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Specials 2009 - 2017

  • 2009-08-06T22:00:00+07:00 on Tokyo MX
  • 25 mins
  • 14 hours, 7 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Anime

These specials consist of recaps and multiple adaptations of Monogatari books released outside regular seasons.

34 episodes

Special 1 Episode 5.5 (Recap)

  • 2009-08-06T22:00:00+07:00 — 25 mins

A recap of episodes 1-5 of Bakemonogatari.

Special 2 Kizumonogatari I: Iron Blood Arc

  • 2016-01-07T22:00:00+07:00 — 25 mins

I think it's about time I talked about Kiss-Shot-Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade. I believe it's something I have to do. I met her in the spring break between my second and third years of high school. That meeting had such impact, and was also quite devastating.

Special 3 Tsubasa Family - Part 1

  • 2012-12-30T22:00:00+07:00 — 25 mins

Koyomi Araragi begins the day by being rudely awoken by his sister, Tsukihi. He decides to discuss love with her, asking how one can tell if they are in love or not. It turns out that recently, he can't stop thinking about his classmate, Hanekawa Tsubasa. Later, he runs into Hanekawa, who reveals a shocking fact which he may not tell anyone else about.

Special 4 Tsubasa Family - Part 2

  • 2012-12-30T22:00:00+07:00 — 25 mins

Later, Araragi meets up with Oshino Meme, who quizzes him about Hanekawa. He reveals everything except the secret he was sworn not to tell, including finding and burying a silver cat with no tail. From this, Oshino warns that Hanekawa may have been possessed by an Oddity, the Curse Cat. He instructs Araragi to find Hanekawa, whilst he looks for the shallow grave they dug for the silver cat. Araragi finds Hanekawa, but things then take a turn for the worse...

Special 5 Tsubasa Family - Part 3

  • 2012-12-30T22:00:00+07:00 — 25 mins

Araragi, initially ignoring Oshino's warning not to involve himself any further in this incident, visits Hanekawa's house and is shocked by what he finds. He returns home and convinces his sisters not to involve themselves in the Curse Cat incident either. A few days pass and Hanekawa is still nowhere to be found. Araragi returns to Oshino to find him severely injured from his numerous encounters with the Curse Cat. Later, Araragi manges to find and talk to the Curse Cat occupying Hanekawa. Calmer and less violent now, she tells him to leave her to her own devices in order to relieve her master's stress.

Special 6 Tsubasa Family - Part 4

  • 2012-12-30T22:00:00+07:00 — 25 mins

Araragi begs Shinobu for her help, which she eventually provides. He then formulates a plan to confront the Curse Cat and save Hanekawa.

Special 7 Summary I

  • 2013-08-10T22:00:00+07:00 — 24 mins

This episode summarizes the events the Tsubasa Tiger episodes

Special 8 Summary II

  • 2013-09-14T22:00:00+07:00 — 24 mins

This episode summarizes the events of the Mayoi Jiangshi episodes

Special 9 Summary III

  • 2013-10-19T22:00:00+07:00 — 24 mins

This episode summarizes the events of the Nadeko Medusa episodes

Special 10 Suruga Devil - Part 1

  • 2014-08-15T22:00:00+07:00 — 25 mins

After the graduation of Araragi and Senjougahara, Suruga alone to deal with her left hand that has been turned monsterous from her mother's monkey paw charm. After hearing rumors of a "Devil" that can solve one's problems no matter what, Suruga set out to find this person.

Special 11 Suruga Devil - Part 2

  • 2014-08-15T22:00:00+07:00 — 25 mins

After having her hand healed, Suruga has many questions for her former classmate Rouka. She was unable to contact her, however a meeting with Keiki Deshu, who seems to have survived the attack from the previous season, answers some questions of hers.

Special 12 Suruga Devil - Part 3

  • 2014-08-15T22:00:00+07:00 — 25 mins

Suruga realizes that the collector is in fact Rouka, and she has been collecting parts of the "devil" as she feeds off the misfortune of others. Her motives are questionable...

Special 13 Suruga Devil - Part 4

  • 2014-08-15T22:00:00+07:00 — 25 mins

Rouka challenges Suruga to a one-on-one basketball match as the two discuss the events that led up to their collection of their respective "devil" parts. Suruga is still coming to terms with the ability to use her left arm again.

Special 14 Suruga Devil - Part 5

  • 2014-08-15T22:00:00+07:00 — 25 mins

Upon finding the Demon's head, she meets Rouka once again. Instead of giving the head to Rouka, she refuses. She is unable to stand the sight of her because of the fact that she can see her as she is a ghost. Suruga then challenges Rouka to one-on-one basketball in a wager for the head if Suruga loses.

Special 15 Yotsugi Doll - Part 1

  • 2014-12-30T22:00:00+07:00 — 25 mins

Koyomi Araragi and Shinobu Oshino discuss the true nature of Shikigami doll Yotsugi Ononoki, and Koyomi is being rudely woken up by his sisters who tell him to cram for his upcoming college entrance exams.

Special 16 Yotsugi Doll - Part 2

  • 2014-12-30T22:00:00+07:00 — 25 mins

Koyomi Araragi sees that he has no reflection, and discusses this with Shinobu. She then suggests that Koyomi should see Yozuru Kagenui and Yotsugi Ononoki.

Special 17 Yotsugi Doll - Part 3

  • 2014-12-30T22:00:00+07:00 — 25 mins

As Yotsugi's words sink in, Koyomi remains unfazed. He reasons that his experiences as a vampire must have come with a price. One that he should have to pay. Yozuru commends Koyomi for his acceptance, but tells him that while there is no way to undo the progress of his transformation, there is a way he can stop it from progressing further: he must no longer use his powers as a vampire. Yotsugi informs Koyomi that he can still use his blood to feed Shinobu, but he shouldn't do it too often, and not to the point where he gains any powers. Yozuru warns him that if he were to progress further toward being a vampire, she would have to kill him, as is her duty as a specialist. This raises Shinobu's ire, and she tells Yozuru that if Koyomi were to die, the restraints on her would be released, returning her to her status as lord of the vampires. She would use that power to kill Yozuru. Yozuru accepts the challenge. Yotsugi, not wanting to see the others fight, urges Koyomi to never use his powers again, in order to keep things the way they are. Reluctantly, Koyomi promises to stop using his powers. Internally, however, he has doubts as to whether or not he can. He knows that if someone he cares about were going to die he wouldn't hesitate to use his powers to save them. Later, as Koyomi and Yozuru are discussing the reasoning behind her focus on killing immortal apparations, Yozuru receives a call from Izuko. Yozuru tells Koyomi and Yotsugi to go to Suruga's house immediately, to check on his sisters. They arrive to find not only Koyomi's sisters, but also Suruga missing. In their place is a series of paper cranes. Yotsugi explains that the bird shape indicates that the kidnapper is after Tsukihi, the phoenix. They meet back up with Yozuru, who explains that the man behind the kidnapping is Teori Tadatsuru, an apparation specialist and doll master. Like Yozuru, Teori is a specialist who focuses on killing immortal apparitions. Yozuru warns Koyomi that he can't use his powers as a vampire to solve this, nor can Shinobu. Koyomi remarks on the costs of his vampire power usage, likening it to divine punishment. Yotsugi and Yozuru disagree, stating that the kidnapping happening the day Koyomi finds out he transformed into vampire is much too coincidental. Koyomi and Yozuru then discuss possibilities for Teori's motivations, and who he is as a specialist. Yozuru says that Teori doesn't hold much in the way of convictions, only that he finds apparitions to be beautiful. Teori himself is an artist, and as a specialist he goes around like Meme, mediating between apparitions and humans. Yozuru then reveals that Teori's true targets are Koyomi and Shinobu, and as Teori operates outside of Izuko's network of specialists, Meme's assertion that Koyomi and Shinobu are harmless means nothing to Teori. The group then looks through the paper cranes, and finds one with Teori's location: the North Shirahebi Shrine. Yotsugi and Koyomi prepare to jump to a location near the mountain where the shrine is. Yozuru will proceed to the shrine on her own, but she tells Koyomi to do things when he feels it's right, and not to wait for her.

Special 18 Yotsugi Doll - Part 4

  • 2014-12-30T22:00:00+07:00 — 25 mins

Koyomi and Yotsugi land at the base of the mountain, where they are surprisingly met by Ougi Oshino. She talks with Koyomi for a while about his current situation and his upcoming confrontation with Teori. Koyomi and Yotsugi begin their journey up the mountain. The two discuss how they will be able to rescue Koyomi's sisters and Suruga. Koyomi hopes that they'll be able to sneak past Teori and get them without him noticing, but Yotsugi is doubtful of that plan. She expects that Koyomi will have to convince Teori to let them go, as this is how Koyomi normally deals with his opponents. Yotsugi then briefly explains how she was created. Back during their college days, Yozuru, Teori, Meme, and Deishu Kaiki did a project to create and artificial shikigami from the corpse of a human, under the direction of Izuko. Yozuru and Teori both fought for 'ownership' of Yotsugi, but in the end, Yotsugi chose to stay with Yozuru. This led to a falling out between Yozuru and Teori. Yotsugi discloses that the reason she is telling Koyomi this is because, if things were dire, he could choose to hand over Yotsugi to Teori in order to resolve the situation. Koyomi refuses to consider the option. He instead instructs Yotsugi to find the hostages, and use her power to immediately get away, while he distracts Teori. Yotsugi points out that if she were to leave, Koyomi and Shinobu would be left helpless before Teori. Yotsugi halfheartedly suggests offering Shinobu to Teori, which Koyomi refuses. Yotsugi points out that Koyomi's desire to have the hostages rescued while not being willing to give up either Yotsugi, Shinobu, or himself shows a lack of maturity. She then suggests that if she were to get close enough to Teori, she could use her powers to kill him before he has a chance to react. Koyomi is shocked at the suggestion. He wants to preserve what humanity is left in Yotsugi, and if she were to kill Teori, she would lose it. The two reach the shrine, and observe Teori. He is sitting on the offertory box, folding origami. Koyomi realizes that he is counting time with that: once the box is full of origami, time is up. Koyomi decides to use his simple decoy plan, and Yotsugi leaves to sneak in through the rear of the shrine. As Koyomi is preparing to confront Teori, Shinobu appears from his shadow. She tells him that she doesn't care if he is no longer human, so if Koyomi is about to die, she'll turn him into a full vampire. Koyomi then confronts Teori. Teori reveals that both he and Yozuru have a curse upon them that prevents them from walking on the ground. He then says that his reason for kidnapping those close to Koyomi was so that he could kill Koyomi. However, Teori is perplexed at the situation. He knows that he is there to kill Koyomi, but why him? On paper it seems like Teori is the best person to oppose Koyomi, almost as if he were cast for the role. He can't help but feel that someone else has manipulated events so that it would turn out to be him fighting Koyomi. While this conversation is taking place, Yotsugi is shown searching the shrine for the hostages. Koyomi is angered by Teori's musings on the situation, but Teori points out that Koyomi's anger merely fits the role that he had been cast. The two of them are following their scripts. He tells Koyomi to find Meme, as he is the one who could bring balance outside of the casting or script. Koyomi replies that he has searched, and asks Teori if he knows where Meme is. Teori replies that he does not. Teori drops a final origami into the offertory box, and it fills up. Teori gets ready to fight Koyomi, stating that he's sick of being manipulated and used like a pawn. Teori then appears to be talking to someone other than Koyomi. It is revealed to be Yotsugi, who appears in front of Teori. Yotsugi uses her powers and kills Teori. Koyomi is shocked. Yotsugi reassures him that he had nothing to do with her decision. Even if there were a way to save everyone, she decided to do it because she is a monster, in her own words. She tells Koyomi to not end up like her. Karen, Tsukihi, and Suruga are found in the offertory box, and are taken back to Suruga's house. Taking an external view of things, Koyomi realizes that the point of this incident was to create a rift between him and Yotsugi. He was disgusted by her actions. Later, Koyomi visits Hitagi Senjougahara's house, who surprises him with chocolates. He remembers that today is Valentine's Day. Koyomi and Hitagi discuss the previous day's events and what they mean for his future. Hitagi surmises that things are fine for now, and that worrying too much about the future isn't all that great. He should just focus on living his life. After returning home, Koyomi enters his sister's room and finds Yotsugi sitting on Tsukihi's bed. Yotsugi explains that she was won by Tsukihi in the same claw game that Koyomi played the previous night, though Tsukihi needed only three attempts to get her. She goes on to say that both Yozuru and Izuko realized that the point of the previous day's incident was to create a rift in between Koyomi and Yotsugi, and as such, they should oppose whatever party that is causing these incidents. Therefore, until balance is achieved in the town, Yotsugi will be living in the Araragi household, which will serve to help Koyomi and Yotsugi reconcile.