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  • 2.3k
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Magical Emi, the Magic Star 1985

  • Ended
  • NTV
  • 1985-06-06T15:00:00Z
  • 24m
  • 15h 12m (38 episodes)
  • Kiyoko Haku
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Pierrot
  • Anime, Family, Comedy
Kazuki Mai, an elementary schoolgirl, wanted to be a magician but her skills weren't good enough for her to join her grandparents' Magiccarat troupe. One day she sees a light enter a strange heart-shaped mirror. The light is actually a mirror fairy named Topo, who takes over her favourite stuffed toy, a flying squirrel and gives her a bracelet with the 4 card suits. The bracelet can turn into a bubble wand which transforms Mai into the 18 year old magician Magical Emi, who uses her magic to help people and participate in her grandparents' shows.

1 season

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