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Iron Man: Season 1

1x11 Mastermind

  • 2010-12-11T06:00:00+02:00 on G4
  • 23 mins
  • English
  • Action, Adventure, Animation
Although the hostage situation was brought to a close, Tony is suspected of having links to Zodiac and is arrested by the JSDF. Sakurai briefly takes him to his home, where he teaches him how to control his ego. Meanwhile, Chika is somehow controlled into overloading the Arc Station, which causes power outages in various facilities which are then taken over by Zodiac who then attack the National Diet. They then send a message saying they have taken control of the government and claim Tony is their ally. Kuroda orders Sakurai to kill Tony, but Tony escapes and learns about the power regulation from Chika, who tells him that power is being directed to Tokyo Bay before she is taken hostage. As Iron Man heads towards the location, he is attacked by Sakurai in Ramon Zero, but Tony manages to snap him out of it before they are attacked by another Zodiac warrior. Whilst Iron Man fights the Zodiac, Sakurai heads to the location and discovers Zodiac's weapons factory, also learning their leader is Kuroda, who plans to rebuild Japan as a military nation. Sakurai destroys the factory but is killed by Kuroda using his Retetsu armor, managing to warn Tony before he dies.