Janosik 1976

  • Ended
  • TVP
  • 1976-05-01T23:00:00Z
  • 45m
  • 9h 45m (13 episodes)
  • Poland
  • Polish
  • Zespol Filmowy "Panorama"
  • Action, Adventure
Janosik - a robber captain like his legendary Slovak role model - lives at a time when the underground rumble of the bourgeois revolution can already be heard on the European continent. The life of the often downtrodden peasants in Poland has become unbearable, and not everyone is willing to accept their fate willingly. In their distress, they not only turn to Janosik to ask for help from the robbers, but quite a few join the gang. After all, the robbers try to realize their ideas of law and justice on their own. They help the poor because they are poor themselves. And so they, witty and courageous fellows as they are, trick the gentlemen quite a few times.

1 season

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