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Season 1 2015 - 2017

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  • 2015-10-24T07:15:00Z on CTC Media
  • 5 mins
  • 4 hours, 20 mins (52 episodes)
  • Russia
  • Russian
  • Animation, Fantasy, Science Fiction
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52 episodes

1x01 The Musical Birthday Card

  • Series Premiere

    2015-10-24T07:15:00Z — 5 mins

It’s Daddy’s birthday and the kittens want to give him a musical birthday card just like he’s always wanted. When they get carried away enjoying the music themselves they have to quickly think of another way to give Daddy his gift.

1x03 A Pic Nic

  • 2015-10-24T07:15:00Z — 5 mins

When their picnic is left behind on a trip to the countryside the kittens learn that they can forage for a scrumptious lunch of berries and mushrooms just from the woodland around them – with the help of a handy field guide to what’s safe to eat.

1x06 Bicycle

  • 2015-11-07T07:15:00Z — 5 mins

Candy is delighted with a brand new bike from Mum and Dad. She doesn’t know how to ride yet and her brothers and friends offer lots and lots of helpful advice. As they speed off keenly on their bike race Candy is at first overwhelmed but as she takes each piece of advice and slowly practices we see her not only take part in the race but do rather well!

1x08 Doctors!

  • 2015-11-14T07:15:00Z — 5 mins

The kittens are given exciting toy doctors sets and can’t wait to start playing. They head off to their friends houses even tho it’s raining to ‘cure’ them of any ills they might be suffering. When they get home they’re shivering and Mum puts them to bed for some rest. When they wake up their friends arrive with gifts to help them feel better.

1x09 Detectives!

  • 2015-11-15T07:15:00Z — 5 mins

Inspired by his hero ‘Purlock Holmes’ Pudding leads the investigations into the mysterious case of Candy’s missing doll. Working out that they need to re-trace her steps and remember when she last had it they eventually track the doll down and find her in a very very safe place indeed!

1x11 Snow Sculptures

  • 2015-12-26T07:15:00Z — 5 mins

One day Painter Cat was holding a competition for the best snow-sculpture. The winner of the competition will receive an entire box of yummy cookies! The kittens spent much time doing snow-sculptures with friends. However they all made identical snow-cats! The juries couldn’t figure out the winner and Candy came up with an idea. They all shall sculpture things they like! As a result, Candy made the figures of her brothers and parents, Cookie - a rocket and Pudding - a cake. Later the kid-e-cats learned that they all had won and were even shown on TV.

1x37 Butterfly

  • 2016-12-04T07:15:00Z — 5 mins

Once Cookie, Candy and Pudding were walking at the child’s playgrounds. Pudding wanted to catch an ordinary butterfly, but he has always dreamed about a rainbow one, which lived only in southern countries.
And he had luck! His Grandpa sent a parcel to the Kittens with fruit from his trip to overseas countries, and apart from fruit they found a real caterpillar in the parcel. But in order to grow a butterfly out of this caterpillar, Pudding will have to do a lot...

1x38 The Supercats

  • 2016-12-10T07:15:00Z — 5 mins

Once Cookie, Candy and Pudding were looking through different comics about superheroes. They enjoyed it so much that decided to become superheroes too! They made themselves costumes, took up supernames and went out to the playground.
At the playground Cupcake decided to play with the Kittens: she climbed a tree and waited for the superheroes to rescue her. But their superpowers were imaginary and Cupcake had to be saved in real...

1x42 A Whale of a Time

  • 2017-01-22T07:15:00Z — 5 mins

Once Dad decided to take photo of a whale for a magazine about nature and the Kittens together with their whole family set off for a voyage on a Grandpa’s ship.
While Dad was trying to make a photo of the whale, Pudding was finishing, Mom with Candy were laying the table and Grandpa was teaching Cookie to manage the ship. At first Cookie could handle it, but then elderly Grandpa fell asleep and...

1x48 Wild Adventure

  • 2017-04-01T07:15:00Z — 5 mins

Kid-E-Cats always liked to learn something new. But this time – it was a whole new world! Grandpa took them to the park and showed how to prepare for a wild adventure!

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