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Humanity Has Declined

All Episodes 2012

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  • Ended
  • Tokyo MX, AT-X, TV Aichi, Chiba TV, Teletama, tvk, Sun TV, BS11, Bandai Channel, Niconico, d Anime Store
  • 2012-07-01T15:00:00Z
  • 24 mins
  • 4 hours, 48 mins (12 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • AIC A.S.T.A.
  • Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Anime
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It has been several centuries since human population has declined. Food has become harder to find and what little sources the humans have are considered highly valuable. The most prosperous species on the Earth are "Fairies", 10 cm tall creatures with high intelligence and a great love for sweets. A nameless girl, the main character, became a UN arbitrator between the humans and the fairies and had returned to her hometown to help her grandfather. One day, the village is sent some strange products made by a company called FairyCo. Since the villagers are wary of using the products, the girl, her grandfather, and a nameless boy decide to go to the factory to find out about the mysterious products and who is behind making them.
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19 episodes

Whilst sorting through a box of curious items left behind by the fairies, the heroine finds a spoon that lets her scoop flour out of her head. However, she ends up overusing it and winds up small.

Unable to get help from the grandpa, due to the way her miniature form transforms her speech patterns, the heroine searches for the fairies but comes up against a hungry bird.

After narrowly escaping the bird, the heroine meets an intelligent hamster named Yameta whose civilization is under threat from weasels.

The weasels' attack sends the heroine flying into a pond, where she is rescued by a handsome looking fairy.

The heroine gives up on trying to find a way to change back and enjoys her luxurious new life. However, whilst doing some cooking, she ends up using the spoon on herself again, becoming even smaller. She soon learns that the spoon converts her intelligent thoughts into flour, shrinking her to match her intelligence.

The fairies' realizing that she is shrinking, take her to her own home without realizing that they are the same person thinking that they can get some help. There they find more of the flour (which used to be her brains) with which they proceed to make cookies. Accidentally eating one before dying, the heroine realizes that it restored some of her intelligence and height. By keeping the fairies from eating the freshly made cookies, she ends up eating all of them and going back to normal.

1x01 (1) The Fairies' Secret Factory (1)

  • Series Premiere

    2012-07-01T15:00:00Z — 24 mins

After a conversation with the fairies about the current plight of humanity, strange things begin to appear around the small village.

The group struggles to stay together but is continuously pulled apart by an unknown force. Reaching the conference room will prove to be difficult.

1x03 (3) The Fairies' Subculture (1)

  • 2012-07-15T15:00:00Z — 24 mins

Y was assigned to work on the Human Monument project, but instead kicks off the BL manga revolution.

1x04 (4) The Fairies' Subculture (2)

  • 2012-07-22T15:00:00Z — 24 mins

Y, the mediator and her assistant are stuck in a strange manga world. They soon discover that if they act dramatically enough, they can materialize a printed sound effect.

1x05 (5) The Fairies' Homecoming (1)

  • 2012-07-29T15:00:00Z — 24 mins

The mediator learns that fairies are leaving to avoid electromagnetic waves generated by an electric-powered festival. Later, the mediator and her assistant find themselves once again trapped.

1x06 (6) The Fairies' Homecoming (2)

  • 2012-08-05T15:00:00Z — 24 mins

Pion joins the team along with their companion Oyage. When pursued, the group lands in an underground castle where danger strikes yet again.

Something strange is happening with the mediator as she encounters someone who looks just like her! What is happening, and what do sweets have to do with it?

The fairies will stop at nothing to get more sweets. Their insistence affects more than just the mediator.

1x09 (9) The Fairies' Survival Skills

  • 2012-08-26T15:00:00Z — 24 mins

There is an overpopulation of fairies, and the mediator must find them a new home. When they end up stranded on an island, there is only room for one ruler!

1x10 (10) The Fairies' Earth

  • 2012-09-02T15:00:00Z — 24 mins

The mediator starts a new job and is already a god by the end of the first day! Can their winning streak last?

The mediator recounts her first years at school as a target of bullying, and she thinks about all the unique people she met growing up.

Mediator has settled in her role of the Wild Rose Society and is continuing her rapid ascent to becoming a 6th year. But a night spent with Y will rock her very core.

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