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Manifest: Season 1

1x15 Hard Landing


Shout by King David
2019-02-15T01:57:01Z— updated 2019-02-19T03:04:43Z

When Michaela return home and found out that Jarred married her friend, she was mad, but she accepted it. Now that Michaela is helping Zeke (and yes, i think, they'll end up fucking around) Jarrad is all in his feelings.

Since Grace pulled her head from out of her ass, she's becoming more involved and so is the daughter. There are enough characters involved in the main story line, we don't need anymore useless ones.

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If this show keeps insisting on using CGI, they should spend more money on it

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The level of stupidity the writers have is mind boggling.

A career detective tells a mass murdering criminal about the calling then is shocked that the criminal decides to exploit. So freaking stupid...even a child knows not to do that.

During the beginning of the show Grace talked about not getting by with enough money & in one of the episodes Ben talked about budgeting so they can get by, but somehow they can afford 2 brand new 15" MacBook Pro's. WTF???

The goal of every episode is to add a new mystery without answering previous ones.

I really hope they cancel this garbage show.

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Jared is so annoying in this one. Acting like he owns Michaela. Instantly hates Zeke too.

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Callings used to get away with murder huh? Interesting. Wonder what's up with this whole big bad wolf....

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When Zeke went and rang the bell I happened to think that Zeke's mother could perhaps be the Major. On top of that, he could be Michaela's son from the future and the Major is her future self from the future somehow. I can't come up with any theory on where this show could possibly be going. The smartest person in existence probably wouldn't be able to either.

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ok 3 laptops (k one's a surface) in one family. doesn't anybody have a desktop anymore? just overpriced, underpowered shiny thinny machines? with tiny displays, @home? damn that's sad :-P

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the show is ok, but it's a huge apple commercial.

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