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Specials 2010 - 2017

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  • 2010-04-06T23:00:00Z on Rooster Teeth
  • 10 mins
  • 4 hours, 53 mins (30 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy, Reality
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30 episodes

Special 1 Pilot

  • 2010-04-06T23:00:00Z — 10 mins

The team tries to make their lives more like video games.

Burnie Geoff and Gus give you their first hand thoughts on Video Game Foods.

Special 3 Horde Mode: Behind the Scenes

  • 2011-06-24T23:00:00Z — 3 mins

Go behind the scenes with Rooster Teeth community member BlawnDee!

Special 4 Split Screen: Behind the Scenes

  • 2014-04-10T23:00:00Z — 10 mins

In this behind the scenes video of Immersion: Split Screen, Gavin and Michael explore the arena.

Special 5 Fallout 4: Behind the Scenes

  • 2015-11-12T00:00:00Z — 10 mins

Watch the Behind the Scenes of Fallout 4 In Real Life. Gavin and Michael are stranded in an open world wasteland and their only hope is to find the code to Vault 619.

On a very special Sponsor edition of Immersion, Barbara and Lindsay face an untold amount of spookies and scaries. What RT production did that horrifying dildo monster come from

Watch the Behind the Scenes of Immersion - Five Nights at Freddy's. Would being trapped inside a tiny room, watching lovable characters roaming dimly lit hallways actually be scary Watch to find out how many nights Michael and Gavin can survive.

Check out the extended Five Nights at Freddys Immersion with Michael and Gavin! We've added more than 5 minutes of extra footage!

Special 9 Metal Gear Solid: Extended Cut

  • 2016-01-14T00:00:00Z — 10 mins

Check out the extended Metal Gear Solid in Real Life Immersion! We've added more than 5 minutes of extra footage including an extra, unreleased test!

The cast and crew of Immersion have found themselves lost in an abandoned warehouse with nothing but an abundant supply of boxes and limited supply of wits. As the days drag on some find themselves drawn to a more base nature while others hold onto the facade of civilization, causing a rift between friends as two separate factions arise. The strong prey on the weak and the weak prey on the boxes.

Spoilers: The whole thing is a strange metaphor for purgatory.

On a very special Sponsor edition of Immersion, Chris and Aaron test their Metal Gear Solid skills, but seem to get distracted along the way.

Have a peek at the making of Immersion's Star Wars Jetpacks in Real Life.

Watch the Behind the Scenes of Immersion - Space Invaders in Real Life. Find out what went into making this special episode at RTX Australia.

On this highly anticipated Sponsor edition of Immersion, Barbara and Lindsay attempt to save Earth from the oncoming Space Invaders. Will they make it? Or will they too be defeated like Michael and Ryan?

Special 15 Warthog Flip in Real Life

  • 2016-10-13T23:00:00Z — 10 mins

What does it take to flip a life-size Warthog? In this special Red vs Blue episode of Immersion, Burnie and his team find out...with some explosive results.

What does it take to flip up a warthog? Then blow it up? Find out how the crew pulls off one of the biggest episodes of Immersion ever.

Special 17 Immersion: Season 4 Trailer

  • 2016-11-04T23:00:00Z — 10 mins

Who will be the winner of science? Find out Nov. 9 as returning lab rats Michael and Gavin test elements from popular video games.

Two hundred extras, over 20 cameras, and 4 idiot lab rats… How did we pull it off? Thanks to all our RTX attendees for making this episode possible! Thumbnail photo by Connor MacRae.

Lindsay and Mica utilize their charm and wits to fight off their zombie attackers. But will it be enough to survive this special Immersion?

Watch Burnie and the crew of Immersion squirm as they create a zombie apocalypse from scratch.

Adam and Jeremy must race against time to finish the Destrucibles course. But, what happens when on is given real world objects and the other video game objects?

Camera. Art. Lighting. FX. How do all the departments communicate and work together to create such an elaborate set for the latest Immersion?

Can Gavin and Michael perform surgery inside a moving ambulance? Watch the Behind the Scenes! Thank you to Austin Film Society for allowing us to shoot on location.

Geoff and Jack go balls out as they attempt to embarass Gavin and Michael in this special Bonus Episode of Immersion.

"He's on fire!" How did the Immersion crew avoid these three words while recreating NBA Jam?

Can James and Adam fight off waves of zombies while hung upside down or will they become hanging meat piñatas? Find out in this very special First Member's episode of Immersion!

Thanks to EA for sponsoring this episode of Immersion! A look at the hard work, absurdity, laughs, and problem-solving that went into making this episode of Immersion.

Ryan and Jeremy must defend their fortress from waves of enemies while scavenging for ammunition in the battlefield. Will they survive? Can they beat Funhaus? Find out!

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