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Season 2 1960 - 1961

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  • 1960-09-20T23:30:00Z on NBC
  • 45 mins
  • 1 day, 2 hours, 53 mins (33 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Western
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33 episodes

2x01 Queen Of Diamonds

  • Season Premiere

    1960-09-20T23:30:00Z — 49 mins

Slim Sherman's in love with June Brown, a winsome stranger. But Jess recognizes the girl --- as a professional blackjack dealer.

2x02 The Track Of The Jackal

  • 1960-09-27T23:30:00Z — 49 mins

While Jess is acting sheriff of Laramie, a notorious yet cowardly bounty hunter targets one of Jess' friends.

2x03 Three Rode West

  • 1960-10-04T23:30:00Z — 49 mins

While delivering $10,000 to the stage office, Slim manages to stop one holdup attempt, but a second attempt is successful, leaving Slim to chase down the missing money and the robber.

2x04 Ride The Wild Wind

  • 1960-10-11T23:30:00Z — 49 mins

A bank robbery leads to the recovery of a high-strung horse from Slim's ranch, and prompts a disagreement between Slim and Andy.

2x05 Ride Into Darkness

  • 1960-10-18T23:30:00Z — 49 mins

When Jess goes to help an old prospector friend, he crosses Matt Jessup and his gang, who have the townsfolk too scared to talk.

2x06 The Long Riders

  • 1960-10-25T23:30:00Z — 48 mins

While catching mustangs, Slim and Jess save a man's life, and Slim offers the man a spot at the ranch, to Jess' chagrin.

2x07 The Dark Trail

  • 1960-11-02T00:30:00Z — 46 mins

Slim and Jess hope to sell horses to the stage line and collect the extra money offered, so Jess goes in search of horses to sell.

2x08 .45 Calibre

  • 1960-11-16T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

When a new marshal arrives in town, he and Jess don't get along and Jess refuses to be deputized until a neighbor is killed and all hands are needed to defend the town.

2x09 License To Kill

  • 1960-11-23T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

A bounty hunter turned sheriff comes looking for Jess, who has a price on his head for the killing of Blake Wilkie.

2x10 Drifter's Gold

  • 1960-11-30T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

Outlaws take over a town nearly emptied by a rumor of gold, leaving Slim outnumbered and unable to go for help.

2x11 No Second Chance

  • 1960-12-07T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

Fran Ericson returns to Laramie looking for revenge on the stage company she blames for her father's ruin.

2x12 Duel At Parkison Town

  • 1960-12-14T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

The shooting of a neighbor's son on Sherman land refuels the feud between the Shermans and the Parkisons, leading Ben Parkison to kidnap Jess.

2x13 A Sound Of Bells

  • 1960-12-28T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

A Sioux attack and a stagecoach carrying gold -- plus five passengers -- both come to Laramie on Christmas Eve.

2x14 The Passing Of Kuba Smith

  • 1961-01-04T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

When he kills the sheriff chasing him, an outlaw switches identities with the dead man and tries to fool Slim and Jess.

2x15 Man From Kansas

  • 1961-01-11T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

The so-called Robin Hood of the West saves Jess from a trio of Sioux warriors, then holds up the stage, robbing a banker and giving the cash to an elderly couple.

2x16 Killer Without Cause

  • 1961-01-25T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

Slim finds the town turning against him when he presses charges after a neighbor kills Slim's new ranch hand.

2x17 Stolen Tribute

  • 1961-02-01T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

An ex con forces Jess to take him to Utah, where Jess had killed the con's brother -- and where that brother had hidden a large sum of cash.

2x18 The Lost Dutchman

  • 1961-02-15T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

When a cattleman who double-crossed Slim is later found dead, Slim becomes the prime suspect in the man's death.

2x19 Cactus Lady

  • 1961-02-22T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

A sick passenger arrives on the stage, looking for Jess, who wants nothing to do with the new arrival.

2x20 Riders Of The Night

  • 1961-03-08T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

A wounded outlaw's brother kidnaps Slim and a vet and takes them to the gang's hideout to tend the injured man.

2x21 Mark Of The Manhunters

  • 1961-03-15T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

An injured marshal, transporting a prisoner to court to testify, is forced to seek help at the Sherman ranch, where they are surrounded by gang members who want to prevent the prisoner's testimony.

2x22 Rimrock

  • 1961-03-22T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

When Slim is wounded and another man killed, Jess hunts the shooter, identifying the man by his horse.

2x23 Run Of The Hunted

  • 1961-04-05T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

Slim's half-Cheyenne neighbor considers inviting some of his tribe to join him on the ranch he inherited from his father.

2x24 Two For The Gallows

  • 1961-04-12T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

A professor from the East asks Slim to guide him to his friend's gold strike from a decade earlier, but there is more to the professor than meets the eye.

2x25 The Debt

  • 1961-04-19T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

Jess frees a bounty hunter's prisoner who'd saved his life years earlier; having discharged his debt, he decides to look into the man's crime to see whether he should be left free or recaptured.

2x26 Killers' Odds

  • 1961-04-26T00:30:00Z — 49 mins

Jesse comes upon a starving drifter who thinks Jess is going to shoot him; Jess and Slim offer the drifter a job.

2x27 Bitter Glory

  • 1961-05-02T23:30:00Z — 49 mins

Jess is put to the test when he is asked by the Army to hunt down a thief who's stolen a payroll delivery -- but the thief is an old friend who once saved Jess' life.

2x28 The Tumbleweed Wagon

  • 1961-05-09T23:30:00Z — 49 mins

Slim is taken as a substitute for a condemned man by a farmer who is desperate for the $100 bounty to be paid upon delivery.

2x29 Trigger Point

  • 1961-05-16T23:30:00Z — 49 mins

When Jess rides shotgun on a stage carrying an Army payroll, robbers take the cash and leave the passengers stranded in the desert.

2x30 Badge Of The Outsider

  • 1961-05-23T23:30:00Z — 49 mins

An old outlaw, hoping to spend his last years in peace in Laramie, asks for Slim's help in clearing his name.

2x31 Men In Shadows

  • 1961-05-30T23:30:00Z — 49 mins

Jess gets a call for help from his old partner, Dixie Howard, who once saved Jess' life, but the man Jess once knew has changed.

2x32 Strange Company

  • 1961-06-06T23:30:00Z — 49 mins

With an increase of Sioux attacks on the stage, Slim suggests repairing an old road as an alternate route.

2x33 Widow In White

  • 1961-06-13T23:30:00Z — 49 mins

Slim Sherman represents the stage line in a contract with an outlaw's widow, who is also a secret investigator.

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