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Kevin Spencer

Season 2 1999

  • 1999-01-18T04:00:00+00:00 on CTV
  • 30 mins
  • 9 hours, 0 mins
  • Canada
  • English
  • Animation, Comedy

The half-hour show takes place in Ottawa, Ontario, and revolves around the everyday happenings of the Spencer family, more frequently Kevin himself. His parents are Anastasia and Percy Spencer. Anastasia (voiced by Thomasin Langlands) is a fat, drunken, and promiscuous woman, a curious cross, it would seem, between a hoser (a stereotypical Canadian) and a hick. Curiously, she often ends up having sex, despite being immensely unattractive in just about all senses of the word. Often she receives sex because of people wishing to get back at her husband, Percy. Percy (voiced by Lawrence) is also a fat, drunken, loud, boorish and illiterate oaf, so stupid it is questionable whether he can write his own name. With parents like these, it is not the least bit surprising that Kevin is a "chain-smoking, alcoholic, sociopathic" juvenile delinquent at the age of 14.
Most of the adventures on the show revolve along illegal schemes committed by any or all three of the characters. Most of the time their motive is nothing more than the ability to acquire more money than their welfare cheques give them. Kevin occasionally goes to school, encountering other stereotypes and people who are almost as stupid as his parents.
Kevin's character is slightly more interesting in the fact that he is obviously in possession of some degree of intellect. The show never uses his voice (until recently), but suggests that he tells people rather detailed and articulate things or asks intelligent, legitimate questions when faced with an argument. Instead, the show's narrator (voiced by Lawrence) speaks for him. More often than not these arguments are dismissed by the person that hears them, and this usually causes Kevin to respond to what his environment led him to be the answer: violence.
Another frequent character in the show is Allen the Magic Goose, an anthropomorphic chain-smoking goose that is the other inspiration behind many of Kevin's misadventures, but is just a figment of his imagination. The bird is what contributes the most to Kevin's sociopathic nature, usually asking him to do illegal, indecent, and dangerous things simply for the sake of the thrill or for vengeance.

18 episodes

2x01 There Goes the Neighbourhood

  • Season Premiere

    1999-01-18T04:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Percy is let out of prison and joins a militia group – the same crew that the Spencer's uppity neighbors, the Bensons, have hired to kill them. On their way to the liquor store to make the hit on Anastasia, Percy manages to rat out the militia group and save his wife.

2x02 A Day Off

  • 1999-01-25T04:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Kevin ditches school to play pool at the Camel Toe, where he meets Victor the pool shark. Victor takes Kevin under his wing to teach him how to hustle. Kevin trains hard but ends up facing Fat Tony – a notorious hustler himself. Percy spends the episode in prison with Eustace the cannibal, while Mom takes advantage of Percy's absence to have sex with some of the neighborhood men.

2x03 Squirrels

  • 1999-02-01T04:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

The foreman at the construction site across the street offers Percy $300 to fight in the illegal fights he organizes down at the docks. Percy agrees, and ends up losing badly to the undefeated Gary ""Grim Reaper"" Morgan. The Bensons – in an effort to get back at the Spencer's for Kevin's antics, have an insurance adjuster videotape Percy's fight so that his workman's comp gets cut off.

2x04 Malled by a Dog

  • 1999-02-08T04:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

The Spencer's visit the mall where Mom meets her favorite soap hunk, Brock Brickleydale who she ends up stocking and almost killing. Percy shoplifts Kevin a pet snake, but Kevin winds up arrested for the crime after his parents ditch him. A corrupt old cop arranges for Kevin to become a trainer for a guide dog, which Kevin trains to be a canine-version of himself.

2x05 In Like Plunt

  • 1999-02-15T04:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

When Charlie Plunt's student loan money comes in, he takes Mom and Kevin to Niagara Falls after ratting out Percy to the cops. Kevin is bored and explores the town on his own. He manages to hook up with Percy who jumped bail so the pair go on an insane bender that ends in a police chase over the falls.

2x06 In Kevin We Trust

  • 1999-02-22T04:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

It ‘s the first day of summer holidays and Kevin is bored so he joins a religious group. The group plans an outing to shoot doctors at the abortion clinic where Anastasia happens to be taking advantage of the clinic's ""buy-six-get-one-free"" offer. The religious cult's plans are foiled when Percy gets thrown off his motorcycle during a police chase and lands on the maniacal firing squad.

2x07 The Crime Fighting Vagina

  • 1999-03-01T04:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

The hospital where Percy is being treated for a heart attack is taken over by terrorists. Kevin hides out with a bad ass nurse he's fallen in love with while Percy gets stuck in an elevator. Mom makes the best of the situation and tries to sleep with as many doctors as possible. Horny mom saves the day when she makes a move on the terrorists who flee the building in fear.

2x08 The Widow Coulson

  • 1999-03-08T04:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Kevin and Percy steel an old car from the delusional Widow Coulson – the same woman Kevin is forced to deliver her meals on wheels. Kevin grows to like the old hag because she was as insane as he was, and because she had lots of medication. When a body is found in the trunk of the stolen car by Percy's mechanic, the widow, the mechanic, the pawn shop owner and Percy wind up defending themselves on a Court-TV-inspired game show. EPISODE 9 - ""Good Will Spencer"" Kevin discovers a hidden knack for computers and joins a hackers club. Dr. Franklin, Kevin's psychiatrist figures he has misdiagnosed Kevin: instead of a sociopath Kevin is, in fact a misguided genius! Kevin re-routes the city's 911 calls to Percy who discovers a hidden talent of his own ""fighting"" crime as the super hero ""Drunken Welfare Man."" EPISODE 10 - ""Field Tripping"" Kevin wanders away from his classmates while on a field trip to the over-commercial ""Pioneer Village"" and winds up getting a history lesson from a one-hundred-

2x09 Good Will Spencer

  • 1999-03-15T04:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Kevin discovers a hidden knack for computers and joins a hackers club. Dr. Franklin, Kevin's psychiatrist figures he has misdiagnosed Kevin: instead of a sociopath Kevin is, in fact a misguided genius! Kevin re-routes the city's 911 calls to Percy who discovers a hidden talent of his own ""fighting"" crime as the super hero ""Drunken Welfare Man.

2x10 Field Tripping

  • 1999-03-22T04:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Kevin wanders away from his classmates while on a field trip to the over-commercial ""Pioneer Village"" and winds up getting a history lesson from a one-hundred-and- seventeen-year-old drunk.

2x11 The Art of Pornman

  • 1999-03-29T05:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

While on a tour of the porn studios, Kevin witnesses the split of partners Pornman and Afroman. Kevin becomes Pornman's agent in the actor's pursuit of more artistic endeavors and lands him various gigs, including a role in the Catholic Association of Teachers and Anal Retentives for Acting's performance of ""Hair.""

2x12 The Potted Goose

  • 1999-04-05T04:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

It's New Year's Day and Kevin overdoses like an amateur on booze left behind at the scene of a car accident. Allan is disgusted with him and decides to trying living in other people's heads for a while – including the Widow Coulson's. Percy, meanwhile, recruits Kevin to help him steel Charlie's trailer full of weed.

2x13 The Stripper Strikes Back

  • 1999-04-12T04:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Instead of prosecuting Percy for shoplifting, Jimmy the pawnshop owner has Kevin work in the shop. Kevin endures Jimmy's recounting of life story and learns that Jimmy has a long, lost sister whom Kevin later finds banging Percy in their garden shed. In an effort to end the liquor store workers' strike, Percy gets hired to make threatening phone calls to strikers.

2x14 Corrupting Our Youth

  • 1999-04-19T04:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

After a booze-up with dad is accidentally videotaped at the Music Station's video-talk-back-booth, Percy gets arrested on live television and Kevin reaches celebrity status. Kevin gets an agent and shares the fame with Anastasia. The courts sentence Percy to have a lobotomy after a botched prison escape.

2x15 Runaway

  • 1999-04-26T04:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Kevin runs away and becomes a roadie for a rock band after impressing them with his alcoholism. Anastasia's plea to the media to help her find Kevin lands her some sweet stand up gigs including an appearance on the Mike Bullard Show on the same evening Kevin plans his revenge on the band.

2x16 The Tomb

  • 1999-05-03T04:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

While grave robbing one evening, Kevin and Percy fall into an abandoned, underground government testing facility where they encounter blood-thirsty zombies attempting to sway them to the Dark Side. Kevin and Percy team up with Vern Charlebois, an adventurous moose-hunter worthy of action hero status.

2x17 Dreamland

  • 1999-05-10T04:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Kevin slips in and out of television-inspired dreams during a night of drinking and channel surfing. His surreal adventures mimic programming styles from a ""Leave-it-to-Beaver"" style sitcom to evangelical programming to porn.

2x18 The Cruise

  • 1999-05-17T04:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Kevin wins a Cruise and spends his days and nights in the ship's casino playing poker with a loud-mouthed Texan named Big Earl as well as some familiar faces. When a storm hits, Kevin is shipwrecked. He decides to lay down and die since starting a fire and looking for food is too much like work. He is miraculously nursed back-to-health and sobriety by a kind and loving island man.