna. As Sibuna explores the spider web task, Patricia arrives to warn them that someone is coming. As they hide, Victor reaches the web and is stung by the web. Mr. Sweet tells Mara that Jasper was the one who secured Vera's job.

2x20 House of Vertigo

  • 2012-01-21T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Jerome may have lost the gem, but he now has Patricia's amulet, thanks to Poppy. Nina and Fabian steal the gem from Vera's room and trade with Jerome to secure the amulet. Later, Nina sees a riddle in the dollhouse telling her to follow the "silver thread of fate." Jerome has the gem, but he faces another complication: the shield is missing. Meanwhile, Eddie overhears Patricia telling Joy that she likes him. Mara investigates Vera's room for information, but Vera comes inside and she threatens Mara who now fears Vera. Mara also stumbles upon the missing chapter of the Book of Isis, which then finds its way into Victor's hands. And Sibuna discovers a sinister clue to the spider web task, including a new riddle and a giant life-like spider

2x21 House of Pressure

  • 2012-01-24T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Victor is translating the Book of Isis, but it is not as easy as he had hoped. Eddie tries to get Patricia to admit that she likes him. Fabian and Joy go to a movie. Nina is hurt by Fabian's action and decides that they should go to the tunnels to solve the spider web task without Fabian, but it is a decision that she will regret after Alfie's life is put in danger. Eddie and Patricia misbehave in class, but it is Patricia who Mr. Sweet punishes. Alfie and Jerome realize that if Jerome wants the shield in which the gem belongs, he will have to win it back from a rival school. Meanwhile, Mara figures out that Vera's resume is all lies, and Nina learns Senkhara's name. Sibuna finally passes the spider web task, opening a door, which then starts to close. As it closes, Nina walks inside, knowing that this is the only chance she has to get closer to finding the mask.

2x22 House of Deja Vu

  • 2012-01-24T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

As Mara gathers evidence against Vera, Sibuna completes the web task after Fabian puts the larger spider in its place. They move on to the next task where they must follow the clues on the wall and pick the right liquids and pour them into six different tubes on a lion's head, which will free the glue stuck to the door into the next tunnel. Meanwhile, Victor realizes that the latest task is one that he can solve himself and takes the lead in the race for the mask. Jerome needs help to win back the Frobisher Shield, but he never expected for it to come from Amber, who has been a ping-pong champion in the past. Nina and Fabian see Victor with some chemicals and become suspicious. Patricia calls Eddie Mr Sweet's pet and best friend. After Patricia leaves, Eddie convinces Mara to upload her report exposing Vera on the school website

2x23 House of Hoods

  • 2012-01-25T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Alfie is delighted when Jerome makes him ping pong coach. Vera is upset about Mara's article. Patricia's mocking causes Eddie to plan an epic prank on Mr. Sweet. In the tunnels, Victor completes the task and moves on to the next task. Senkhara becomes furious and causes Nina's mark to burn. Mara and Vera go head to head in a hearing to establish the truth of Mara's claims. But Mara does not realise that her key witness is also Vera's. Fabian thinks that they have solved the potions task, but Nina is suspicious that Victor may have beaten them to it. Eddie's prank on Mr. Sweet backfires on Mara, and she is expelled

2x24 House of Deceit

  • 2012-01-25T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

A shocked Mara is expelled, while Jerome fires "Coach" Alfie. Vera has secretly bribed her witness - and Trudy is still suspicious. Mara doesn't get expelled but can't work for the website anymore and Mrs. Andrews takes the punishment and leaves the school. Patricia learns a huge secret about Eddie and Nina gets some bad news about Gran... Jerome's tournament goes badly - will he fail his dad? As Victor is getting ahead, Senkhara is getting angrier. She yells at Nina for visiting Gran instead of working through the tunnels. Nina gets upset and says that Senkhara doesn't exist and walks through her. Senkhara then tells Nina her punishment "will be to punish." The next day, Nina's innocent words to her friends are twisted by Senkhara into hexes. Nina gets a vision about herself turning into Senkhara and the Sibuna gang is running away from her

2x25 House of Sibuna

  • 2012-01-26T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Alfie accidentally reveals Jerome's opponents have used crooked balls and then helps him win the match. Victor explores the next task and is deafened by a powerful klaxon. Nina realises that it's her words that have hexed her friends. Senkhara tells her the punishments will last until the task is complete. Patricia loses her voice, Alfie turns into a little kid, Fabian loses his memory, and Amber is turning old. The Sibunas are alarmed that Victor has his own amulet. Mrs. Andrews gets replaced by a teacher named Mrs. Valentine. Due to Fabian being hexed with memory loss, he calls Joy "Pam" which sends her running out in tears confirming her crush is indeed crushed. Eddie tries to speak to Patricia about his feelings for her, and Patricia confirms her feelings with a kiss while Joy walks in on them. Later, in the tunnels, Alfie plays on the horns, but he gets the tune wrong. The klaxon sounds again, but this time, the ceiling cracks and begins to collapse

2x26 House of Payback

  • 2012-01-26T01:30:00Z — 24 mins

The Dollhouse tells the Sibunas the tune for the task: an ancient Egyptian song called the Song of Hathor. But no one still alive has heard it... Meanwhile, Amber agrees to be the face of the school in a new commercial - despite ageing in fast forward - and Mara hears that Mick has a new girlfriend and decides to make him jealous by pretending to date Jerome. The Sibunas are shocked as Alfie's rejuvenation curse accelerates and turns him into a 7 year old. Meanwhile, Patricia gets stuck in the bathroom and accidentally stands Eddie up. Nina finds out that Victor has some information about the Song of Hathor. Jerome's pretend relationship with Mara comes to an end and Victor and Vera hatch a plan to steal an exhibit from the Library, which Fabian overhears them discussing.

2x27 House of Pendulums

  • 2012-01-27T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

Fabian tries to tell Nina about Victor and Vera's plan but forgets. Vera steals the Ox Bell from the exhibition. She escapes without getting caught, but Vera's cardigan gets caught on glass and Trudy finds the piece of fabric. Later on, Fabian decides to go to the library and sees an object missing. Trudy finds him and thinks that he had stolen the object. Meanwhile, it's Jerome's turn to babysit Alfie while Nina is forced to ask Senkhara for help with the task and she plays the song to Nina. The Sibuna gang go down into the cellar and try the horns task again. It doesn't work. And then Nina makes a terrifying discovery in her bedroom. Fabian's memory loss leaves him unable to give Trudy an alibi. Then he finds his note predicting Vera's theft. Can he convince Trudy? Eddie is shocked when Patricia tells him she never kissed anyone before him. And just as Nina is getting over the speed at which Amber is aging, Alfie turns into a baby

2x28 House of Impasse

  • 2012-01-27T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Fabian is now unable to remember his own name - he even forgets who Nina is. Vera plants the ox bell in his room, but hears Nina and Fabian coming so she hides in the closet. They find the ox bell and take it to the tunnels, completing the task, curing them all. But their celebrations are short lived as Victor and Vera hatch their plan, leaving Nina and her friends to walk into a trap. Victor and Vera's plan backfires, leaving the Sibunas to return the Ox Bell to the Library. Alfie, Fabian and Nina explore the next task tunnel and realize that if they finish this task, they'll find the mask! Patricia has to admit to her friends that she has been keeping a big secret, her twin sister Piper. Upstairs, Trudy gets closer to the truth about Vera. But has she gone too far?

2x29 House of Help

  • 2012-01-28T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

A riddle in the next task hints that it is the final chamber before they reach the Mask. The Sibunas need to find six mysterious reflectors. The dollhouse shows the dolls at Victor's office, so the Sibuna go and try to find a reflector... which they couldn't find. Eddie decides to kiss Patricia again, but actually kisses Piper instead! Victor overhears Nina and Fabian talking about the final task; he does have a reflector... his father's watch. And Trudy has been kidnapped! But she leaves a strange note for Jasper.

2x30 House of Phobias

  • 2012-01-28T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

The race is on to find all of the reflectors - and the clues lie in an incomplete Zodiac chart. Mr Sweet doesn't believe the gem has been stolen. Looks like Jerome's on his own now... Meanwhile, at the restaurant, Piper turns up posing as Patricia. Patricia decides to keep an eye on Piper. Sweet and Eddie are fooled that is, until Eddie and his dad see both Piper AND Patricia standing next to each other... Nina realizes Victor has his own copy of the Zodiac but his is more complete! Amber makes a copy but Fabian can't decipher any of the symbols. Meanwhile, Jerome hacks Jasper's computer and proof that he is working for the Collector and then he finds a coded call for help from Trudy...

2x31 House of Isis

  • 2012-01-31T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

Patricia feels that Piper is cramping her style. Eddie feels bad that he had kissed Piper accidentally, but Piper tells him it's best not to tell Patricia. Jerome learns from Jasper that Trudy has been kidnapped by the Collector and he will need to find a Frobisher Smythe artifact to buy her back.

2x32 House of Curfews

  • 2012-01-31T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

The Sibunas are delighted when Alfie reveals Victor's amulet in one piece - all part of the trick. Then Nina realizes that someone had moved the dollhouse and decides to hide it. Piper says goodbye and gives Patricia her necklace. Eddie comes and sees Piper's necklace on Patricia and belives that she's Piper and tells "Piper" that he feels bad that he still didn't tell Patricia about their kiss.

2x33 House of Dead-Ends

  • 2012-02-01T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Eddie thinks that Patricia on purposely pressed turned the speaker on to get revenge on Eddie. The race is on between Victor and the Sibunas to find the missing falcon reflectors. Victor doesn't finds anything in Alfie's room. Jasper brushes Fabian off when he's confronted about his secret talks with Jerome and Fabian believes it. Nina finds another reflector in the kitchen: a goblet.

2x34 House of Webs

  • 2012-02-01T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

The Collector rejects Jasper's offering of Sarah's doll and Vera doesn't see Jerome. But then Vera realises that Victor needs its glass eye - it could be the next reflector! The Sibunas find out that there's a reflector in a moasaic... that Trudy has throw out. Fabian learns from Joy that it's in the library and the Sibunas recover it. Amber forgets to lock up the dollhouse and Jerome gets his hands on it. The only thing is that he doesn't that Eddie and Mara's camera had recorded the whole thing..

2x35 House of Fronts

  • 2012-02-02T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

After Jasper rips off the Collector's hood, Jerome learns that Rufus is back! The Sibunas learn that Eddie had backup files on a USB drive, even though they tried to infect the picture files on his computer, so Nina dispatches her friends on different missions; Fabian has to try and convince Joy not to run the story, Patricia must apoligize to Eddie, and Amber and Alfie must steal Eddie's camera. Jerome and Jasper follow Rufus and Jerome tells Jasper who he is, and they fall back.

2x36 House of Keepers

  • 2012-02-02T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

The kids persuade Jasper to offer Rufus the replica mask from the library while they rescue Trudy; however, Alfie and Nina have to take a test leaving Amber, Jerome, and Fabian to rescue Trudy. But they are locked in the barn by Vera and Patricia and Nina can't rescue them because Senkhara traps them wanting the two to focus on the quest for the mask. Alfie manages to rescue the kids but accidentally smashes the dollhouse and knocks Trudy unconcious who forgets everything about Vera and the Collector. Senkhara promises to help get the three reflectors back by slowing down Victor's progress; Joy misinterprets advice from Ms. Valentine and decides to write a rude post about Nina on a blog by an anonymous blogger named "Jack Jackal"; Rufus meets with Vera and promises to share the power of the Mask of Anubis with her; Victor has a dream of Vera getting marked by Senkhara, but when she doesn't show up to make breakfast and Victor tries to find Vera, he makes a terrible discovery...

2x37 House of Hacks

  • 2012-02-03T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

When a poisonous article about Nina appears on the school website, speculation is rife about the identity of the school's phantom blogger. In order to save Vera, Victor hatches a plan and leaves his reflectors in his office, knowing that Sibuna will snoop around and find them when he goes out. The gang succeeds in finding the objects, and Fabian also finds Victor's completed zodiac, along with a list of where he believes the remaining reflectors are. Alfie and Amber go into the attic to retrieve the reflector from the stained glass window but, unaware that Vera is still catatonic nearby (concealed beneath a blanket by Victor), they accidentally reveal the existence of the passage between the tunnels and the library. is

2x38 House of Stings

  • 2012-02-03T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Joy tries to apologize to Nina, who is upset over Gran being cursed, but the gang isn't having it and they freeze Joy out. Sibuna realizes that in order to complete the task, they will have to borrow a "Sibuna temp" to hold the sixth reflector, so Patricia hatches a plan to bring a blindfolded Eddie into the tunnels under the pretense of a "date." Sibuna and the oblivious Eddie manage to complete the task and enter the final chamber.

2x39 House of Double-Cross

  • 2012-02-04T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

The Sibunas realize they must play the ancient Egyptian game of Senet - and the stakes are high. Joy is still getting a hard time because of Mara, so when Mr Sweet tells her to enter Mara in the blog competition, Joy makes other plans. Trudy is having strange dreams - could her memory be returning? Victor and Vera secretly practice Senet in his office, while the Sibunas meet Jasper who tells them Rufus knows he's been tricked, and he does it soon after the Sibunas find the rules on a mismatched tile on the library floor. Jerome finally makes his move on Mara, only to discover she's still not over Mick. Down in the tunnels, disaster strikes when Nina moves to the wrong square and the floor gives way beneath her.

2x40 House of Wires

  • 2012-02-04T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

The Sibunas are reeling at Nina's disappearance and must cover for her both at school and to a suspicious Victor and Vera at home, as well as keeping a furious Senkhara at bay. Joy enters her article into the contest, but Mara thinks that her article was entered. Eddie knows that Joy had lied to Mara and tells Jerome. Nina wakes to find herself in an underground cell, and she is not alone... A distressed Fabian goes to tell Mr Sweet everything, but then while Mr Sweet isn't in the office, he hears Nina calling from underneath realising that Nina is still alive. Patricia tries to be more couply with boyfriend Eddie, which only serves to alarm him. Nina sees Victor Rodenmark Sr.'s ghost. Under pressure, Fabian makes a wrong move at Senet and things look even worse for the Sibunas.

2x41 House of Envy

  • 2012-02-07T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

Alfie manages to escape the falls thanks to Patricia. Eddie and Jerome reveal that Joy didn't submit Mara's article to the web competition. The gang are left shaken after Alfie's near miss and Fabian recruits Joy as strategist - they've got to win this game somehow. Nina learns that every chosen one has a special champion to protect her. Trudy calls a doctor to help her get her memory back, but a desperate Vera decides to intervene by canceling Trudy's real appointment and asking someone to pretend to be her doctor. Fabian sees Victor playing senet. Alfie and Amber decide to spy on her and the doctor and find out that the "doctor" placed fake memories into Trudy's head and that Vera wants to do the same to Sibuna. Meanwhile, Joy tries to get to grips with the Senet Task at the library when a secret man who was Trudy's doctor visits Jasper and takes off his mask...

2x42 House of Names

  • 2012-02-07T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Does Mara have feelings for Jerome? Vera follows the doctor’s instructions, and the Sibunas play along. Jerome's in trouble when he runs into Rufus sneaking around. Victor is horrified at losing Alfie on the Senet board. Senkhara hunts for the Osirian.

2x43 House of Evidence

  • 2012-02-08T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

Eddie and Fabian have the same weird dream. Victor Sr. tells Nina to beware Senkhara and leaves for good. Mara wins blogger of the year, but is becoming too concerned about Jerome's disappearance to celebrate. Eddie is frustrated about Patricia's secret Sibuna life and disaster strikes the gang when Fabian and Joy disagree over how to finish the Task... Can Fabian learn to trust Joy? He will need to if they are to finish the Task. Meanwhile, Eddie remembers the name of Jerome's "uncle" - but he doesn't understand why Patricia is so alarmed. Victor is beginning to wonder if the kids were right about Vera and he makes a shocking discovery in her room. Senkhara is getting upset that Joy and Fabian had chosen to save Nina and her friends instead of the key to the mask. Will she hurt Gran, Sibuna, or even Nina?and best friend. After Patricia leaves, Eddie convinces Mara to upload her report exposing Vera on the school website.

2x44 House of Genius

  • 2012-02-08T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

Eddie helps Mara to see how much Jerome means to her. But there's an even bigger surprise in store for her. Mick has come to visit to talk things out, making Mara very anxious because of her newfound and complicated reationship with Jerome. Meanwhile, Victor confronts Vera and Patricia tells the Sibunas that Rufus has taken Jerome. Fabian, Patricia and Alfie go to rescue him, while Amber, Nina, and Joy try to find a spare key to the Mask in the Frobisher library.

2x45 House of Slander

  • 2012-02-09T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

Frobisher Smythe’s trick is revealed. Mara & Poppy wish Jerome hadn’t disappeared. Eddie acts weird. Senkhara is close to getting what she's wanted, & Nina will pay the price. Will the Sibunas save the day? Will the curse be lifted?



  • no air date — 12 mins

3x01 House of Arrivals

  • Season Premiere

    2013-01-04T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

A new girl named KT begins school, and Eddie recalls seeing her in a vision. A new teacher arrives and settles into the gatehouse. Victor searches for an important parcel. Eddie tries to learn more about KT.

3x02 House of Presents

  • 2013-01-04T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Victor's furious when a parcel goes missing. He doesn't realise it's ended up in Amber's pile of birthday presents. Eddie demands that KT come clean about why she's really here.

3x03 House of Truth

  • 2013-01-11T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Eddie and KT join forces to unlock the mystery of her key. Amber learns details about her bracelet from Alfie. Victor scrambles to find his lost bracelet. Eddie and KT realize Miss Denby also has a key.

3x04 House of Hieroglyphs

  • 2013-01-11T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

Victor's under pressure to find his missing bracelet. Eddie and KT discover that Miss Denby has a key just like KT's - is there more to their new teacher than they first thought?

3x05 House of Revelations

  • 2013-01-18T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Amber is accepted to a fashion school in America. Fabian deciphers the bracelet's packaging. Eddie and KT seek info about Miss Denby. Jerome and Mara prepare for the business-studies competition.

3x06 House of Questions

  • 2013-01-18T01:30:00Z — 53 mins

Eddie and KT investigate Miss Denby, Patricia and Fabian suspect KT of working for Victor and Jerome and Mara take the business studies competition seriously and personally.

3x07 House of Pi

  • 2013-01-25T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Victor steals Amber's bracelet and locks her in the tank room. Eddie and KT find more out about Miss Denby. After Amber is found, she demands that Sibuna be reformed.

3x08 House of Mistrust

  • 2013-01-25T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

KT and Eddie's suspicions about Miss Denby are confirmed, Jerome's sabotage of Mara's project backfires and Amber learns the adults are planning a mysterious ceremony.

3x09 House of Trickery

  • 2013-02-01T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Amber is found in the tank room; a photo of the real Miss Denby is uncovered; Amber shares what she heard the adults discussing; Victor believes he has his bracelet back.

3x10 House of Unity

  • 2013-02-01T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

Amber leaves, revealing what she heard in the Tank room and demanding that Sibuna is reformed – they have to stop the adults! Meanwhile Victor is delighted he finally has his bracelet – little knowing it's a fake!

3x11 House of Entrapment

  • 2013-02-08T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

The Sibunas discover the man in the tank is Robert Frobisher Smythe – what exactly are the adults plotting? Eddie resolves to reveal Denby's true identity. Meanwhile, Jerome tries to win Mara back.

3x12 House of Sisters

  • 2013-02-08T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

The Sibunas find the real Miss Denby, who has some revelations for them… but will they get away without being caught? Jerome sets his sights on Willow. Joy boosts her confidence with a brand new look.

3x13 House of Tombs

  • 2013-02-26T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

The Sibunas uncover the details of a secret ceremony; the gang tries to rescue Harriet Denby.. The Sibunas learn they must perform the ceremony themselves!

3x14 House of Smuggling

  • 2013-02-27T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Jerome's double life catches up with him.The Sibunas discover a new room. Jerome is under hot water. Trudy confronts Sibuna.

3x15 House of Anticipation

  • 2013-02-28T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

The Sibunas begin the ceremony; Joy grants Willow a wish; Sibuna fails to wake the man in the tank and they are trapped in the crypt.

3x16 House of Close Calls

  • 2013-03-01T01:30:00Z — 22 mins

Patricia plans a rescue; Mara and Willow get closer.

3x17 House of Hustle

  • 2013-03-05T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

Victor confiscates KT's key and when Jerome begs Patricia for a favour she strikes a deal - He has to get the key back from Victor! The Sibunas discover that the adults have special plans for the eclipse. How will they stop them?.

3x18 House of Set-Up

  • 2013-03-06T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

Victor is furiously searching for the bracelet. After overhearing a conversation between the Sibunas, Mr. Sweet learns that Eddie has the bracelet. Mr. Sweet plans to steal the real ceremonial bracelet by creating a diversion. Jerome worries that if Mara and Willow keep being roommates it will threaten his secret. Eddie goes to Mr. Sweet's office to find more about KT but finds something else instead. Eddie comes back to Anubis House with Jerome's, Joy's, Alfie's, & Patricia's files. In the files they learn that KT isn't the descendant but Jerome, Joy, Alfie, and Patricia are. Realizing this, they rush to the Gatehouse to warn the descendants but they are to late.

3x19 House of History

  • 2013-03-07T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

The Sibunas learn the history of the tank man. Joy finds Jerome's list of pros and cons of Mara and Willow.

3x20 House of Eclipse

  • 2013-03-08T01:30:00Z — 23 mins

Eddie, KT, and Fabian must get to their friends in time to stop the ceremony. Joy sends Mara and Willow an incriminating email.

3x21 House of Awakening

  • 2013-03-12T00:30:00Z — 23 mins

Frobisher wakes up evil. Joy tells Willow and Mara about Jerome’s two-timing. Mr. Sweet is forced to take action against the Sibunas.

3x22 House of Sarcophagi

  • 2013-03-13T00:30:00Z — 23 mins

Eddie has a bad feeling. The Sibunas plant secret cameras in the gatehouse and hear a strange voice. Mara and Willow plot revenge against Jerome.

3x23 House of Possession

  • 2013-03-14T00:30:00Z — 23 mins

Jerome, Joy, Patricia, and Alfie begin to act strangely. Jerome believes he has been chosen for a talent competition. KT goes to the gatehouse alone.

3x24 House of Greed

  • 2013-03-15T00:30:00Z — 22 mins

The Sibunas find Frobisher. Jerome is humiliated during a singing competition. Victor visits the gatehouse.

3x25 House of Deceptions

  • 2013-03-19T00:30:00Z — 23 mins

Frobisher makes Victor evil and keeps his sinning soul in the sarcophagi. The Sibunas find another clue. Patricia and Eddie are trapped in Frobisher's tomb.

3x26 House of Rainbows

  • 2013-03-20T00:30:00Z — 22 mins

Joy agrees to Mara's plan to break Jerome's heart. Eddie escapes the crypt. Fabian helps KT work on the capsule by blocking out her senses.

3x27 House of Enemies

  • 2013-03-21T00:30:00Z — 23 mins

A riddle leads the Sibuna to a secret room. Mara is devastated to learn she has inherited a dog. Denby drives a wedge between Eddie and Patricia.

3x28 House of Surprise

  • 2013-03-22T00:30:00Z — 23 mins

Victor discovers the secret room and sets a booby trap. Miss Denby continues to meddle. Jerome ask Joy on a date.

3x29 House of Winning

  • 2013-03-26T00:30:00Z — 23 mins

Anubis House battle Isis House in a Dodgeball Tournament. Harriet Denby escapes from the gatehouse and KT discovers that there's an easier way into the secret room.

3x30 House of Moonlighting

  • 2013-03-27T00:30:00Z — 23 mins

Joy and Jerome share a romantic moment during a very strange date. The Sibunas discover a phonograph in the secret room and it's the final straw for Patricia when she finds intimate messages on Eddie's laptop.

3x31 House of Treachery

  • 2013-03-28T00:30:00Z — 22 mins

Eddie realizes there's a traitor amongst the Sibunas when the phonograph is destroyed, but who is it? Frobisher demands a new sinner for Ammut's collection and Mara has a new plan to shame Jerome.

3x32 House of Imposters

  • 2013-03-29T00:30:00Z — 22 mins

Denby and Frobisher kidnap Willow but dismay at her inability to sin. Patricia plans to captures KT by offering to help clear her name. Jerome and Joy share a kiss - Mara's plan is backfiring?

3x33 House of Cunning

  • 2013-04-02T00:30:00Z — 22 mins

KT’s hopes of proving her innocence disappear when Harriet is sectioned. The Sibunas search for the artefacts with the help of a family rhyme when the phonograph is mysteriously restored. Eddie faces the real Sibuna traitor.

3x34 House of Suspicion

  • 2013-04-03T00:30:00Z — 23 mins

Willow discovers she's related to Joy and saves the day when she inadvertently provides the clue to a missing artefact. KT decides to run away, leaving Victor without his precious sinner. Fabian learns the truth about Patricia.

3x35 House of Capture

  • 2013-04-04T00:30:00Z — 22 mins

When Fabian's trusting nature lands him in the hands of Frobisher, Ammut's collection is almost complete. Meanwhile, Eddie realises the Sibuna traitor is not KT and Jerome shocks Joy with a surprise ending to their play.

3x36 House of Heartbreak

  • 2013-04-05T00:30:00Z — 22 mins

Mara is furious as a heartbroken Joy admits her feelings for Jerome. Eddie calls on Patricia's sister for help with the missing artefact clue and KT is torn as she realises she doesn't know who to trust.

3x37 House of Hog

  • 2013-04-09T00:30:00Z — 22 mins

Alfie convinces KT that he's not a sinner. They rescue Eddie from Team Evil's clutches – only for Alfie himself to be captured. Joy and Mara are forced to work together when they lose Willow's cherished pet hedgehog.

3x38 House of Defeat

  • 2013-04-10T00:30:00Z — 22 mins

Eddie and KT find the final artefact and take it to the gatehouse to destroy Ammut – only to realise they have been tricked. An evil Alfie breaks Willow's heart and Joy and Mara bond while coming to her aid.

3x39 House of Ammut

  • 2013-04-11T00:30:00Z — 22 mins

As Ammut begins to form, Frobisher demands KT's key – but where is it? Eddie and KT find it on Willow, and realise the purpose of the keys. Jerome explains his feelings to Joy in a letter. But Joy won't read it.

3x40 House of Heroes

  • 2013-04-12T00:30:00Z — 22 mins

Harriet sacrifices herself as Eddie and KT finally unlock the portal to destroy Ammut and save them all. KT says an emotional goodbye to Frobisher. Joy and Jerome have Mara's blessing, and Alfie has a special gift for Willow.

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