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Laisvės kaina Savanoriai

  • Returning Series
  • 55 mins
  • 11 hours, 0 mins
  • Drama

As founds independent Lithuania? Why teachers, peasants, even artists took the gun in his hands and defended it for the start gave secretly signed February 16th act?

New production companies "Videometra" piece "The Cost of Freedom. Volunteers Tale of 1918. 16 February. Lithuania Act of Independence signing and other after the important events really know why historical facts.

This is - a story about two friends, which distinguished the front line, united the country, and male friendship tested beloved woman.

Full centuries ago nukelsiantis series will reveal not only the great history of our country, but also friendship and love of drama, fierce freedom and objective by March. This series, created to mark the special occasion and to celebrate centenary Lithuanian Independence Act anniversary.

February 16th Independence signing the act, the fight against the Bolsheviks, Bermondtists, Poland, Klaipeda region recovery, attempting to Augustine Voldemaras, the most famous of that time Lithuania robber round-up - in this series you will see the most important events in Lithuania since 1918. until 1939, when occupied by Russia Lithuania again lost freedom. It will not end, those events reconstruction, however, since the most important facts stay close, and The concentration than the well-known actors, of whom write school textbooks, but to those who were close to the events, and without which, most likely, they would not even have happened.

Earl, who before his father chose to fight for Lithuania. The teacher, who is a pen converted into a gun and was immediately appointed as an officer, as more just was not anyone to lead. The maid, have been able to not only not go unnoticed, but to be everywhere where necessary and guide for the nose of German, Russian and Polish officials. Landless laborer, who just had the ground. This series "The Cost of Freedom. The volunteers' characters. Fictional, while not - for each of them hiding at one of the real individual at the time, and the series to embody such actors as Vytautas Tomkus, Liubomiras Laucevičius, Michael Vildziunas, James Bareikis, Toma Vaškevičiūtė, šarūnas puidokas Nerijus Gadliauskas, Jasmine Bialobževskis, Joseph Baliukevičius, Marcelė Zikaraitė and others.

"The Cost of Freedom. Volunteers scenes filmed in many unique and the times of Lithuania places. The show's creators say that every filming location chosen very carefully, because the historical series to the smallest little things have to be realistic. When creating the series worked not only in large number of well-known actors, creative studios, but also historians, helped to reproduce the authentic environment and stay close to the historical events.

This series, viewers will enchant engaging plot, images, authentically reproduced the time costumes. Many costumes to sew by special order specifically for this project. Spectators waiting for a lot of special effects and spectacular scenes, which will fly a bullet, Thin blood Poks explosives.

The historical series "The Cost of Freedom. Volunteers, "directing of Saul of April, will soon appear in RTL screens.

1 season

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