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Incognito Cinema Warriors XP

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  • Comedy

Incognito Cinema Warriors XP got its start as an innocent little tribute to Mystery Science Theater 3000 way back in the roarin’ oughts. The sticky summer of 2008, to be exact.

While there were already quite a few MST3K tributes on the block and our first episode was only intended to be a one-and-done just for fun, we really wanted to create our own characters and our own universe.

So, we slapped together a shaky set, a couple puppets and pressed REC on a crappy camcorder. A hard-to-explain movie-riffing show about a soldier and some robots stuck in a movie theater surrounded by zombies after the apocalypse was born.

Turns out, enough people didn’t completely hate it to warrant more! No one was more shocked than us.

Flash forward years later and we’ve managed to get the thumbs up from MST3K alumni.

“These guys are good. Fast paced, funny riffing throughout. Now fellahs, would you please stop making my job look easy?”

-Michael J. Nelson

We also branched out to riffing video games, went through the hell-ride of being shopped around to major cable networks and if we dare say, got pretty damn good at spanking bad movies.

With the onset of Season 2, we even attempted to become more our own animal and replaced our “host segments” with “story segments”, opening wide a world the characters had only previously talked about. “Sci-fi comedy horror”, we sometimes call it, not necessarily in that order.

We never intended for ICWXP to live for almost a decade but because of its small but incredibly patient, generous and loyal following always demanding more – it’s become a huge part of its cast and crew’s lives and we couldn’t be happier we started up this wacky journey!

Board up the windows and grab some popcorn… just… not out of Topsy’s head. He hates that.

2 seasons

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