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MGM Cartoons

Season 1942 1942

  • 1942-02-21T04:00:00Z
  • 7 mins
  • 49 mins
  • Animation

One Shot Mgm Cartoons,not part of any other series like Droopy,Tom And Jerry etc.

7 episodes

1942x01 The Hungry Wolf

  • Season Premiere

    1942-02-21T04:00:00Z — 7 mins

A wolf, starving to death, runs across a cute little rabbit. The innocent rabbit tries to help the wolf, even though the wolf looks at the rabbit as nothing more than a meal. But just as the wolf is about to strike, he gets an attack of guilt and spares the rabbit. The rabbit then rewards him with a hearty meal and friendship.

1942x02 The First Swallow

  • 1942-03-14T04:00:00Z — 7 mins

The story of a single swallow who, taking a rest from southward flight at a mission in California, ultimately brings about the famed migration of swallows to the mission at San Juan Capistrano.

1942x03 Little Gravel Voice

  • 1942-05-16T04:00:00Z — 7 mins

A little burro can't make any friends because his ear-splitting brays drive all the other young animals in the desert community away.

1942x04 Bats in the Belfry

  • 1942-07-04T04:00:00Z — 7 mins

A trio of belfry-dwelling bats explain why they are associated with nuttiness. They do so in a musical manner and are not afraid to demonstrate what they mean.

1942x05 Blitz Wolf

  • 1942-08-22T04:00:00Z — 7 mins

This variation on the Three Little Pigs tale takes place during World War II. The evil Adolf Wolf, "one big stinker," is about to invade the state of Pigmania, but Sergeant Pork spoils his plans.

1942x06 The Early Bird Dood It!

  • 1942-08-29T04:00:00Z — 7 mins

The worm barely escapes the bird again. In search of a way to get rid of the bird, he enlists the help of a cat, but the bird is too smart for the cat.

1942x07 Chips Off the Old Block

  • 1942-09-12T04:00:00Z — 7 mins

Butch, a beaten up pug of a tomcat, is having a good day, and everything is peaceful. Then the doorbell rings.