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Lost: Season 6

6x18 The End (2)

I don't understand why people complained so much, to be honest. I mean, ok, they're all dead, but we all die sometime in our lives and that's what the producers tried to say to us. It doesn't mean that the island is the purgatory and they all died in the plain crash at the beginning. They lived in the island, all those events happened and it was their destiny to meet each other, in life and death.

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I was anxious about the ending, with so many hating on it.

I loved the ending. I loved it all. It had gotten a bit boring after S4 till mid S5 but it came back with a bang.

I'm melancholic to see these lovely characters go but, at the same time, relieved to not go through such an emotional rollercoaster anymore.

I was crying by the mid of the finale. I was sad to not see a few characters in the church, but I guess, like Ana Lucia, they just weren't ready to let go.

Poor Ellie.

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what an awesome journey this has been

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That was intense and very emotional <3 You can't help yourself crying...
They are not dead all along, the island was real, all the events on the island are still real. The ending scene in the church is just an afterlife, and it has both dead and alive persons (they will die eventually normally, like Kate, Swayer).
You can think of it as if the explosion at the end of season 5 caused a parallel timeline happening in the afterlife in the future, and as a proof, in the parallel timeline, they can remember the island. However, on the island they can't remember their parallel timeline, except for Desmond, of course, he is special!
The afterlife timeline is novel and happens as if the plane crash never happened.

So, that was one hell of an ending, maybe the greatest ending of all time, with Inception ending XD Don't misunderstand it :)

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So, as this was a good series overall I feel like I deserve to give it an extra other comment/review.

I was "spoilt" on the ending but what can you expect watching a pretty major series nearly eight years after it was broadcasted ?

Not sure about all this purgatory or anything or about that last "death scene". (well, the one with all of them, not just Jack's eye, to be clear).

All in all, I feel that the mystery about that other timeline was probably not necessary and it added extra mystery that didn't get that nice of an end. Oh well. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The ending wasn't a dissapointement however and the not being such a "happy ending" is refreshing sometimes. Not sure about Hugo and Benjamin though; they act as if they were #1&#2 so weird.

Okay, this is a 12am rambling under the influence so let's stop it here.

All in all, I would defintely recommend this, the ending didn't ruin the show one bit, in my honest opinion.

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É um dos finais de series mais emocionante desde de a criação, I Love Lost

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OK; so, Jack was dead/dying right from the first scene and all that happened beyond that, in probably a very short time, is his conciousness searching for validation, acceptance and an understanding to move on.

If this is the kind of thing you go through when life ends for you, it's not appealing!

Great end to the show, I don't think it could have been any better, and, it still makes little sense in some areas; thats artistic licence I guess

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i won't deny that I have huge issues with the ending of this amazing series but when Vincent comes out of the jungle to lie down next to Jack as he dies making this show come full circle I cry like like a newborn Aaron for about an hour afterward.

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Ok, so they are all dead. But does that mean Desmond was dead for a short period of time to see the plane between our life and the other side?

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