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Misc documentaries that are one shots from various networks.

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24 episodes

1x01 Dinosaurs on Ice

  • Series Premiere

    no air date — 60 mins

Recently screened on ABC 1 in Australia, Dinosaurs on Ice follows the extreme journey of Australian paleontologist Tom Rich and gold miner Bobby Fithian as they attempt to uncover the bones of dinosaurs trapped in ice for over 40 million years. Working in harsh and dangerous conditions, the team use state-of-the-art technology and some good old fashioned explosives (dynamite) to create a mine in remote Alaska to uncover these remains that have been hidden away for millions of years. The documentary is complimented with realistic CGI to give the viewer a true insight into the lives of these rare polar dinosaurs and although the documentary does focus on these ancient creatures, it also highlights the issues that this team experienced which not only stretched relationships but threatened some of their lives in the harsh climate of Alaska. A gripping and engaging documentary that we could happily recommend to all viewers who are interested in dinosaurs or man's attempt to overcome the almost impossible.

1x14 Ant Attack

  • no air date — 60 mins

1x19 The Last Continent

  • no air date — 60 mins

In 2005, a small group of scientists and filmmakers agreed to leave everything behind for more than a year to sail to the Antarctic and live in isolation. Following in the path of the greatest explorers, expedition leader Jean Lemire and the crew of the Sedna IV dedicated themselves completely to measuring the threat posed by global warming in a place where Earth is particularly vulnerable. The resulting film, is a record of their incredible 430-day journey that inspires equal measures of fear and admiration. Alternating between captivating images of beauty and serenity, and spine-tingling sequences where the ship's crew finds itself on the edge of catastrophe, this is an expedition where danger and wonder are inextricably linked.

In the middle of a harsh desert valley sits the bizarre Salton Sea.

The Berlin Wall – Escape to Freedom Fascinating and revealing documentary that chronicles the amazing stories of the courageous East Germans who dared to cross the eponymous landmark from Soviet-controlled repression, to the freedom that awaited them in West Berlin.

1x24 The Wall: Live in Berlin

  • no air date — 60 mins

A global television broadcast of the event in which former Pink Floyd leader singer and composer Roger Waters led an all-star cast in a mammoth benefit performance of his acclaimed concept album/concert, The Wall, in support of The War Memorial Fund for Disaster Relief. Set in Berlin, Germany less than a year after the destruction of the hated Berlin Wall, Waters was accompanied by disparate talents such as Cyndi Lauper, James Galway, Joni Mitchell and Albert Finney in the classic dark musical tale of a rock star's descent into madness and back. The performance was subsequently released as a top-selling video.