[6.0/10] Another underwhelming outing. There’s some well-observed material about 24 hour news cycles and how to do spin in the Dee/Dennis/Frank segment, but it’s a little paint by numbers. Frank trying to soften the image of Boko Haram (after him amusingly mixing it up with Boca Raton) is appropriately looney, and Dee doing a subtle commentary on the media expectations on the likes of Hillary Clinton isn’t bad. It just never rises above a mild chuckle, even when Dennis goes on an ill-advised anti-dog rant.

And the renewed Fight Milk stuff with Mac and Charlie is just the pits. It feels like a phoned in storyline to work in some minor UFC celebrities, without really coming up with any new jokes using Fight Milk since the episode that introduced it. Cheesy and vaguely corporate synergy-leaning in a way IASIP doesn't usually stoop to.

Overall, a forgettable episode with the germ of a good idea in the A-story, but weak execution there and a pitiful B-story.

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