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Instinct 2018

I just watched the pilot. It needs to be so much better to hold an audience. Alan Cummings is a fine actor but there is little evidence of that in this, so far. His performance is awkward as is that of his co-lead, Bojana Novakovic. I'm going to chalk it up to poor writing and weak characters. I'll watch a couple more episodes before I decide to abandoned it but, so far, I give it a 4 (poor) out of 10. [Crime Drama]

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I watched first episode and it is soooooooo cheesy! It's like "7th heaven" but with crimes. Too positive, too obvious, too cheerful and too predictable, which makes it actually boring. Bojana Novakivic isn't good at all and some scenes are just simply stupid, like she was trying to shoot bad guy completely exposed. This show has not a bit of reality at all. I'd say it's for house wifes 50+.

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