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Humans: Season 3

3x06 Episode 6

Poor Sam... Should have chose to save Sam

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Poor Laura, blew it big time. For all of that "Great" talk, turns out to be nothing but "Talk". Really screwed the pooch with that decision, which now questions here very being. And this pregancy storyline, not really feeling it, perticular when she's under big time investigation of whomever this stalker lady works for.

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When one thinks this show can't get any deeper in terms of ethics and morality, this episode manages to go further down that spiral.

What bothers me is that humans are trying to find a way to cope with synths, whereas the synths seem to have become a little too focused on overpowering humans. Synths can feel, but they're feeling all the wrong feelings and aren't open for dialogue (I'm referring to the rising rebellion against humans), so their actions end up contradicting their intentions. I wish there was more of a nuance between heroes and villains, a blurred dichotomy indistinguishable to the viewer, but, unfortunately, the show seems to be heading for the usual cop-out of us vs. them (mankind vs. the evil robots).

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A brilliant yet deeply flawed episode that at once stands out from the rest of season 3 yet painfully underlies its flaws.

The scene where Mia speaks before the Commission is the best one I've seen in the entire series, and the way event unfolds during and after was a true turning point for the story. Tragic, complex, personal yet global.

Then Laura's choice... The sequence was over-engineered and unrealistic. Why didn't Laura say "These are both living human beings and I choose neither"? It was crystal-clear Anatole's purpose was to show to Stanley that humans plaved synth lives below theirs, and still Laura played right into his hands. A badly-written scene that's all the most frustrating that it has massive consequences for the rest of the story.

Such a frustrating, brilliant episode.

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Do all shows have to go down such cliché paths...? I mean people getting so emotional, when the choice is obviously a test, and choosing the random human would've made more sense, anyway.

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