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Messy Goes to Okido

All Episodes 2018

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  • 2018-01-08T16:05:00Zs at 2018-01-08T16:05:00Z on CBeebies
  • 2015-09-07T15:05:00Z
  • 10 mins
  • 10 hours, 50 mins (65 episodes)
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Doodle Productions
  • Animation
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Messy goes to Okido is a 2015 CBeebies children’s television series aimed at 3-5 year olds, consisting of 52 eleven-minute episodes. The main character Messy Monster is voiced by Adam Buxton. The other main characters are his best friends Zoe and Felix and the scientist trio Zim, Zam and Zoom. The series features a combination of live action and 3D and 2D animation. It has international distribution by DHX Media and will be broadcast in several different countries. The show is based on the children’s art and science magazine Okido. The show was developed by Squint/Opera, a London CG studio who set up Doodle Productions devoted to making the TV series. It features the voices of Adam Buxton, Kate Harbour, Shelley Longworth and Rob Rackstraw.
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84 episodes

Special 1 Songs: 1. Atoms

  • 2018-11-12T16:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy meets the tiny building blocks called atoms that make up everything in the world. Even though they’re too small to see, everything is made of them, including his favourite sandwiches and socks. Thank you little atoms!

Special 2 Songs: 2. Circuits

  • 2018-11-19T16:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy meets the busy electricity that makes our gizmos go, and discovers how circuits and batteries work to power all the appliances we use. From fridges and televisions to giant roller coasters – you need a circuit to work it, electrically!

Special 3 Songs: 3. Gravity

  • 2018-11-26T16:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy has a lot of fun floating around in space and, with the help of a jam sandwich, discovers that gravity is the force which pulls things towards the ground.

Special 4 Songs: 4. Growing

  • 2018-12-03T16:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy discovers the different ways that plants, animals, people (and monsters!) grow up, with the help of tiny cells inside them which divide and multiply.

Special 5 Songs: 5. Liquid

  • 2018-12-10T16:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy discovers all the different forms liquid can turn into – ice when it’s very cold, vapour when it’s very hot, puddles to splash in and of course water to hydrate you when you’re in the sun – ahh, refreshing!

Special 6 Songs: 6. Metamorphosis

  • 2018-12-17T16:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy sees a caterpillar making itself a cocoon and discovers that some creatures change their shape during their lifespan to look very different! Caterpillars rearrange themselves to turn into beautiful butterflies and tadpoles turn into frogs during a process called metamorphosis.

1x01 Moon Landing

  • Series Premiere

    2015-09-07T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Exploring science questions. Messy accidentally drops his jam sandwich, but why did it fall down and not up? He goes to OKIDO and rockets up to the moon to find out.

1x02 Felix Finds His Voice

  • 2015-09-08T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Exploring science questions. Messy the monster hears a chirping bird outside his window but he can't understand what the bird is saying.

1x03 Okido in Bloom

  • 2015-09-09T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Exploring science questions. Messy watches his sandcastle get washed away by the pouring rain. Why does it have to rain? He finds out why.

1x04 Tastebuddies

  • 2015-09-10T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Exploring science questions. Messy discovers that things just don't taste the same when he has a cold, especially his favourite chewy green socks.

1x05 Messy's Lost Balloon

  • 2015-09-11T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Exploring science questions. Messy loves balloons, whatever colour they are, but what is inside them to make them float up high into the sky?

1x06 Float or Sink

  • 2015-09-14T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Exploring science questions. Captain Messy is playing pirates with his toys in a bowl of water, but why does his rubber duck float instead of sink?

1x07 Bouncing Batwaves

  • 2015-09-15T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Exploring science questions. Messy is having fun blowing loud notes through his horn, but whatever noise Messy is making someone or something is making it too.

1x08 Cavity Cave

  • 2015-09-16T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Exploring science questions. Captain Messy is playing pirates with his toys in a bowl of water, but why does his rubber duck float instead of sink?

1x09 A Rainy Sunny Day

  • 2015-09-17T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Exploring science questions. Messy can see something amazing outside his window. A beautiful arch of colours magically appears across the sky. He finds out more.

1x10 Messy-Morphosis

  • 2015-09-18T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Exploring science questions. Messy can't find his caterpillar friends. The bush where he left them is covered with butterflies. But where did the caterpillars go?

1x11 Thirsty Robot

  • 2015-09-21T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Exploring science questions. Messy monster can't work out why his cart won't move. The wheels just won't go round like normal. Off he goes to Okido to find out why.

1x12 Mr Kite Takes Flight

  • 2015-09-22T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Exploring science questions. As Messy monster is about to take a bite out of his delicious green sock, it gets blown away!

1x13 Weepy

  • 2015-09-23T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Exploring science questions. Messy finds a very dusty sock underneath his bed, but why does it make him teary?

1x14 Gills

  • 2015-09-24T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Exploring science questions. Messy wants to know how his goldfish friend can stay underwater for so long. He goes to OKIDO to find out.

1x15 Paperchase

  • 2015-09-25T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Exploring science questions. Messy has a pair of yummy green socks waiting for him. He eats one but where is the second? He visits OKIDO to find out.

1x16 Lolly's Keys

  • 2015-09-28T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy monster is having breakfast and sees little objects on the fridge. Why don't they fall off? He goes to Okido to find out!

1x17 Ice Ice Messy

  • 2015-09-29T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy's new friend is in a spot of hot bother! They go on an icy adventure to help.

1x18 A Night at the Circuits

  • 2015-09-30T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy and his friends explore the electrical world of circuits to fix Zoe's communicator.

1x19 Messy Power

  • 2015-10-01T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Hey, who turned out the lights? Messy goes to Okido and finds out about electricity.

1x20 Planet Wobble

  • 2015-10-02T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy and friends rocket into space, but Messy sends Okido's seasons into chaos!

1x21 Alien Television

  • 2015-10-05T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Aliens on Okido telly? Skateboarders in the satellite?! Everything's upside down!

1x22 Comet

  • 2015-10-06T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy has to save Okido from a falling comet before his bedtime!

1x23 Bee Story

  • 2015-10-07T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Where are all the bees? Messy and friends meet bee royalty and save the day!

1x24 Tiny Sandwiches

  • 2015-10-08T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy joins Zim and his friends on a mission inside a sandwich to photograph some atoms.

1x25 Big-Hearted Messy

  • 2015-10-09T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy and friends have a giant adventure. It's up to them to get Lofty's heart pumping and celebrate his birthday!

1x26 A Messy Night Before Christmas

  • 2015-12-15T16:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy can't wait for Christmas Day. He learns that a good night's sleep is important.

1x27 Building Bridges

  • 2016-04-02T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy and his friends are joined by a group of robots when they build a bridge.

1x28 Cheesy Feet

  • 2016-04-03T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy thinks smelly socks and cheesy feet are great, until Lofty's feel start to smell.

1x29 Colours

  • 2016-04-04T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy is left feeling blue when the vacubots suck all the colour out of OKIDO.

1x30 Habitat

  • 2016-04-05T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

30/52 When the Cloudship soars off, it's up to Messy to return it to its natural habitat.

1x31 Mayor Force One

  • 2016-04-06T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy gets to fly Mayor Oki's plane, but he crash lands it in a tree!

1x32 Vivienne Blows Her Top

  • 2016-05-09T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy and his friends have animals to save when Vivienne Volcano gets a rumbly tummy!

1x33 Fossil Puzzle

  • 2016-05-10T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy is bored of his dino-jigsaw, so his friends help him with a real prehistoric puzzle!

1x34 Funny Bones

  • 2016-05-11T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Lofty has a broken finger. Messy saves the day and discovers that bones are amazing.

1x35 Messy Antics

  • 2016-05-12T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

During Mayor Oki's birthday picnic, Messy gets into trouble with Zam's shrinkasizer.

1x36 Spidermessy

  • 2016-05-13T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy goes to OKIDO and helps his friends mend Loopy Bridge.

1x37 Dizzy

  • 2016-05-16T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy and friends go on a rollercoaster and figure out why Stan Tall is in such a spin!

1x38 Me and My Shadow

  • 2016-05-17T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

When Messy breaks the lighthouse, things get shady. But he and his friends save the day!

1x39 A Case of the Lightnings

  • 2016-05-18T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy and friends visit Fluff the Cloud's family.

1x40 Okidoasis

  • 2016-05-19T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy goes to OKIDO to help his friends solve the mystery of the dried-up oasis.

1x41 Messy Music

  • 2016-05-20T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy goes to OKIDO to help his friends solve the mystery of the dried-up oasis.

1x42 A Sock Too Far

  • 2016-05-23T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy and his friends go camping with a robot who can do anything.

1x43 Rumbly Tummy

  • 2016-05-24T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy's tummy is rumbling and so is Lofty the giant's!

1x44 Rub-A-Dub Messy

  • 2016-05-25T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy and friends discover how levers work.

1x45 Splish Splash Splosh

  • 2016-05-26T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy and his friends must help to wash OKIDO clean of all the bad germs flying around.

1x46 Eye Spy

  • 2016-05-27T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy and friends explore the forest with Tweedy.

1x47 Snowflakes

  • 2016-05-30T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy wants to chill out in the snow, so he's lucky when the snowflakes come out to play!

1x48 Wiggly Worms

  • 2016-05-31T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

When Mayor Oki's pumpkins aren't big enough Messy and his friends muck in to save the day!

1x49 Second Chances

  • 2016-06-01T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy helps his friends find Zoe's lost communicator, which has ended up in the recycling.

1x50 Messy Races

  • 2016-06-02T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy and friends enter a race in OKIDO and the various vehicles speed off!

1x51 Giant Messy

  • 2016-06-03T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy and friends go to the funfair and they end up in a giant mess with mini Mini!

1x52 Tick Tock Messy

  • 2016-06-06T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy goes to OKIDO to play with Zim and Zam's new discovery.

2x01 Glow Messy

  • Season Premiere

    2018-10-22T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

When the OKIDO lighthouse breaks down, Messy, Felix, Zoe and Zoom go on an perilous journey to Mystery Mountain in search of a light that never goes out.

2x02 Vote Okido

  • 2018-10-23T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Mayor Oki and Geoffrey are making a lot of noise in an election for who will be the next mayor of OKIDO.

2x03 Snowden's Ear-Mergency

  • 2018-10-24T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Snowden has lost his pine cone ears and he can't hear a thing! Will Messy and his friends find them in time for his performance in the OKIDO Ice Skating Extravaganza?

2x04 A Touch of Sock

  • 2018-10-25T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

OKIDO's biggest robot, Stan Tall, has no sense of touch and longs to feel the snow and the wind on his face. Will Messy and his friends be able to help?

2x05 Messy Has a Hoot

  • 2018-10-26T15:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy and his friends go on a camping trip in OKIDO Forest with Tweedie the Explorer and meet a few more nocturnal animals than they bargained for.

2x06 Sparkly Messy

  • 2018-10-29T16:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy and his friends discover an amazing cave on their quest for the perfect sculpture material for OKIDO's most famous artist, Zinnie.

2x07 Journey to Socktropolis

  • 2018-10-30T16:05:00Z — 10 mins

Zam tries out her new navigator, which the friends use to find Messy's favourite place in OKIDO... Socktropolis! But when the batteries run out, how will they find their way back?

2x08 Messy Migration

  • 2018-10-31T16:05:00Z — 10 mins

When a little turtle gets stranded on the beach in OKIDO, Messy helps her rejoin her friends so they can begin their very important journey across the ocean.

2x09 The Sun in a Bucket

  • 2018-11-01T16:05:00Z — 10 mins

When the sun mysteriously disappears, Messy and his friends zoom up to space to find out what's going on and bump into some old friends. Can they all bring the sun back or will OKIDO be in darkness forever?

2x10 Ex-Static Messy

  • 2018-11-02T16:05:00Z — 10 mins

Messy's fur is all spiky and everything's getting stuck together! Will a trip to OKIDO's Valley of the Lost Balloons reveal the answers?

2x11 Nimby Goes to Cloud Club

  • 2018-11-05T16:05:00Z — 10 mins

Nimby is too nervous to do his first Cloud Club badge. Messy and his friends come up with a plan to help Nimby overcome his nerves and save OKIDO from some mysterious accidents.

2x12 A Touch of the Fogs

  • 2018-11-06T16:05:00Z — 10 mins

Everyone in OKIDO is getting ready to watch the dolphins dance at Vivienne Volcano's island. But why is the island covered in cloud, and will Messy and his friends be able to help clear it before the show starts?

2x13 Geoffrey Kneads a Hand

  • 2018-11-07T16:05:00Z — 10 mins

A spot of baking with Geoffrey goes awry when Messy gets the quantities wrong. Will the friends escape from the giant dough spreading through OKIDO?

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