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Krypto the Superdog

Season 1 2005

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  • 10 mins
  • Cartoon Network
  • United States
  • English
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Krypto, the Superdog, chronicles the comedic canine adventures of Metropolis' day-saving superdog from Planet Krypton. Krypto jettisons to Earth after traveling across the galaxies as a test-pilot puppy aboard a malfunctioning rocket ship built by Superman's father. Landing astray on unfamiliar terrain, the fully-grown Krypto swiftly seeks out companionship on Earth and flips over Kevin Whitney, a young boy who too longs for friendship. With an amazing array of super hero powers, ranging from heat vision to super strength to flying, Krypto partners with best pal Kevin to fight evil forces that threaten the safety and well-being of the people and animals of Metropolis. Weekdays at 9:00am and 5:00pm Weekends at 7:00am and 2:00pm Theme Song Krypto, Krypto the Superdog, Krypto, Krypto the Superdog, It's Superdog time. He's a super dog, He's a super hero, He came to Earth from outer space, And his name is Krypto. He's super strong, He's super brave.

1x01 Krypto's Scrypto


After his spaceship malfuntions, Krypto arrives on Earth and immediately befriends a young boy named Kevin who takes him in.

1x02 Super-Flea / A Bug's Strife


""Super Flea"" A flea from the planet Krypton gives Krypto one super itch! ""A Bug's Strife"" Lex Luthor's pet lizard uses a growth ray to turn a caterpillar into a giant monster!

1x03 Meet the Dog Stars / The Streaky Story


""Meet The Dog Stars"" A group of superdogs from outerspace come to earth to catch a villainous cat who has been wreaking havoc all over the cosmos! ""The Streaky Story"" Ever wonder how Streaky got Krypto's powers? This story reveals that secret!

1x04 Diaper Madness / Feline Fatale


""Diaper Madness"" Kevin and Krypto have to babysit Melanie while Kevin's Mom is away. But when a teleporter device ends up in Melanie's diaper, complete madness abounds! ""Feline Fatale"" Streaky feels neglected when Andrea adopts a new cat named Delilah.

1x05 Dog-Gone Kevin / The Dark Hound Strikes!


Dog-Gone Kevin: After founding red kryptonite for the very first time, Krypto and Kevin swtich bodies, and each of them found how great is to be the other, or is it? The Dark Hound Strikes: Ace the Bat-Hound arrives in Metropolis an enlist Krypto's help to track down and stop Joker's Hyenas latest scheme.

1x06 My Pet Boy / Dem Bones


My Pet Boy: Kevin learns to take it easy on dogs, even if they have super-powers like Krypto, when he becomes a pet for a giant male dog. Dem Bones: When the normal dogs imitate other animals, they discover Mechanikat and Snooky are up to trouble, and Mechanikat exposes Krypto to Kryptonite, and it's up to Streaky to save the day.

1x07 Bat Hound for a Day / Dogbot


Bat Hound for a Day: When Krypto is rendered powerless by the effects of red kryptonite, Ace the Bat Hound gives him a bat collar so they can track down the Penguin's birds. Dogbot: Kevin uncovers a Kryptonian robot dog inside Krypto's spaceship, but this new friend only wants to play with Krypto.

1x08 Old Dog, New Tricks / Talk to the Animals


""Old Dog, New Tricks"" When Krypto and Streaky meet up with a fire Dalmatian named Smokey, who has the worried of a new puppy on his mind. Streaky assumes the new dog is a Smokey ""replacement"", much to Krypto's disbelief. Streaky gets the bright idea to use Krypto as Smokey's super-double. ""Talk to the Animals"" During a super loop in mid-air by Krypto, Kevin loses his communicator. It falls in the zoo, where Bernie, the Zoo Keeper discovers the the device, and accidentally gets tricked by a nasty little monkey. It's up to Krypto and Bernie get all of the animals back to the zoo.

1x09 My Uncle the Superhero / Top Dog


My Uncle the Superhero: Streaky wants to impress his nephew, Squeaky, by making him believe he is a big-time superhero. Top Dog: A movie star dog wears a super-powered suit after making a pact with Snooky.

1x10 Puss in Space Boots / Teeny Tiny Trouble


Puss in Space Boots: Krypto is missing and it's up to Streaky the Cat to rescue him. Teeny Tiny Trouble: Two little aliens have a VERY BIG problem. Their spaceship is broken and they need to make repairs before they can refuel it. They decide to turn to two earth beings for help, namely Kevin and Krypto. Unfortunatly, the only way the aliens can get Kevin and Krypto's attention is to shrink them down to their size.

1x11 Dogbot to the Rescue / Bad Bailey


Dogbot to the Rescue. Streaky programs Dogbot to help Krypto so he can have more time with Kevin. Bad Bailey. Kevin's nasty cousin Bailey blackmails him when he finds out about Krypto.

1x12 Bat Hound's Bad Luck / Circus of the Dog Stars


Bat Hound's Bad Luck. Catwoman's cat, Isis, steals a cursed gem that causes Ace to run into a string of bad luck. Circus of the Dog Stars. Snooky uses brain-washing collars to make the Dog Star Patrol preform in a space circus.

1x13 The Living End / The Dog Days of Winter


The Living End: Red kryptonite causes Krypto's tail to detach from his body. The Dog Days of Winter: Ignatius changes the weather, making it summer during the winter.

1x14 Bad Hair Day / The Cat and the Bat


Bad Hair Day: Ignatius creates a formula to grow super hair. The Cat and the Bat: Bat Hound and Streaky must team up when Krypto is away.

1x15 Melanie's Monkey / Funny Business


Melanie's Monkey: Melanie learns that monkeys belong in the rainforest when she encounters one. Funny Business: Bat Hound becomes too silly to fight crime after being affected by laughing gas.

1x16 Now You See Him.../Bones of Contention


Now You See Him...: Streaky accidently gets the power of invisibility. However, he soon learns the about the problems it causes. Bones of Contention: When the Dog Stars get some chew toys, they begin to get on each other's nerves.

1x17 Superdog? Who's Superdog? / The Good Life


Superdog? Who's Superdog?: Krypto gets amnesia due to red kryptonite and can't remember who he is. The Junkyard Dogs try to turn him into a bad dog. The Good Life: The Tail-Roping member of the Dog-Stars finds out that Krypto's civilian life is practically paradise and decides to become an Earth dog citizen himself, only to find out that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

1x18 Streaky's Super Cat Tale / The New Recruit


Streaky's Super Cat Tale. Streaky tells a tall tale to his fan club. The New Recruit. Drooly applies for membership in the Dog Star Patrol.

1x19 Up, Up and Away / Dinosaur Time


Up, Up and Away Ignatious creates a formula that makes people levitate like balloons! Dinosaur Time Ignatious uses a time machine to travel back in time to the period of the Dinosaurs, but Krypto and Kevin come back with him.

1x20 Puppy Problems / Switching Sides


Puppy Problems: Mechanikat turns the Dog Stars into puppies. Switching Sides: Krypto is forced to team up with Ignatius to investigate thefts at Lexcorp.

1x21 Leaf of Absence / Big Sister


Leaf of Absence. Krypto and Ace take on a mutant dog-plant hybrid who is stealing all the trees in Metropolis. Big Sister. An alien growth ray turns Melanie into a 50-foot giant toddler.

1x22 Bat Hound Meets the Dog Stars / A Dog's Life


Bat Hound Meets the Dog Stars: While the Dog Stars are repairing their ship on Earth, Krypto introduces them to Ace. He is soon mocked because he doesn't have any powers of his own, so he leaves. However, when Snooky abducts Hot Dog without leaving a trace, Ace may be the only one the Dog Stars can count on. A Dog's life: Tired of living like a rat, Jimmy disguises himself as a dog. But when Mutsy's group wants him to join them, he may be in over his head.

1x23 Stray for a Day / Ruffled Feathers


Stray for a Day: A royal cat takes the day off with Streaky, allowing Isis the opportunity to steal the Queen's jewels. Ruffled Feathers: Krypto becomes jealous when he thinks Kevin likes Bat Hound more than Superdog.

1x24 Bat Hound and the Robin / Furry Fish


Bat Hound and the Robin: Bat Hound is at his wit's end when a feisty Robin decides to become his crime-fighting partner. Furry Fish: Krypto and Streaky have an undersea adventure when red kryptonite turns them into fish.

1x25 Tusky's Tooth / When Penguins Fly


Tusky looses his tooth and the Mechanicat is after it. Waddles, the Penguin's penguin steals Streaky's superpowers.

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