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How to get more sex 1969

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This new three part series boldly explores the science of sexual attraction, providing a fascinating insight into what draws us to someone and how we can achieve more success attracting the people we fancy.

From the importance of smell to the age-old question of whether or not size does matter, the series seeks to explain why one person is more fanciable than another, with celebrity opinions, expert advice, and interesting experiments.

Myleene Klass, Ulrika Jonsson, Edwina Currie, Janet Street Porter, Rhona Cameron, John Sargeant, and Brendan Cole are among the celebrities to reveal their secrets.

Ulrika Jonsson admits that she goes for men with nice feet, or nice shoes, and likes the ‘older man’ because, “older men are usually grateful”. While John Sargeant explains his philosophy: “If a woman doesn’t laugh at your jokes, you’ve had it!”

So is it possible to laugh someone into bed? Is money indeed an aphrodisiac, and if it is, does it work as well for men as it does for women? A series of experiments will road test the theories, alongside expert views from Tracey Cox, international sex, body language and relationships expert, psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman and neuroscientist, Dr Jack Lewis.

In programme one the power of smell in attracting a mate is put to the test by asking celebrities to identify which out of three T-shirts smells the most attractive. One had been worn by a man, one by a woman, and one by a pig. The experiment throws up some very interesting results.

1 season

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