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  • 1976-01-04T21:00:00-08:00 on Syndicated
  • 23 mins
  • 2 days, 1 hour, 50 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama, Soap

Louise Lasser delivers a masterful performance in the title role of Norman Lear's sublimely twisted soap opera, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman -- at once a parody of the format and a twisted satire of American media/consumer culture.

In the fictional town of Fernwood, Ohio, suburban housewife Mary Hartman seeks the kind of domestic perfection promised by Reader's Digest and TV commercials. Instead she finds herself suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune -- mass murders, low-flying airplanes, and waxy yellow buildup on her kitchen floor.

130 episodes

1x01 Episode 001

  • Series Premiere

    1976-01-04T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Loretta delivers word that a neighborhood family was murdered; Mary and Tom have a disagreement about making love; Charlie announces he almost has enough money to get Loretta's record demo made; The Fernwood Flasher is finally captured.

1x02 Episode 002

  • 1976-01-05T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary brings her grandfather home from the police station; Kathy falls for a blue-eyed Armenian bartender; a reporter interviews Loretta about the murders; and Mary feels ashamed when Tom rejects her sexual advances (or lack thereof).

1x03 Episode 003

  • 1976-01-06T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary is interviewed by a reporter; Young Heather Hartman displays suspicious behavior when asked about the recent murders; Grampa Larkin is arrested again.

1x04 Episode 004

  • 1976-01-07T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Grampa Larkin appears in court; Tom and Mary's drought in the bedroom continues.

1x05 Episode 005

  • 1976-01-08T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Word begins to spread that Heather knows more about the Lombardi murders than she's telling; Cathy gets fired; Mary receives a threatening phone call about Heather.

1x06 Episode 006

  • 1976-01-11T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Grampa Larkin visits a psychiatric social worker; Mary gets some sex books; a strange man follows Heather home from school.

1x07 Episode 007

  • 1976-01-12T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary turns to the police after Heather confesses that she saw the killer; Loretta is arrested for picketing; Charlie stumbles on Mary's sex ed books.

1x08 Episode 008

  • 1976-01-13T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Tom is furious with Mary after finding her sex books; Grampa Larkin's social worker admits that she's in love with him; Heather's story makes the evening news.

1x09 Episode 009

  • 1976-01-14T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Immediately after recording her demo, Loretta begins suffering from fainting spells; Mary becomes jealous of one of Tom's coworkers; Heather escapes police protection.

1x10 Episode 010

  • 1976-01-15T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Charlie tries talking sense into Tom, but Tom feels something is missing in his life. Cathy prepares for her date with Chuck. Charlie and Loretta go to the Doctor's office. Raymond goes to see Roberta and meets Fanny. Tom chats up Mae at the bar.

1x11 Episode 011

  • 1976-01-18T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Tom and Heather both go missing on the same night, and so Mary can only hope that Heather is safe and that Tom was kidnapped by the mass murderer. She'd rather worry about a kidnapping than what she is really worried about.

1x12 Episode 012

  • 1976-01-19T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Loretta considers not going to Nashville since Heather is missing. Mary finds out the truth about Tom. Loretta gets some good news. Cathy admits she's in love with Steve. Tom tries to finish things with Mae. Mary and Martha have a fight, while Heather returns home with disturbing news.

1x13 Episode 013

  • 1976-01-20T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Cathy brings Steve over to meet her parents. Fanny is too much for Raymond. The mass murderer is revealed and Heather, Trudy, and Mary's lives are in danger.

1x14 Episode 014

  • 1976-01-21T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary's held hostage in an abandoned Chinese laundry, while the police and reporters surround the place. Tom attempts to save Mary and to apologize.

1x15 Episode 015

  • 1976-01-22T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary tries to calm the mass murderer, while he continues to ask for demands: a car and $100,000.

1x16 Episode 016

  • 1976-01-25T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

The mass murderer will only give up when he gets a stack of bibles and an oath from the Reverend that the police won't follow him for 24 hours.

1x17 Episode 017

  • 1976-01-26T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Sgt. Foley tries to save Mary, but to no avail. Mae and Tom try to save Mary, themselves.

1x18 Episode 018

  • 1976-01-27T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

The ordeal is over and everyone is relieved that Mary is safe.

1x19 Episode 019

  • 1976-01-28T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary deals with the aftermath of her ordeal. Charlie looks after Loretta, while Mary is furious with Tom.

1x20 Episode 020

  • 1976-01-29T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary feels that her marriage is over. Tom seeks advice from Coach Fedders, while Mary gets sociable with Sgt. Foley.

1x21 Episode 021

  • 1976-02-01T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary visits Sgt. Foley's apartment; Charlie and Loretta pack for Nashville; Heather knows something's up, while Raymond and Roberta go on a date.

1x22 Episode 022

  • 1976-02-02T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary returns home with one shoe and no groceries. Tom wants to know where she's been. Loretta and Charlie are off to Nashville.

1x23 Episode 023

  • 1976-02-03T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Loretta and Charlie have car trouble. Tom wants to talk to Mary about their marriage. Blanche and Leroy are upset with their runaway daughter. Mary is called to testify against the mass murderer.

1x24 Episode 024

  • 1976-02-04T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Tragedy strikes the Haggers in the form of a stationwagon full of nuns. Mary does her best to comfort Charlie. Neither Tom nor Mary can get any sleep.

1x25 Episode 025

  • 1976-02-05T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mae has bad news for both Tom and Mary, while Loretta is in intensive care.

1x26 Episode 026

  • 1976-02-08T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Tom has something to discuss with Mary. Tom moves in with Charlie. Loretta is sinking fast.

1x27 Episode 027

  • 1976-02-09T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Tom moves in to the Haggars' house after Mary kicks him out. George plans to run for office in the next union election. Mary gives Loretta a Milky Way before surgery and visits the library where she asks for books on social diseases. Cathy gets a job in a massage parlor. Charlie receives bad news about Loretta.

1x28 Episode 028

  • 1976-02-10T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Dr. Hastings informs Charlie that Loretta's surgery didn't get the results they hoped for. Martha is upset about Cathy's new job in the massage parlor. Charlie learns that his insurance company has refused to pay Loretta's hospital bill. Mary, Tom, and Mae all find themselves seeking treatment in Dr. Miller's office.

1x29 Episode 029

  • 1976-02-11T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary gives Tom to Mae, insisting she doesn't want him to go to waste. Cathy's job at the massage parlor gets off to a bad start, as her first customer reveals his interest in meter maid uniforms and rubber hoses. When Cathy tells her parents what happened at work, George grabs a bat and leaves to vows to kill Mr. Babbitaglia, the massage parlor owner.

1x30 Episode 030

  • 1976-02-12T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

At the plant, Tom is counseled by the employee psychologist Bob Gilroy, who walks out in disgust over Tom's revelation of giving Mary a venereal disease. Charlie learns that the doctors botched Loretta's surgery. Roberta is now selling door-to-door cosmetics. George arrives at the massage parlor and is mistakenly arrested as a customer.

1x31 Episode 031

  • 1976-02-15T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Tom rescues Heather from a liver dinner. Loretta attempts a valiant stand. Sergeant Foley visits Mary, who threatens to call the police.

1x32 Episode 032

  • 1976-02-16T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Martha is on the floor. Cathy and Steve try to help. Meet the all new, all now Roberta Walashak.

1x33 Episode 033

  • 1976-02-17T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

George says no to Cathy and Steve, but his words fall on deaf ears. Charlie and Loretta swap exciting news. The Shumway house is a battleground. Tom cooks his way back into Mary's heart.

1x34 Episode 034

  • 1976-02-18T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Loretta and Charlie wheel their way home. Grandpa helps Roberta, who insults her way into a sale. Tom and Mary learn the wonders of Dorelda Doremus! Then the truth.

1x35 Episode 035

  • 1976-02-19T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Loretta invites the Hartmans to her healing. Charlie looks for miracles of his own.

1x36 Episode 036

  • 1976-02-22T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Luther Moon, Fernwood's garbage man, sifts through the trash and recalls the major events from the last 35 episodes of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, told through flashbacks.

1x37 Episode 037

  • 1976-02-23T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary makes a discovery about Heather. The Hartmans make a parental decision. Tom and Mary get high for the Lord.

1x38 Episode 038

  • 1976-02-24T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Dorelda Doremus' "healing" falls flat. George faces up to facts and says yes to Cathy and Steve. Tom and Mary reach new highs in bed.

1x39 Episode 039

  • 1976-02-25T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Tom and Mary owe Heather an explanation. Loretta is still looking up. The Friendly Loan Company drops in on the Haggers. Mae drops in on the Hartmans.

1x40 Episode 040

  • 1976-02-26T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Tragedy makes strange bedfellows. Mae spends the night with Tom and Mary. Steve has something to show Cathy. Martha finds Mae in Tom's bed.

1x41 Episode 041

  • 1976-02-29T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary keeps Mae from suicide, for the sake of her bathroom. Charlie and Loretta get a not so friendly letter. Mary and Mae have a nice woman to husband's-former-mistress talk.

1x42 Episode 042

  • 1976-03-01T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary finds a match made in heaven, in her own kitchen. Roberta hopes Grandpa can forget. Mary finds new meaning in her life.

1x43 Episode 043

  • 1976-03-02T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Loretta starts to regain feeling in her feet, while Mae considers leaving Fernwood. Mary makes Coach Fedders some chicken soup for his cold, with disastrous results.

1x44 Episode 044

  • 1976-03-03T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary's chicken soup makes the evening news. The time has come for Steve to gesture goodbye. Mary's guilt gets Leroy a Cadillac.

1x45 Episode 045

  • 1976-03-04T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

George gets a "visitor" and then a "surprise." The Hartmans get a call from Tom's ex's ex. George returns home in a panic.

1x46 Episode 046

  • 1976-03-07T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary plays hostess to a funeral and eulogizes the late Leroy Fedders. Tom and Mary make plans for the hypothetical. Tom has a surprise for Mae.

1x47 Episode 047

  • 1976-03-08T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mae's reunion is a big headache for Tom and it's all Mary's fault. Loretta and Charlie get some not so friendly news. Loretta makes a spectacular comeback, in more ways than one

1x48 Episode 048

  • 1976-03-09T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Charlie and Loretta face eviction at the hands of the Friendly Loan Co. Steve appears on the Johnny Tilson Show, where it's apparent that he's romancing starlet Kate Walters. Martha faints after seeing George's blackmail photos.

1x49 Episode 049

  • 1976-03-10T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary tells Tom that it'll be 23 years before their sexual desires are synchronized again. Tom is angered by Mary's need for "something else" that she can't explain. Mary seeks answers to happiness from Grandpa Larkin who surmises she doesn't quite fit in anywhere. Mary hides under the kitchen sink. Cathy worries that she's losing Steve. Loretta has inspiration for a new song, Ballad of a Legless Woman. Mary cries and shares a lunch meat sandwich with Grandpa.

1x50 Episode 050

  • 1976-03-11T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Dr. Fermin tells Loretta that she's in spontaneous remission. Charlie devises a plan to come up with money to stall eviction by selling raffle tickets for a color TV he and Loretta don't have. Martha refuses to believe George's claim that he was framed by union officials in Milwaukee. Loretta and Mary decide that Mary's "thing" is communication. Tiny catches Charlie selling raffle tickets and orders him out. When Tom intervenes, Tiny tells him to shut up or he's fired, prompting Charlie to deck Tiny who falls to the floor unconscious.

1x51 Episode 051

  • 1976-03-14T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Now that Mary knows her thing is communication, she has to decide what to do with it. Tom doesn't communicate well when he tells Loretta and Mary what happened between Charlie and Tiny at the plant. Mary wishes Tom could convert the energy of anger into something sexy. George is happy he and Martha made up at 2:15 a.m. Cathy fears she's no longer good enough for Steve, and George threatens to punch his heart out. Loretta's engineer Clyde Muncie visits with news that his brother in Chicago wants to release Loretta's song as a single.

1x52 Episode 052

  • 1976-03-16T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Steve reassures Cathy that starlet Kate Walters was just for publicity. Tom has to explain to Heather that he broke the rules when he's sent home from the plant over the incident between Charlie and Tiny. George isn't sympathetic to Tom's situation. At the library, Mrs. Delorean introduces Mary to sex therapist Mona McKenzie from the Lackawanda Institute

1x53 Episode 053

  • 1976-03-17T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Cathy tells George and Martha that she and Steve are going to Hollywood to be married, just as Kate Walters arrives at Steve's apartment. Tom has it out with George and decides to run against him in the union election. Mary explains her problems to Mona McKenzie. Mary lies to Cathy that Mona is an old friend from high school who transferred away. Cathy discovers Steve in bed with Kate.

1x54 Episode 054

  • 1976-03-18T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary, Martha, and Loretta plan Cathy's impromptu bridal shower while she's throwing her engagement ring back at Steve. A distraught Cathy arrives home, announces Steve's infidelity, and renounces men. Dennis drops by the Hartman kitchen and tells Mary that he still wants her and will wait for her, but when Cathy arrives, Dennis asks her to dinner.

1x55 Episode 055

  • 1976-03-19T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary secretly phones Mona but can't talk. After her date with Dennis, Cathy's over Steve. Loretta has a new tune about Cathy's relationship with Steve called How Can You Say You Don't Love Me When You Never Could Talk At All? Clyde calls the Haggers with news that a royalty check is in the mail. Tom and George spar over union ideals at the plant. After hearing Baby Boy on the radio, Tiny offers to help Charlie get re-hired. Tom accuses Mary of meddling, and she accuses him of using sex to intimidate her into being a good girl. Mona phones Mary to arrange a meeting about sex therapy.

1x56 Episode 056

  • 1976-03-22T21:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mary is too busy preparing food products without food to care about Cathy's relationship with Dennis. Loretta receives a phone call from another Mrs. Haggers. Mona arrives at the Hartman house to carry out Mary's plan. Loretta confronts Charlie about his past.