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Molook Al-Tawaef 1969

  • Ended
  • 50 mins
  • Documentary, Drama

The plot of the series begins the fall of the Umayyad Caliphate in Andalusia, after the end of the state founded by Ameria Almanzor Mansour in succession Hisham II Umayyad. And the emergence of Petty Andalusian, and try each of them exclusivity in one of the cities of the Umayyad Caliphate, however schemes built worshipers to take over the rest of the mini-states and extend their influence on Andalusia, Vistaan ​​so Mu'tadid Ibn Abbad (Ayman Zeidan) Bkhalaf exclusive a crazy market (Khaled Taja) compromised caliphate Hisham, who popularized his disappearance , the public did not he is certain of his death, Faaidh and condemning him in the palace in Seville and demanding the rest of Petty synagogue him, Fardah Jhor sons who reigned Cordoba, is that the minister son Zaydoon (Jamal Suleiman) argued father packets bin Jhor owner Cordoba even accept sell Hisham alleged What Ahngah it Fjvah.

Serial shows the case of Andalusia shattered then, and the chaos which they are located, and denunciations and plots located between Taifa. It also refers to the story of the birth of the girl Almcetkfa (Susan Necmettin) and Ibn Zaydoon who leads the board, and compete for her love with the son of the minister Abdos.

Emphasizes the series on the main idea is "The tyrants were always invaders condition" by a chorus of men and women moving between events and cities echoing the phrase, and Ttantql events with them.

Get rid Mu'tadid from behind the exclusive Btzmima after the death of his father, the judge Ibn Abbad, and The Seville after isolating the group, and assesses the new authority, receives the son Zaydoon fugitive from Cordoba after a long incarceration in which charges of false hatched by his Abu packets bin Jhor to get rid of it after the Rate of enemies State of contact with beings who sunflower Astmlwah them big as a poet of stature.

At the time, Abdullah bin Yassin shows (Abdel Rahman Abu al-Qasim) in stationed Island begins stationed in appearing as a strike in Morocco, and after a number of leaders, leadership stationed ends to Ibn Yasin (Fadi Sabih) greatest conqueror, after the demise of the era Mu'tadid and the emergence of Certified Ibn Abbad state which is allied with the soldiers stationed at the Battle of the slide to stave off the king of Castile, Alfonso VI or Advonh as he calls the Arabs, but it ends in alliance with Advonh as Taifa act for fear of Sultan stationed, Vijala stationed, and Anfonh to Morocco where it ends in Aghmat with his wife and daughters After that instead of good old humiliation, and ends the series after his death at his tomb.

1 season

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