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Little Women: Terras Little Family

All Episodes 2015 - 2016

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  • Returning Series
  • 2015-04-08T05:00:00+01:00
  • 25 mins
  • 13 hours, 11 mins (39 episodes)
  • United States
  • Reality
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Terra Jolé and Joe Gnoffo’s captivating high-risk pregnancy story on this season of Lifetime’s hit docuseries "Little Women: LA" has been embraced by millions of fans. After receiving an overwhelming outpouring of support, they have made the courageous decision to document the impending birth of their baby in an all new unscripted program "Little Women: Terra’s Little Family.
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39 episodes

1x01 Big Risk, Little Baby

  • Series Premiere

    2015-04-08T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Terra and Joe are given some troubling news regarding their unborn child's health. As a result, Terra undergoes an MRI and other medical tests. Because of the results and the high risk of a little person pregnancy, the doctor makes a surprising decision about Terra's due date.

1x02 The Proposal

  • 2015-04-08T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

With Terra's due date moved up by over a week, it's crunch time preparing for the baby's arrival. Terra pleads with her mom to fly out for the baby's birth, but receives some disappointing news. Meanwhile Joe is making some plans of his own and decides to finally ask Terra to marry him--will she say yes?

1x03 Everything Is Not Okay

  • 2015-04-15T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Terra reunites with her besties Traci and Tonya to tell them about Joe's big proposal. Terra and Joe try their hardest to get everything in order before the baby arrives, but when a very pregnant Terra realizes they're not totally ready for the baby, she has a break down.

1x04 The Final Countdown

  • 2015-04-15T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Tonya gives Terra some mommy advice to ease her nerves. With the final countdown upon them, Joe and Terra celebrate their last night alone together and anticipate how their lives will change as they set off on their new journey as parents.

1x05 Little Baby, Big World

  • 2015-04-22T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Terra experiences one final meltdown in the hospital room before she is moved to the O.R. and surgery begins. Terra is immediately separated from the baby who is rushed to the NICU for treatment. While Terra recovers in the hospital, the baby’s name is finally decided.

1x06 A First For Everything

  • 2015-04-22T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

In a series of firsts, Terra and Joe adjust to their life with the baby at home. The new little parents are exhausted and together they face many challenges, from breastfeeding to giving the baby her first bath. Joe and Terra also take the baby to her first pediatrician appointment to help understand the challenges their daughter may face.

1x07 It Takes a Family

  • 2015-04-29T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Terra worries about having to take Penny to see a neurologist and struggles with her new role as Mom. Joe hopes a visit from his cousin Sonny will lend a helping hand, but after their task to buy a car becomes an afternoon at the bar, Terra realizes she may need professional help.

1x08 Work It!

  • 2015-04-29T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Terra still doesn't fit into any of her pre-maternity clothes and convinces Joe to make a get-fit pact. While working out, Joe reflects on all the surgeries he endured as a child and hopes Penny's impending genetics test results won't reveal a similar fate.

1x09 Penny's Little Party

  • 2015-05-06T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Terra and Joe receive the long-awaited news of Penny's genetic test results. The exhausted new parents prepare for a Sip n' See party they're hosting for friends to meet Penny. Will the main topic of conversation end up being about their baby or the guest who wasn't invited?

1x10 Daddy Daycare

  • 2015-05-06T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

The pressure is on Joe to succeed at his first Mother's Day. He wants to pamper Terra, but that isn't his only challenge. Penny requires 24-hour care and an exhausted Terra begs Joe to watch Penny all by himself for the afternoon. Will this Mother's Day be one to remember, or one that sends Joe to the doghouse?

1x11 A Family Affair

  • 2015-05-13T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Joe's family visits and Terra storms off from a family dinner when the conversation escalates into a heated debate about religion and how they plan to raise Penny. Tension remains between Terra and Joe during their first family photo shoot and tears are shed when Joe and his mom have a heart-to-heart about Joe's deceased father

1x12 Safety First

  • 2015-05-13T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Terra and Joe are startled by some troubling news about their neighborhood and decide it's time to amp up home security. Terra rallies for the dogs to return home and Joe purchases a weapon without consulting Terra. Meanwhile, Terra and Joe struggle with a difficult medical decision as Penny's vaccination appointment nears.

1x13 Ready or Not, Here We Come

  • 2015-05-20T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Terra's brother Bourn comes to visit and the absence of Terra's mom is more noticeable than ever. The new parents try to enjoy a night out, but concern over Bourn's babysitting skills cuts dinner short. The three scheme a way for Terra's mom to finally meet Penny and decide on an impromptu trip to Texas, but Grandma is not one for surprises.

This one-hour special features interviews with the stars, Terra and Joe, and takes a look back at the most exciting moments from the season.

2x01 An Uncertain Future

  • Season Premiere

    2015-07-29T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Terra and Joe hire a no-nonsense nanny and Penny gets an MRI that could change everything.

2x02 Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

  • 2015-07-29T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Terra gets herself ready for romance while she struggles with Joe to set a date for the wedding.

2x03 In Over My Head

  • 2015-08-05T05:00:00+01:00 — 21 mins

Terra and Joe's wedding planning has just gotten into full swing when the couple receives some unexpected news about their daughter Penny's health.

2x04 Fools Rush In

  • 2015-08-05T05:00:00+01:00 — 21 mins

Joe struggles to physically keep up with Terra as she scrambles to pull off their last minute wedding. Will their new wedding planner save the day or will the couple be forced to realize that their dream of a summer wedding is unrealistic?

2x05 Welcome to the Club

  • 2015-08-12T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Joe struggles to physically keep up with Terra as she scrambles to pull of their last minute wedding. Will their new wedding planner save the day or will the couple be forced to realize that their dream of a summer wedding is unrealistic?

2x06 Sweet Home Chicago

  • 2015-08-12T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

The little family arrives in Chicago with lots of emotional baggage. Their wedding day is just 10 days away and the to-do list is growing quickly. Terra and Joe's relationship is put to the ultimate test under the pressures of last minute wedding planning.

2x07 Forgive and Forget

  • 2015-08-19T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Can Terra and Joe put aside their hurt feelings and get the wedding train back on track? A visit to Joe's father's grave puts life back in perspective and Joe tries to prove to Terra that he cares about the wedding, but will his efforts be enough?

2x08 You're Leaving Me?

  • 2015-08-19T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Penny is baptized just before her Parents head out for a night of sin--their bachelor and bachelorette parties. Joe drops a bomb on Terra that leaves her in tears.

2x09 With or Without You

  • 2015-08-26T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Terra attends her wedding rehearsal without Joe, who is in another state playing a gig with his band. Her bridesmaids and her brother offer lots of support, but when Joe's return flight is delayed just hours before their wedding Terra is distraught. Will the lightning storm keep Joe from making it to his own wedding?

2x10 Change of Plans

  • 2015-08-26T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

After Joe leaves Terra alone in Chicago to play a gig with his band two days before their wedding, Terra questions if he's really ready for marriage. Will Joe's last minute surprise change Terra's mind or has he gone too far this time?

2x11 Mother May I?

  • 2015-09-02T05:00:00+01:00 — 19 mins

Terra tries to enjoy her wedding day, but with so many last minute demands it’s difficult. Tonya convinces Joe that it’s not too late to ask Terra’s mom for her blessing on their marriage, but once a nervous Joe works up the courage to ask her, he gets an unexpected response.

2x12 Meet The Gnoffos

  • 2015-09-02T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

It's been a life-changing year for the Little Family and it culminates in a beautiful exchange of vows in front of Terra's and Joe's best friends and family in Joe's hometown of Chicago.

3x01 Little Family, Big Fears

  • Season Premiere

    2016-03-23T04:00:00+00:00 — 19 mins

New parents Terra and Joe try to keep their minds off of Penny's upcoming first surgery by taking a family trip to a pumpkin patch.

3x02 Penny's Surgery

  • 2016-03-23T04:00:00+00:00 — 19 mins

Terra and Joe are on edge as the day of Penny's spinal decompression surgery arrives; potential problems could halt the surgery before it even begins.

3x03 Penny Comes Home

  • 2016-03-30T05:00:00+01:00 — 19 mins

Joe attempts to surprise Terra for Penny's homecoming after surgery; the road to Penny's recovery gets off to a bumpy start.

3x04 Baby Fever

  • 2016-03-30T05:00:00+01:00 — 19 mins

Terra confronts Tonya about not visiting Penny in the hospital; Terra presses Joe on having another baby; Terra joins pregnant Traci for her ultrasound.

3x05 Joe's Daddy Daycare

  • 2016-04-06T05:00:00+01:00 — 19 mins

Terra is in charge of Traci's baby shower, which leaves Joe in charge of Penny for the first time. At the shower Terra discusses her intention to have another baby, and Joe is furious when he finds out that Terra has once again been sharing their intimate business with everyone she knows.

3x06 Music Video Mayhem

  • 2016-04-06T05:00:00+01:00 — 19 mins

Terra works to expand her brand by releasing a children's album, and she wants Joe to be a part of the video shoot. Joe will need to hurry back from his own band's performance in Arizona, and Terra worries about his track record of late arrivals. Will Joe make it back in time to be there for Terra and Penny?

3x07 We're Going Camping!

  • 2016-04-13T05:00:00+01:00 — 19 mins

We don't have a summary for We're Going Camping! yet. Hang in there, or go ahead and contribute one.

3x08 Not So Happy Camper

  • 2016-04-13T05:00:00+01:00 — 19 mins

Terra struggles with being away from Penny for the first time; Terra and Joe's camping trip gets cut short.

3x09 Put Your Back Into It

  • 2016-04-20T05:00:00+01:00 — 19 mins

Terra urges Joe to start taking his back pain seriously; Joe visits the doctor.

3x10 Let's Make a Deal

  • 2016-04-20T05:00:00+01:00 — 19 mins

Terra schedules a live performance to promote her children's album.

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