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Income Property

Season 2 2009

  • 2009-09-28T20:00:00-05:00 on HGTV Canada
  • 60 mins
  • 13 hours, 0 mins
  • Canada
  • English
  • Reality, Documentary, Home And Garden, Special Interest

Host and renovation expert Scott McGillivray will help homeowners with high mortgage payments and low cash flow create "rental suites" in their homes as a way to help cut monthly expenses. Each episode will reveal how homeowners turn their unused rooms into rental spaces and increase the overall value of their house.

13 episodes

2x01 Daria & James

  • Season Premiere

    2009-09-28T20:00:00-05:00 — 60 mins

Daria and James fell in love, got engaged and bought a house. Two years later they are still not married and they’re spending over 50% of their income on their home. They need an income suite if they ever hope to tie the knot and keep their heads above water.

2x02 Julia & Andy

  • 2009-10-05T20:00:00-05:00 — 60 mins

Julie and Andy intend to renovate the existing income suite in their new home. They just can’t make it happen: they have demanding careers and no renovation experience. Their sweet little income suite needs Scott’s skills and reno savvy.

2x03 Jen & In-Suk

  • 2009-10-12T20:00:00-05:00 — 60 mins

Jennifer and In-Suk experienced a financial setback. With Jennifer on maternity leave and In-Suk unemployed for the last seven months, this couple needs an income suite to offset their mortgage costs and help them afford the home they love in a great neighbourhood.

2x04 Evelyn & Armel

  • 2009-10-19T20:00:00-05:00 — 60 mins

Evelyn and Armel had an energy audit and now they’re racking up debt in order to make smart improvements to their home. They need the income from an accessory apartment to help out with the costs of renovating for the long-term.

2x05 Rob & Allison

  • 2009-10-26T20:00:00-05:00 — 60 mins

Allison and Rob’s income dipped due to a career change and maternity leave. Luckily, they have an income suite in their basement that can help them maintain their great standard of living.

2x06 Lise & Andre

  • 2009-11-02T20:00:00-06:00 — 60 mins

Lise will be 63 years old when her 35-year mortgage is finally paid off. If she builds a clever income suite in her basement, she could be mortgage free in as little as 13 years, at age 39! Scott will help set Lise on the path to financial freedom.

2x07 Alice & Cindy

  • 2009-11-09T20:00:00-06:00 — 60 mins

Alice is living under a gold mine: a two story apartment above her own apartment that’s fallen into disrepair. Alice wants it to be perfect but she doesn’t trust anyone and doesn’t know what she wants. Scott will try to win Alice’s trust and help her make the right renovation choices.

2x08 Anne & Karen

  • 2009-11-16T20:00:00-06:00 — 60 mins

Anne and her sister, Karin, bought their duplex from their landlord a couple of years ago. Now, Karin has unexpectedly fallen in love and she's moving out. That leaves Anne with a full mortgage to pay and an apartment to rent. She wants to convert her unit into a short-term executive rental so that she can pay the mortgage without giving up her beloved home.

2x09 Marsha, Ellwood & Sarah

  • 2009-11-23T20:00:00-06:00 — 60 mins

Marsha and Ellwood married four years ago bringing two kids each to their blended home. They also bought a new house with a separate apartment that needs a good reno. Could it be a new home for their eldest daughter and a long-term solution to their financial challenges?

2x10 Victoria & Evan

  • 2009-11-30T20:00:00-06:00 — 60 mins

Two years ago, Victoria and Evan started a business with offices in two separate cities, but when the lines between work and home became blurry, they decided to buy a property to get a greater return on their investment. The building has an apartment but it needs a lot of work -- Scott will help them figure it out.

2x11 Adam & Jamie

  • 2009-12-07T20:00:00-06:00 — 60 mins

Adam is bought a triplex in an urban neighbourhood and promptly rented out one of the floors to a tenant who has yet to move in. Adam is in the enviable position of being able to renovate while he's collecting rent. Scott will help Adam make the most of a smart renovation opportunity.

2x12 David

  • 2009-12-14T20:00:00-06:00 — 60 mins

Do-gooder David bought an urban duplex with a gorgeous upper apartment - and a lower apartment that's a disaster. With the help of his mother and the ever-ready Scott, David will get his duplex ready for action so that he can worry less about the reno and more about his causes.

2x13 Fernando & David

  • 2009-12-21T20:00:00-06:00 — 60 mins

Fernando and David bought a neglected triplex with the intention of painstakingly renovating every nook and cranny. Unfortunately, they ran out of money and energy. What's more, they've left the worst to last: a disgusting apartment that reeks of cats and cigarettes. Scott comes to the rescue with his team, and a stunning renovation plan.