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Season 10 2011

  • 2011-02-28T02:00:00Z on Discovery
  • 45 mins
  • 4 hours, 24 mins (6 episodes)
  • Canada
  • English
  • Documentary, Drama

Revealing the dark truth that aviation safety improves one crash at a time, Mayday investigates legendary aviation disasters to find out what went wrong and why. Based on cockpit voice recorders, accident reports and eyewitness accounts, every episode also features interviews, state-of-the-art CGI and gripping reenactments.

6 episodes

10x01 Cockpit Failure (Crossair Flight 3597)

  • Season Premiere

    2011-02-28T02:00:00Z — 44 mins

Minutes before they're scheduled to land in Zurich, the pilots of a routine passenger flight can't find the runway. They abort and power up the engines in order to climb. But they are too late.

When an aircraft's engines fail during its approach to Heathrow, the captain's quick thinking enables the flight to avoid nearby buildings. The craft crashes just short of the runway and all aboard miraculously survive. But what caused the engine failure in the first place - could Sherlock Holmes theories lend a hand to investigators?

AKA: Heathrow Crash Landing

10x03 Pilot Betrayed

  • 2011-03-13T02:00:00Z — 44 mins

Despite being de-iced twice for winter conditions, both engines fail in a plane departing Stockholm. It falls 3000 feet and breaks in three but everyone survives. What crippled a near-new jetliner?

In one of the worst American crashes of the past decade, an aircraft approaching Buffalo airport plummets towards the ground and crashes into a suburban house. With a fire raging at the crash site, can investigators find any surviving clues in the wreckage?

AKA: Stalled in the Sky

On January 15, 2009 an Airbus 320 callsign US Airways Flight 1549 hit birds just 1 and half minutes after taking off from LaGuardia Airport in New York. The flight just lasted about 5 minutes when the plane hit the Hudson River. This was described as "the most successful ditching of all time".

AKA: Hudson Splash Down

10x06 Who's In Control?

  • 2011-12-04T02:00:00Z — 44 mins

On 25 February 2009, a Turkish Airlines jet crashed during landing at Schiphol airport, killing nine people. What caused the plane to crash?