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Little Women: LA

Season 3 2015

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  • 2015-07-30T02:00:00Z on Lifetime
  • 43 mins
  • 11 hours, 15 mins (16 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Reality
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This new docu-series chronicles the adventures of a unique group of smart, sexy and funny girlfriends with big hearts, big personalities and even bigger drama…who all happen to be little people. "Little Women: LA" invites viewers to walk in their shoes as they deal with relationships, parenting, careers and especially, the ups and downs of friendships.
Each episode features longtime girlfriends Terra Jole, Tonya Banks, Elena Gant, Christy McGinity, Briana Manson and Traci Harrison. They laugh, cry, compete and fight with one another, but through it all they share a special unbreakable bond. And, while dealing with everyday challenges like the rest of the world, they prove that height is just a number. There’s nothing small about this loud and proud group who can teach us all a lesson or two about living life to the fullest.

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16 episodes

3x01 LA Safari

  • Season Premiere

    2015-07-30T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

The Little Women set out for an adventure on an LA Wine Safari tour that quickly turns sour. Briana and Terra introduce new friends, Jasmine and Brittney, to the group, but little do they know that their paths have crossed with several of the girls before. Christy and Todd move forward with their plans for in vitro fertilization and Briana is ready to rekindle a relationship with Matt, but is he still waiting for her?

3x02 Big Secrets

  • 2015-08-06T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Jasmine is determined to win the girls over by hosting an extravagant party, but will her husband recently losing his job disrupt her plans? Meanwhile, Christy undergoes a painful IVF procedure and Terra reveals a shocking secret, one that may destroy a relationship forever.

3x03 Seattle or Bust

  • 2015-08-13T02:00:00Z — 41 mins

After a fight with the girls, Briana takes Jasmine to Seattle to meet Matt. Christy and Todd struggle with intimacy as the IVF process puts pressure on their relationship. Brittney's dad, David, throws a "Leaving the Nest" BBQ for Brittney and tensions run high as Jasmine calls Tonya out about the problems from their past.

3x04 A Group Divided

  • 2015-08-20T02:00:00Z — 41 mins

Christy and Todd's anniversary party turns sour; Elena reveals details about her relationship with David; Tonya throws a graduation party for her daughter.

3x05 Love and War

  • 2015-08-27T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Brittney flirts with a man who has boyfriend potential; Briana takes her relationship with Matt to the next level; Tonya lays her heart on the line; Christy struggles with the physical and emotional pain of IVF.

3x06 Working Girls

  • 2015-09-03T02:00:00Z — 41 mins

Briana gets the opportunity to sign with a music agent; Christy is recruited to do a comedy music video for which she must get Terra and the other ladies to participate.

3x07 Friendships on the Rocks

  • 2015-09-10T02:00:00Z — 41 mins

The women gather at Jasmine's family restaurant; Briana confronts Terra about how she treats Matt; Elena and Preston have a surprise announcement to make; Tonya creates a workout routine to help little people stay in shape.

3x08 No Pain, No Gain

  • 2015-09-17T02:00:00Z — 41 mins

Christy and Todd undergo an artificial insemination procedure and receive their pregnancy test results; Elena starts planning a special event; Briana learns that she was the target of trash talk; tempers burn hot on the set of Tonya's workout video.

3x09 Off to the Races

  • 2015-09-24T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

A break in Christy's fertility treatments gives her the opportunity to seek medical advice for her excruciating neck pain. Unfortunately, the threat of additional surgery brings up horrible memories of physical abuse from a previous relationship many years ago. Meanwhile, Briana is taking the next step in her music career, working with producers and songwriters on her debut single, using her beef with her friends as fuel to her inner fire. And a group trip to the horse track brings big hats, and even bigger problems, when the girls confront Briana about why she flaked out on Tonya's workout video.

3x10 Bachelorette or Bust

  • 2015-10-01T02:00:00Z — 41 mins

The women break out bikinis and booze to celebrate Elena's upcoming vow renewal with a bachelorette party; Brittney breaks down over her ex-boyfriend; Briana reveals a major secret.

3x11 Truth and Lies

  • 2015-10-08T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

The women are hurt by Briana's lies; Elena waits for her family to arrive from Russia; Brittney struggles to tell Terra how she has been feeling; Terra brings up her past issues with Brittney.

3x12 Hawaiian Couples Retreat

  • 2015-10-15T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

Friends and family travel to Elena and Preston's vow renewal in Hawaii, but Elena is in a race against the clock to finalize the logistics of her perfect dream wedding. Meanwhile, Christy invites the others to attend a couples retreat before the ceremony.

3x13 Big Vow Renewal

  • 2015-10-15T02:00:00Z — 63 mins

Trouble brews while the group is in Hawaii; Tonya considers the future of her relationship with Jaa; Matt crosses the line with some of the women; Elena's dream wedding becomes a nightmare.

3x14 Reunion: Part 1

  • 2015-10-17T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

The cast of Little Women: LA gets together to revisit the most exciting and dramatic moments from this season as well as provide a sneak peek of what the future may hold.

3x15 Reunion: Part 2

  • 2015-11-05T03:00:00Z — 40 mins

The cast of Little Women: LA gets together to revisit the most exciting and dramatic moments from this season as well as provide a sneak peek of what the future may hold.

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