Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

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Kobayashi lives alone in an apartment, until one day, Tohru appeared and they ended up living together. Tooru looks down on humans as inferior and foolish, but having been saved by Kobayashi-san, she does everything she can to repay the debt and help her with various things, although not everything goes according to plan. A mythical everyday life comedy about a hard working office lady living with a dragon girl.

55 episodes

Band. Mermaid. India. Iceland. New-Zealand. Avocado. Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si-Do. Nude.

Animal theme, featuring Lucoa. Cat. Bear. Otter. Bunny. Dragon. Koala. And milk...

Uniform theme. Nurse. High school girl. Cabin attendant. And of course, maid.

Battle theme, featuring Fafnir et al.. Western. Ganryūjima. Kung fu. RPG. Battlefield. And dragon...

Sports theme with Elma. Soccer. Volleyball. Swimming, Kendo. And Cheerleader.

Two Hours Suspense Drama / Closed Circle / Locked Room Trick / Time Table Trick / Threatening Letter / Holmes

Pure White Dress / Sacrifice / Matryoshka / The Wedding Aisle

On Valentine's Day, Tohru attempts to give Kobayashi some chocolates containing a love potion, but she quickly sees through her plan. However, Kobayashi ends up eating some of it after mistaking it for chocolate Kanna received, although the love potion gets cancelled out by some alcohol that was included in the chocolate. Later, Makoto invites everyone on a trip to a hot spring inn, where Tohru gives Kobayashi some regular chocolates.

Having a dragon as a servant can have many advantages in the morning... Or not!

Tohru and Kanna decide to cosplay to greet Kobayashi after work. The first day they dress as victorian maids, but as days go by their cosplay gets more and more exotic.

On a lazy day, Tohru and Kanna bring Kobayashi to different locations to bask in the sun.

At school, Kanna's class does scenery-sketching, clay-sculpturing and self-portraits. Her classmate Riko Saikawa is consistent about her interests.

Unable to play video games because of a black-out, Takiya and Fafnir find an alternate way to compete against each other.

Fafnir meets the members of his virtual guild in real life.

Kanna constantly gets "hypnotized" by the television during meals, so Kobayashi wakes her up by poking the little dragon's face.

After Elma's stomach growls at meals' times, as she is hungry because she has no money for food, she is fed sweets by her coworkers.

Kanna arranges Kobayashi's hair in cute hairstyles.

Tohru gives her fellow dragons a "Seminar on How to Behave in Human Society".

Lucoa gets advice about elementary school boys from Kanna's classmate, Riko Saikawa.

Kobayashi is dissatisfied with the bentos (lunch boxes) Tohru makes her.

Kanna is staying over at Riko's house, so Tohru wants to go on a date with Kobayashi.

Finally Chloe has arrived in Japan. Kanna takes her out to the city under supervision of Tohru, who has the perfect hospitality plan.

One morning, as she left for work, she found a dragon before her. Stunned, the dragon transformed into a beautiful girl with horns, a tail, and a maid outfit right before Miss Kobayashi's eyes. Calling herself Tohru, this dragon-girl asked, "Please let me serve as your maid from now on!" Confused by her question, Miss Kobayashi remembered inviting the dragon into her home last night while drunk. She refuses, saying she can't afford to hire someone, but then she realizes she's almost late for work and--

Miss Kobayashi was growing accustomed to her new life with Tohru, and so they headed out to go shopping together. She's surprised by Tohru's social skills though, when she sees how friendly Tohru was with the people of the shopping district. However, Tohru herself makes the dark claim that she's only pretending to be friendly, and shows how she still doesn't understand human emotions. Then on one of her days off, someone calls at Miss Kobayashi's home. She opens the door to find a little girl with horns and a tail--?!

Kanna starts living with Tohru and Miss Kobayashi. While the livelier residence is nice, sharing a tiny apartment with three people becomes cramped. So Miss Kobayashi decides to move. She winds up inviting Takiya to her new apartment for a party, but Tohru also invites her dragon friends, Fafnir, who lives in a cave, and Lucoa, who's lived in this world since ancient times, to visit their new home.

Kanna watched the elementary schoolers going to school with jealousy, so Miss Kobayashi decides to let Kanna attend elementary school. Miss Kobayashi, Tohru, and Kanna all set out to the shopping district in order to buy Kanna's school supplies, but Miss Kobayashi is overwhelmed by the modern stationery store recently built. On the other hand, both Tohru and Kanna are intrigued by their first sight of stationery stores. After they finally gather all the supplies she needs, it's time for Kanna to join the school!!

Tohru's finally gotten the hang of her maid duties. Suddenly interested in what Miss Kobayashi does at work, she heads out to observe. There she watches how everyone relies on Miss Kobayashi and falls for her again. However, there's also a boss being mean to Miss Kobayashi, which makes Tohru very angry... Out on the town she runs into Fafnir from the other world. Since he says he'll be living in this world too, Tohru winds up helping him find a place to live?!

Kanna is invited to Saikawa's home. Since Saikawa's family has a maid too, they invite Miss Kobayashi and Tohru to join her. When a genuine maid, Josie, greets them, Miss Kobayashi gets excited. The two hit it off, chatting about maids. To top things off, Lucoa announces she's planning to live in this world too. She claims she was summoned by Shouta, a member of a mage family. Lucoa gets very touchy to try and get along with Shouta, but she goes overboard...

Miss Kobayashi and the others go to the beach. But Lucoa's immediately dragged off by one of the lifeguards for her overly skimpy swimsuit. After regrouping, they put sunscreen on each other, split a watermelon, go swimming together, and enjoy summer to the fullest. After the beach, it's comiket! Tohru and Miss Kobayashi both head for the otaku's battlefield, and even Tohru gets shivers from the incredible aura surrounding those otaku. While helping Takiya with his circle, Tohru's horns and wings are mistaken as cosplay?!

Kobayashi and Tohru challenge each other to a cook-off to decide who will make a lunchbox for Kanna's field trip, with Tohru ultimately getting disqualified for using an otherworldly fruit for dessert. Later that night, Tohru's rival from an opposing faction, Elma, comes to try and force Tohru to return home, but Tohru puts an abrupt end to their battle. Unable to return to her world, Elma begins working under Kobayashi at her company, prompting some jealousy from Tohru.

It's Kanna's sports festival. However, when she learns Miss Kobayashi is too busy at work to come, she sulks. Miss Kobayashi wonders why she'd want her to come so badly when she isn't Kanna's parent, but Kanna already views her as one. Even Takiya tells her, "You should decide based on if you want to go, not if you can go." Finally, the day of the sports festival arrives. As a dragon, Kanna should have overwhelming physical prowess, but...?!

It's winter and Christmas is coming soon when Tohru is asked to put on a performance for the old folk's home. Tohru and the others decide to put on a play so as to not bother Miss Kobayashi while she's busy, yet without her there to control things, the play the dragons devise takes an unexpected turn... Finally, the play is put on, and while Miss Kobayashi watches their performance with anxiety...

The end of the year is drawing close as well. When Tohru plays the lottery at the shopping district, she wins a prize--a kotatsu, not the hot springs trip. Once they finally join Miss Kobayashi in the kotatsu, the dragons start lazing around... The kotatsu ruins not only humans, but dragons too. That relaxed, lazy mood is how Miss Kobayashi's family ends up spending their end of the year and the new year. Their peaceful days off pass by uneventfully. Meanwhile, Tohru and Kanna also change into kimono for their first shrine visit of the year--?!

Tohru's now capable of handling the housework perfectly, and at Miss Kobayashi's request, she decides to make the best omurice for dinner one night. However, gathering high quality ingredients would put her over budget. Wanting to see Miss Kobayashi smile more than anything, Tohru ends up playing her forbidden card... Meanwhile, as Miss Kobayashi rides the train home, worn out from work, she dreams of the night she first met Tohru.

Their day off is peaceful, and Miss Kobayashi spends her time relaxing with the others as usual. However, while out shopping, Tohru suddenly stops to think on the street--Miss Kobayashi is human, and what will she do when her lifespan runs out and she dies...? They can't be together forever. They'll have to part someday. She knew that. She was prepared for that. Yet still, Tohru's mind is in turmoil, and the final blow is dealt when the Emperor of Demise--her father--appears before her.

The self-proclaimed ultimate maid Tohru storms into a new maid cafe opening up soon with a sense of rivalry. However, when she returns she says, "Somehow I've ended up working there!" As they live out such typical days in their lives, she and Miss Kobayashi learn from the news that someone has destroyed the mountain where they met.

Miss Kobayashi managed to drive Ilulu away, but in return she got a you-know-what attached to her groin with magic. Because of that you-know-what, she starts perceiving behaviors that she would usually think nothing of in a different light and starts getting more and more turned on by Tohru.

Saikawa visits Miss Kobayashi's home to play. However, there's a girl that's unfamiliar to her (Ilulu)... Even after inviting her to join their games, Ilulu coldly refuses. Then Lucoa happens to stop by and she notices Ilulu's feelings as she tries to avoid them, so she makes an effort to help the dragon out.

Takiya and Miss Kobayashi are impressed by a beautiful array of code. Surprisingly, the one who wrote it was Elma. Miss Kobayashi is overjoyed that finally have more fully capable manpower. Then Elma hears that Miss Kobayashi is considered a "pillar" of the company who handles much more work than her, which causes her to suddenly get mad.

Elma and Tohru snarl at each other every time they meet in the shopping district. Miss Kobayashi is exasperated at that typical scene, but they mention it wasn't like that when they first met. Even though they get along like oil and water now, their first encounter took place long, long ago. It happened way back when Tohru was traveling by herself through the other world...

Shouta is troubled over how to approach Lucoa about her daily, uninhibited contact. He should be the master in their relationship, though... He resolves to take back control as the full-fledged mage he's aiming to become. So he begins trying to uncover Lucoa's weaknesses.

Two suspicious figures appear in a dark alley under the cover of night. An unsettling air hangs over their secret exchange. "What do you need, asking me to come here?" asks the perverted woman with two horns. "Lend me your power," answers the melancholic man in a butler uniform. And so the most sinister and awful tag team begins to take action.

Shouta suddenly begins shutting himself up in his room. He's pouring over a complicated grimoire in order to create a magic item as a gift for Father's Day. Lucoa offers to help him since the task is so difficult, but he refuses and declares he must accomplish it by himself. However, he continues to fail to produce it...

It all started with a single statement from Elma--"I demand improved worker conditions!" The company Miss Kobayashi and the others work at is very close to being exploitative, and Elma finally realizes their situation is wrong and rises up against it. Miss Kobayashi assumes it's impossible to improve their working conditions, but the dragon's energy and spirit were far greater than she imagined...

After having a fight with Miss Kobayashi, Kanna runs away from home. Since she doesn't want to go home she flies across the ocean to somewhere brighter where the sun's still out. Kanna lands on the continent she happens to find during her flight, putting her in New York, the city that never sleeps.

Miss Kobayashi's hips have seriously started hurting. She buys up a bunch of health products to try and improve it, but she hardly uses any of them... Even Tohru loses her patience and tries to get her to eat tail meat, but she sadly refuses. Tohru then begins her search for what Miss Kobayashi considers a "typical remedy."

A typical morning with typical dragon girls. A priceless slice of daily life without any complaints. However, ever since Miss Kobayashi heard the tale from the Emperor of Demise, something has been slightly weighing on her. Yet it's not clear to her what exactly that is. As that uncertainty builds, the summer festival they've all been waiting for is drawing closer.