Well, this sucked. This went from being my favorite Netflix-Marvel series to wanting to watch the Breaking Bad episode where Jane (same actress) dies in her vomit so I can fantasize about a less hypocritical ending.

This was worst like GOT's Daenerys. Trish ends up practically being a bloodthirsty hysteric animal worse than Thanos, Hannibal Lecter, and the Zodiac combined, apparently.

This was doomed by the moral hypocrisy of the "you shall not kill" of this Feige-ignored part of the MCU.

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Although this season is a lot better than the awful second one, l’m still disappointed about Trish‘s development throughout the show. I loved the relationship between Jessica and Trish in season one and I‘ll be forever disappointed that the writers destroyed that. They made me loathe Trish and root for her to get locked up or worse.

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Spoilers2019-06-16T21:46:24Z— updated 2019-06-18T00:25:25Z

It was better than season 2. It validated my anti Trish stance. I knew she was a bad guy. The ending was nice. I think it kind of worked for a series finale. The very end was one of the two reason I gave it an 8. The other being the brief Luke Cage crossover.

All the second seasons of the Marvel Netflix shows would have been better with more crossovers of the main characters. It's what the people I know wanted to see.

There was a pacing issue. There was no great moment of satisfaction. Instead of a giant wave there was a group of medium waves. The Luke Cage cameo while great was still a slap in the face. Luke Cage without seeing the iron skin or super strength? I guess my final issue was that I never really felt Jessica was in danger. Not from the situations or the villains.

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They not only ruined Jessica and Trish's relationship, but they also undid all of their character development too. Bringing Kilgrave back? Worst thing they've ever done. This series finale was a huge disappointment.

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Major improvement from prior season. I like how it ended up. Was it where i wanted the characters to be? No. But, it sure wasn't a letdown. Jessica Jones and her abrasive tone will be missed.

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Sad it is over, it was a good season. Not as good as the 1st one but then again it's hard to to David Tennant as Killgrave haha. I like the ending, wish we had some more cameo's from the other shows that would've rocked.

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It would have been a better season without the week villain and a shorter episode run.

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Showing off Luke for 3 minutes and thats it? He's not even punching anyone! Same goes for purple man!
Goddammit Jessica...

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As expected sadly a big disappointment. After the great first season and the extremely bad second season the third was kind of ok. But only because of the first half of the season. The psycho killer from the first half should have been the end boss. Trish’s development was completely forced and unrealistic thinking of her in season 1. So sad that the whole dynamic between her and Jess was completely destroyed in the second and third season. Their great bond as friends and sisters was the best thing about season 1. And Killgrave died way too early. With him seasons 2 and 3 could have been better.

Lastly Jeri should have never been part of season 3. It always felt like a drag and to be forced to continue leaving Carrie-Anne Moss on the show. But there was just no point to it anymore.

And Erik was also extremely annoying the whole season 3. And completely unnecessary.

What a shame, such a great season 1 and so much potential! :(

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