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  • 2016-10-04T15:00:00Z on Tokyo MX
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  • Comedy, Anime
Yuzuka Hanami is a young, carefree girl who lives the most ordinary life imaginable. Although her father works around the clock and her mother is rarely home, she still enjoys herself and strives to be an excellent student. Miton, on the other hand, is an alien life-form with the ability to transform his master into a magical girl, a warrior who fights evil wherever it may appear. However, there are not as many enemies as there used to be, so Miton has been out of work for a while. Starving and homeless, he has taken up residence in a pile of garbage. As Yuzuka walks past him one day, Miton seizes the opportunity to offer his services to the young girl. Yuzuka reluctantly agrees, but when she transforms into a magical girl and discovers that her outfit is a swimsuit, she begins to have second thoughts about what she has gotten herself into!

12 episodes

Yuzuka is starting to get used to using water magic, but when Chiya asks her if there's any benefit to being a magical girl, she's shaken by the fact that she can't answer.

Yuzuka has improved her magic to the point where she can show everyone, but when she compares her swimsuit to Mafuyu's she can't help feeling something's off. What does Mafuyu say to Yuzuka?!

Everyone is surprised by Mafuyu's announcement about her retirement and her successor, and also about Chiya's sudden transformation. Once everything settles down a bit, Chiya asks Yuzuka something.

Pochi's scheme allows Chiya and Yuzuka to hold a tea party under the guise of a study group session. Wanting to share her happiness, Chiya invites Mafuyu.

Mafuyu started the party, which now includes Daiya, by acting the grand senior member with experience, but now...?!

With the cafe air conditioning broken, Mafuyu asks Yuzuka to transform. Once it starts to cool down nicely, everyone decides to play together?!

This episode is about Daiya-chan. Daiya was playing at the park when Yuzuka and Chiya invite her to the cafe. She has a special skill no one knows about. What could it be?!

One day, at the cafe, Yuzuka and Chiya decide to ask Miton lots of questions about himself. Miton begins telling them about his past...

This episode is about Yuzuka's dad. Yuzuka's dad, looking completely exhausted, loosens his tie. As he looks up at the beautiful colors of the sunrise sky... he is enveloped by light?!


2x10 (22) The... Beach?

2x10 (22) The... Beach?

  • 2016-12-06T15:00:00Z4m

At Daiya-chan's invitation, everyone decides to go to the beach. Chiya and Mafuyu try a lot of different things to help Yuzuka get used to wearing a swimsuit, some more successful than others. For a moment, everyone enjoys the romance of it, but then...

Daiya-chan's in a tough spot?! Noticing something seems strange, Yuzuka and Mafuyu transform!! They combine their powers to go rescue her, but...

Season Finale


2x12 (24) Why I`m Glad I Became a Magical Girl

Season Finale

2x12 (24) Why I`m Glad I Became a Magical Girl

  • 2016-12-20T15:00:00Z4m

Is Daiya-chan all right?! And what is the reason Yuzuka has found for being a magical girl?! And now, the final episode of the second season!!