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  • 2016-04-05T17:00:00+10:00 on TF1
  • 21 mins
  • France
  • French
  • Animation, Family, Superhero, Action, Adventure, Children

Marinette's uncle Cheng Shifu, a famous Chinese chef, is in Paris to participate to a competition in Chloé's father's hotel. Marinate has some troubles to communicate with her uncle but Adrien, who speaks Chinese, comes to help her. During the competition, when Cheng Shifu prepares his dish, Chloé messes up with it and the Chinese chef looses the competition. Really angry and mad at Chloé, he becomes Kung Food under the influence of the Hawk Moth.

Marinettes great grand uncle, Cheng Shifu, is about to be on a food show and is staying at Marinettes place for a while, but he can't speak english, so Adrien joins in to help translate what he says. On the day of the competition, Cheng Shifu has to present his dish to the judges, but one of them was the schools mean girl, Chloe Bougua. When Marinette provokes her, Chloe spoils her uncles dish and Cheng Shifu loses the competition. Upset and wronged Cheng Shifu is influenced by Hawke Moth and turns into Kung Food, a villain who can make food into weapons.