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Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Season 1

1x37 (37) The Day of Dakar

  • 1985-11-09T08:30:00Z on Animax
  • 30 mins
  • Japan
  • English
  • Drama, Action, Adventure, Anime
Jared is aboard the Garuda super plane pursuing the Audomura, which is en route to Dakar to interrupt an Assembly meeting and use its global broadcast facilities to voice AEUGO and Kalaba grievances. Irma charms her way past the young Titan pilot Eiji to rendezvous with Quattro, airlifted by Amuro's Dijeh and flying sled. While Irma holds the Assembly at gunpoint, Quattro takes the podium and reveals his true identity, saying he speaks not as Char Aznable of the Zion Empire but as the son of Deacon Zion. Zion didn't set out to satisfy personal ambitions, like the Zabi dynasty that murdered him and stole his name, but to step into the sky for the true advancement of mankind. "Not to abandon Earth, as Earth is our mother, we must now go out on our own!" The broadcast is seen by Eiji, who spots Irma, and by Sayla Maas, the alias of Char's younger sister Artesia. Eiji and his cohort launch their Asshimars just as Jared takes off in the Byarlant with a squadron of Custom Hizacks (RMS-106CS). During the dogfight over the city, one of the Asshimars is hit and only Eiji's timely assistance keeps it from crashing in downtown Dakar. Eiji can't hold it and both are about to crash when Camille rescues them in Z-Gundam. Jared attacks viciously, tearing up a downtown city block to get at Z-Gundam. As he closes in for the kill, he is attacked in turn by Eiji' Asshimar -- his way of repaying Camille's earlier rescue. Irma hears the battle raging outside the Assembly and takes a cameraman to the roof. There they broadcast evidence of Titan ruthlessness as Jared attacks Eiji's Asshimar. The Kalaba and AEUG forces make a safe retreat as the EUG Assembly and the world at large officially condemn the Titan's actions. Amuro and Quattro are now truly on the same side.