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Lovely Complex

All Episodes 2007

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  • Ended
  • 2007-04-07T08:30:00Z
  • 24 mins
  • 9 hours, 36 mins (24 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Toei Animation
  • Comedy, Anime, Drama, Romance
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Love is unusual for Koizumi Risa and Ootani Atsushi, who are both striving to find their ideal partner in high school—172 cm tall Koizumi is much taller than the average girl, and Ootani is much shorter than the average guy at 156 cm.
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24 episodes

Risa and Otani decide to help each other to get Suzuki and Chiharu to like them.

Risa and Otani make a bet as to who can get a partner first. Otani runs into his ex-girlfriend. Risa tries to meet new guys in the hopes of finding the one.

Risa runs into her childhood friend, Haruka. Otani's ex-girlfriend tells her a special secret. Risa prepares a chocolate cake for Otani on Valentine's day.

1x04 (4) Kiss! I've Fallen For You!

  • 2007-04-28T08:30:00Z — 24 mins

On the first day of a new academic year at their school, Risa and Otani meet a cute girl, who has recently joined their school and has a crush on Otani.

Otani and Seiko start dating. Risa is uncomfortable with this but doesn't say anything. Some new information comes out about Seiko.

Risa acknowledges her feelings for Otani. Their friends try to help Risa confess her thoughts to him.

It's the school festival and Otani is furious that no one is telling him the name of the guy who Risa likes. Risa is depressed that Otani doesn't understand her feelings.

Risa feels very embarrassed after what happened at the school festival. She tries to avoid Otani at all moments. The class goes for a trip.

Risa tries to give up her feelings for Otani as he doesn't reciprocate the same. Both of them take a trip to the favourite holiday destination of their favourite rapper, Umibouzo, and Risa learns a lesson or two about relationships.

Risa and Otani go to a party organised by Otani's middle school friends. Risa finds out some interesting details about the relationship between Otani and his ex-girlfriend.

Risa comes to know that Otani's ex-girlfriend has broken up with her current boyfriend and may want to get back together with Otani. She tries her best to make sure that they don't talk to each other.

Risa decides to give chocolates to Otani on Valentine's day. Everyone in their class comes to know about how Otani rejected Risa. Otani is confused about his feelings for Risa.

Otani books tickets for an Umibouzo concert for Risa and himself. He falls sick one day before the concert. Risa's friends advise her to go and meet Otani, where she comes across his family.

1x14 (14) A Killer Crush on Maity

  • 2007-07-07T08:30:00Z — 24 mins

Risa is disheartened when she finds out that Otani doesn't remember anything about their first kiss. There's a new teacher at their school, who is deemed charming by Risa and other girls.

Risa gives up on Otani and forms the Maity club. Maity becomes the substitute basketball coach. Otani detests Maity for a number of reasons.

Risa and Otani go back to being a comedy duo. The girls at the school find out that Maity has a fiancee. Otani participates in a basketball competition.

1x18 (18) Best Birthday in History

  • 2007-08-04T08:30:00Z — 24 mins

It's Risa's birthday. Haruka and Seiko have planned a party for her. However, Otani doesn't show up.

After the events of her birthday, even though Risa cannot caption her relationship with Otani, she's very happy. They go to a game together and run into a potential rival of Risa.

Otani's neighbour, Mimi, who has a crush on Otani, warns Risa to stay away from him. Risa is terrified of her.

Risa and Otani's other friends come to know about his future plans of going to a university. Everyone is surprised. Nobuko decides to study in a university in another city.

Otani gets busy studying for university entrance exams. Everybody has a goal in mind. Risa feels aimless and starts working part time as a waitress. She meets a fellow Umibouzo fan.

The boy at Risa's workplace likes her and Otani suspects Risa of an affair. He breaks up with her. Risa tries to explain and apologizes for her mistakes. However, Otani doesn't budge.

1x24 (24) Together Always

  • 2007-09-29T08:30:00Z — 24 mins

Otani comes to stay at Risa's place for the night before his exam and meets her family. After his exam, Otani and Risa run into Mimi, who is a model now. Risa thinks of what she should do in life.

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