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Inazuma Eleven Ares & Orion: Season 1

1x02 (2) The Devil of the Field

  • 2018-04-06T09:00:00Z on TV Tokyo
  • 22 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Anime

Seishou Gakuen equalize with the "Death Zone" shot, and Inakuni Raimon quickly becomes overwhelmed. Events flashback to the prior day, when Inakuni Raimon first arrived at Raimon Jr. High. They meet Mikado Anna, president of the student council, their team manager, Ootani Tsukushi, and their coach, a Chinese man called Zhao Jin Yun. They are also given all given an "Eleven Band", an electronic band that all soccer players are required to wear. Inakuni Raimon is aggravated when Jin Yun's training regime for them just involves them doing chores around the city, and when he tells them that to win you "don't lose".

At their match the following day, Inakuni Raimon are struggling against Seishou Gakuen. Haizaki Ryouhei wonders what merit Kidou Yuuto sees in fighting them. The match ends with an overwhelming of 10 - 1 to Seishou Gakuen. However, Inakuni Raimon's determination to play-to-win until the very end didn't go unnoticed. The team is later approached by the president of "Island Tourism", who were moved by their effort in the match. Due to this, they have decided to sponsor the team, saving them from disbandment. Asuto now realizes that the purpose behind their coach's training regime was to personalize themselves with the people around the city, and what he meant when he said that they had to "not lose" to win.