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Marvel's Daredevil

Season 3 2018

  • 2018-10-19T07:00:00Z on Netflix
  • 55 mins
  • 11 hours, 55 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Action, Crime, Superhero, Adventure, Drama

Missing for months, Matt Murdock reemerges a broken man, putting into question his future as both vigilante Daredevil and lawyer Matthew Murdock. But when his archenemy Wilson Fisk is released from prison, Matt must choose between hiding from the world, or embracing his destiny as a hero.

13 episodes

3x01 Resurrection

  • Season Premiere

    2018-10-19T07:00:00Z — 55 mins

Shattered physically and spiritually, Matt rethinks his purpose and place in Hell's Kitchen. Meanwhile, Fisk puts a plan in motion from behind bars.

3x02 Please

  • 2018-10-19T07:00:00Z — 55 mins

Grieving for the life he's abandoned, Matt suffers a crisis of faith. Fisk makes a deal with the FBI that turns him into a target.

3x03 No Good Deed

  • 2018-10-19T07:00:00Z — 55 mins

As Fisk moves into swanky new digs amid a public outcry, Matt wrestles with how far he's ready to go to right this wrong. Dex's aim comes into focus.

3x04 Blindsided

  • 2018-10-19T07:00:00Z — 55 mins

While Matt infiltrates a prison to find information on the Albanians, Fisk puts Dex in his crosshairs and a fed-up Foggy goes on the offensive.

3x05 The Perfect Game

  • 2018-10-19T07:00:00Z — 55 mins

To quell the rising backlash over his release, Fisk serves up a scapegoat to the FBI. Dex misses the mark when he runs into a woman from his past.

3x06 The Devil You Know

  • 2018-10-19T07:00:00Z — 55 mins

Driven to the edge, Dex loses his way until he's offered a lifeline by Fisk. Matt comes to Karen for help, which she agrees to give -- on one condition.

3x07 Aftermath

  • 2018-10-19T07:00:00Z — 55 mins

The press crucifies Daredevil after the attack on the Bulletin, and Agent Nadeem suspects the FBI paid too high a price for Fisk's cooperation.

3x08 Upstairs/Downstairs

  • 2018-10-19T07:00:00Z — 55 mins

A desperate Dex reaches out for help, Matt forms an uneasy alliance with Agent Nadeem, and Karen concocts a dangerous plan to provoke Fisk.

3x09 Revelations

  • 2018-10-19T07:00:00Z — 55 mins

Matt's already shaky world tilts when he learns a shocking truth. Karen runs for her life. Nadeem discovers how deep Fisk's influence runs.

3x10 Karen

  • 2018-10-19T07:00:00Z — 55 mins

Hunted by Fisk and haunted by mistakes from her past, Karen seeks refuge at the church. Matt finally gets his shot, and Dex goes in for the kill.

3x11 Reunion

  • 2018-10-19T07:00:00Z — 55 mins

Dex tries to run his prey to ground, Nadeem's conscience kicks in, and Fisk looks to recover a gift from Vanessa seized during his incarceration.

3x12 One Last Shot

  • 2018-10-19T07:00:00Z — 55 mins

Fisk’s long-awaited reunion doesn't go as planned. Nelson & Murdock take on a new client who holds key information on Kingpin.

3x13 A New Napkin

  • 2018-10-19T07:00:00Z — 55 mins

In the season finale, Matt prepares to cross the line, as Dex becomes more dangerous than ever and Fisk enacts his endgame.