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    Legend 2 A Dream Named Desire 2005

    • Ended
    • 2005-06-15T05:30:00+05:30
    • 45 mins
    • Drama

    The series revolves around the lives of four girls who enter the beauty contest and how fame and fortune, or more correctly, misfortune affected their lives. These girls are Rita (played by Monica Chan), Michelle (Loletta Lee), Pauline (Alice Chan Wai) and Ada (Tin Yui Lee). Rita was working as a secretary in a big company owned by Chris (Simon Yam). Her mother worked in a nightclub or a massage place, I cannot seem to recall. Rita had been separated from her sister and father since she was little. She admired Chris since he was intelligent and very caring. Pauline worked in the same company with Rita, however, Pauline’s mother was a problem gambler who always got herself into big debt. Rita and Pauline then entered the beauty contest. In here, Rita is reunited with her sister, Michelle, who has grown up to be a very independent and strong-willed woman. Michelle and Rita did not get on really well with each other. Michelle had a boyfriend who was a playboy who even flirted with Rita. In the beauty contest, they met fierce competition from Ada, a very experienced, scheming girl. Anyway, Michelle was in favour to win the title of Ms. Hong Kong, yet due to problems with her boyfriend, Michelle was late for the final night so Rita won the title. Little did Michelle know that Rita had convinced the judges to let Michelle participate even though she was late. After the competition finished, Michelle tried her luck at acting while Rita found herself falling helplessly in love with Chris. However, Chris’ wife, who was mentally unstable, constantly used their son as a mean to prevent him from leaving her. Being a gentle girl, Rita could not bear the thought of destroying Chris’ family so they separated. Meanwhile, Pauline was in a mess due to her mother’s gambling debt so she tried her luck in acting in Category III films which she did gain some fame. Yet fortune did not stay long with her for she later became a mistress of a Taiwanese rich man.

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