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    Little Reimu

    • 10 mins

    Osana Reimu (otherwise known as "Little Reimu") is an episodic sort-of Film Comic created by Joyful (ジョイフル氏 ) of Nico Nico Douga. Set a few years before the exploits of Reimu Hakurei, this Touhou Fan Fic deals with the lives of a younger Reimu, her mother as the current Hakurei miko, and Rumia - who, going by the popular Fanon that she is Sealed Evil in a Can in present-day Gensokyo, is currently an adult in this timeline. Despite knowing that Rumia is a youkai and that Reimu and her mother are humans, the three of them have a very strong friendship, until one fateful day when the harsh realities of Gensokyo and Rumia's needs as a youkai catch up with them...

    2 seasons

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