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Season 2012 2012

  • 2012-01-14T03:00:00-02:00 on Spike TV
  • 25 mins
  • 5 hours, 12 mins (19 episodes)
  • United States
  • Special Interest

Television's first how-to series on sourcing, restoring, painting and modifying original V8 American muscle cars from the 60s and 70s, plus Detroit's current modern muscle machines. Experts demonstrate how to rebuild, paint and resto-mod these iconic cars while sharing information on vehicle history and statistics. This show constitutes the country's largest community of muscle car fans.

19 episodes

2012x01 Dark Horse Stage 3 Complete!

  • Season Premiere

    2012-01-14T03:00:00-02:00 — 16 mins

The finishing touches are put on the Fox Body Mustang, Dark Horse, and then it heads to the track, where the guys run into some issues.

2012x02 Is This Your Father's Oldsmobile?

  • 2012-01-28T03:00:00-02:00 — 16 mins

Tommy and Rick start a new project, hoping to build it with inspiration from the classic Hurst Edition Oldsmobiles. Also, Year One's Braselton Bash, and the guys do a little paint-mixing wizardry.

2012x03 Olds Powder Coat and Quarters

  • 2012-02-11T03:00:00-02:00 — 16 mins

The guys get the Oldsmobile blasted, fix some gnarly quarter panels, and talk tech with the best chassis guy in the business. Also, Flashback takes a look at a super-fine 442.

2012x04 Oldsmobile Part 3

  • 2012-03-03T02:00:00-03:00 — 16 mins

The Oldsmobile gets planted onto the Art Morrison Chassis, and the guys do some customizing on the body including flush-mounting glass and shaving drip rails. &nbsp

2012x05 427 Cobra and Factory Five Roadster

  • 2012-03-17T01:00:00-03:00 — 16 mins

The crew from Factory Five Racing drops in and the guys upgrade one of their roadsters to put it to the test against a true-blue original 427 Cobra. &nbsp

2012x06 Big Bad Dodge!

  • 2012-03-31T01:00:00-03:00 — 15 mins

Rick and Tom set their sights on a brand-new project, and they have some pretty hefty plans for an old Mopar. &nbsp

2012x07 Dodge Suspension

  • 2012-04-21T01:00:00-03:00 — 16 mins

Rick and Tom get a hankerin' for some suspension work. They unbolt, chop, cut, measure, and install a whole new front and rear suspension set-up for the Dodge Dart, Project Bisnisstime

2012x08 Dodge Cage and Tubs

  • 2012-05-12T01:00:00-03:00 — 16 mins

Tommy and Rick cut up and burn in a drag-style cage kit for the '74 Dodge Dart, Project Bisnisstime. &nbsp

Tommy shows step-by-step how to do custom metal mods on the Hurst Tribute Oldsmobile's rear bumper, and the guys do engine and tranny mock-up, where they find that some floor modifications have to be made..

2012x10 Basic Budget Builds and The Great Race

  • 2012-06-02T01:00:00-03:00 — 16 mins

Tommy shows a couple of ways to save some cash by rebuilding a starter solenoid and an old set of drum brakes, and the guys prep a GTO for a timed rally-race with the concept of making it more reliable.

2012x11 Blown Hemi Shoehorn

  • 2012-07-07T01:00:00-03:00 — 16 mins

The Pro-Street Dodge Dart gets a Frankenmotor wedged into it's engine bay - complete with a sky-high blower sticking way up out of the hood! Hollywood movie and tv car builder Steve Mank joins the crew and lends a helping hand.

2012x12 Dodge Sheet Metal

  • 2012-08-04T01:00:00-03:00 — 16 mins

After cutting most of the floor out of the Pro-Street Dodge Dart, the guys are ready to start putting metal back into it. &nbsp

2012x13 Water-Based Hot Rod Flames

  • 2012-09-08T01:00:00-03:00 — 16 mins

See how an Old-School Hot Rod flame paint job is done on a coupe with a twist. This paint is the new-style water-based variety, and it can look every bit as cool as solvent-based graphics.

2012x14 Dodge Dart Fuel and Fire

  • 2012-09-22T01:00:00-03:00 — 16 mins

The Pro-Street Dodge Dart Project Business Time gets a fuel system to feed it's blown Hemi, and the guys talk about safety & fire systems.

2012x15 By-Request Builds

  • 2012-10-06T01:00:00-03:00 — 16 mins

Dive into your old carbeuretor, reinforce your suspension, re-cover your interior, and fix your dents! &nbsp

2012x16 Pro-Street Dodge Floor Prep & Wiring

  • 2012-10-13T01:00:00-03:00 — 25 mins

Project Business Time, a Pro-Streeted 1974 Dodge Dart, gets some floor preparations done along with wiring. Jamey Jordan stops by to perform some aluminum wizardry, and the guys take a trip to the world's largest Shelby & Ford show.

2012x17 Bottom Dollar - Big Fixes

  • 2012-10-27T02:00:00-02:00 — 16 mins

Tommy and Mank pick up a low-dollar mule that's a prime candidate for some quickie improvements that make it run better, stop faster, and look better all at the same time. It's freshening up a tired heap into a rejuvenated head turner.

2012x18 Pro-Street Dodge Paint and Graphics

  • 2012-12-01T03:00:00-02:00 — 16 mins

Project Business Time, the 700 Horsepower Blown Pro-Street Dodge, goes from Black to Plastic to Primer to Painted. Learn how to use your computer to make graphics for your ride, and visit a huge Mustang and Shelby show. &nbsp

2012x19 Pro-Street Dodge Odds and Ends

  • 2012-12-15T03:00:00-02:00 — 16 mins

Business Time, the '74 Pro Street Dodge Dart, gets buttoned down as many final details are seen to. Fluids, interior, glass, and a pile of other odds and ends all get the once over as the Dodge is almost ready to go.