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    • CBC (CA)
    • 30 mins
    • Canada
    • English
    • Drama

    Welcome to the Liberty Street guide at TV Tome.<br>
    From the epitome website:<br>
    The mismatched 20-something tenants of "The Pit" apartment building try to grab life with both hands, tangling with love, jobs, dreams, learning, weddings, flirting...
    MackLives with Jan and Christine as Chris' "nanny"
    JanSingle mother of Chris, trying to become a lawyer
    ChristineJan's 8 or 9 year old daughter
    AnnieObject of Stuart's and Frank's affections
    <B>LucilleWife of Ernie, together they run the Cafe in the basement of the apartment
    <B>ErnieHusband of Lucille, together they run the Cafe
    StuartSocially inept guy who lives in the basement and wears T-shirts from comic books
    <B>WadeSinger in a band
    MarshaBike messanger, lives with Nathan
    <B>NathanGay native children's entertainer, lives with Marsha
    <B>FrankSuperintendant of the Epitome, nephew of Drive Home Dave, songwriter
    <B>Drive Home DaveOwner of the Epitome, uncle of Frank, radio producer

    13 episodes

    2x01 Reality Bites

    • Season Premiere

      no air date — 30 mins

    2x09 Secret Games

    • no air date — 30 mins

    When Stuart admits he's a virgin, Annie decides that it's time to rid him of that little inconvenience, but changes her mind when she finds out Stuart has told Frank they already slept together. Frank and Cynthia are having trouble with their relationship because he is angry and jealous of former partner Wade's success. But he is sincerely sorry to learn Wade's father had a stroke. Ben brings a string quartet down to the apartment building to serenade Marcia, in an attempt to get her back. She finally caves and tells him that she wants him in her life.