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    • Ended
    • BBC One
    • 1979-09-18T20:00:00-04:00
    • 30 mins

    Jigsaw is a Children's BBC show aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 7 that combines elements of puzzle solving and entertainment, which was broadcast from 16 July 1979 until 24 May 1984.

    Written and directed by Clive Doig, the show was presented by mime artist Adrian Hedley, Janet Ellis and "Jigg" - a giant floating orange jigsaw piece, voiced by John Leeson.

    Ellis left in 1983 to become a Blue Peter presenter, at which point she was replaced by Dot, aka Julia Binstead.

    Featured supporting cast also included Paul Clayton, Biggum the giant and Wilf Lunn who appeared as a mad inventor. Other unusual characters included Pterry, a Pterodactyl, Cid Sleuth, a Sherlock Holmes-looking bumbling detective plagued by a mysterious burglar, Hector The Hedgehog, Dot - a pixel-come-to-life, the O-Men, and Mr. Noseybonk, performed by Hedley in a dinner suit and a white face mask with a prominent nose and toothy grin; Mr. Noseybonk was included for light comic relief and to guide viewers through a puzzle that would contribute to the ongoing puzzle throughout the show.

    Throughout the show, the presenters and supporting characters came together to solve a number of puzzles; these puzzles would then contribute to one larger conundrum that would be revealed at the end of the show. The viewer was encouraged to take part and solve the puzzles at home.

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