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Season 2

  • 22 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Children

15 episodes

2x01 Building Block Rock

  • Season Premiere

    no air date — 22 mins

The Kerwhizz contestants whoosh around a world of wooden blocks, dodging the turning tunnel and the Working Herberts. But who will win?

2x02 The Ker-razy Cave Caper

  • no air date — 23 mins

Shooting through caverns and dodging spiky stalactites is no easy task as the teams encounter a series of wonderful Kerwhizzical caves.

2x03 The Play Play Race

  • no air date — 23 mins

Kaboodle is more interested in playing in the Play Place ball pond than winning the race, and Snout's still seeking sprouts.

2x04 Spooky Speedway

  • no air date — 23 mins

Kaboodle has lost her favourite pet, Cynthia. Spooky Speedway is probably the best track on which to find her.

The three teams shoot over Steady Bready Bridge and through Meringue Mountain in a baking-themed race.

2x06 Wild West World

  • no air date — 23 mins

The Kerwhizz teams have to keep a look-out for the infamous Kerwhizz-Geewhizz gang when they race way out west.

Long grass, crumbling bridges and lily ponds are all obstacles that the three keen teams have to overcome in the raceworld.

2x08 City Speedway

  • no air date — 23 mins

The teams race past the Statue of Ribbity, find King Pong up the Empire Skunk Building and enjoy the Dancing Herberts performing Off Burpway.

Twist and Kit race up trees and shoot over the canopy in this jungly escapade.

2x10 The Arty Crafty Caper

  • no air date — 23 mins

In a world of paper planes, origami forests and glitter falls, the teams need to use all their craft to reach the finish.

2x11 Treasure Island Trail

  • no air date — 23 mins

The Kerwhizz teams are tempted by the lure of Long Pong Silver's treasure. Will they race, or seek the place where the hoard is hidden?

2x12 The Toy Factory Track

  • no air date — 23 mins

The Kerwhizz Ker-westion characters have their own toy factory. Which of the three terrific teams will find their way past the many machines?

2x13 Planet Shout

  • no air date — 23 mins

Snout's home planet is a place of sprouts and crackling, sneezing craters. Will he try to help Twist win the race or look for his nephews?

2x14 The Zoom Around the Moon

  • no air date — 23 mins

Kit loves the moon and wants to study it. Twist and Ninki prefer to race in this cratered caper.