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  • Ended
  • Tokyo Broadcasting System
  • 2004-08-27T05:30:00+05:30
  • 95 mins
  • Animation
"Year 70 of the Cosmic Era. Due to the 'Bloody Valentine' tragedy, tensions between Earth and the PLANTs escalated into armed conflict. None doubted that the numerically superior Earth forces would be victorious, but these early predictions proved to be mistaken. The war became a stalemate, which has lasted for eleven months..." The Newest Series in the GUNDAM Saga to come to America, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (or just Gundam Seed) has a close relationship to the Original Mobile Suit Gundam, or Gundam 0079.

3 episodes

1x01 The Empty Battlefield

  • Series Premiere

    no air date — 95 mins

The economic gap widens between the affluent, technologically advanced, hybrid Coordinators and the simple Earth Alliance known as the Naturals; the rift, unsurprisingly, has driven them apart in the 70th year of the Cosmic times. In an effort to bridge the chasm between them and the Coordinators, the Naturals have built five Gundam warriors that they hope will serve as their potent weapons. But will their plan work?

1x02 The Far-Away Dawn

  • no air date — 95 mins

It's been 70 years since the Coordinators, a technologically advanced species, and the Earth Alliance, a purely human troupe, have existed together side by side. Tension worsens as the Alliance learns that the Coordinators have been working on Gundam suits that will leave them further in the dust. Salvation comes in the unlikely form of Kira Yamato, a Coordinator who empathizes with the Alliance's plight.

1x03 The Rumbling Sky

  • no air date — 95 mins

Held together by scenes from various Mobile Suit Gundam Seed features and enriched by high-tech CGI graphics, this animated film opens during the 71st year of the Cosmic Era, when the all-flesh Naturals face off against the technologically enhanced Coordinators. In the middle of it all, Kira Yamoto emerges as the hero, although he doesn't really want to be one. Nevertheless, duty calls, and he rises to the occasion.