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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 2010

  • 2016-12-10T11:30:00-05:00s at 2016-12-10T11:30:00-05:00 on Discovery Family
  • 2010-10-10T00:00:00-07:00
  • 25 mins
  • 2 days, 11 hours, 35 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, Children
"Get your muzzle out of those books and make some friends!" That's what Princess Celestia tells Twilight Sparkle. She may be the smartest unicorn in Equestria, but Twilight Sparkle gets an "incomplete" in friendship. There's more to life than learning magic, after all -- so she goes to Ponyville on a mission to make friends. There she meets five special ponies who take her on exciting adventures and teach her the most powerful magic of all ... the magic of friendship!

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The best episode of season 5 ever.I love sweetie bell so much.I love the song choice and everything about it.

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I love the show so much.You learn something from it about friendship.I love most of songs on it.I love the art work from the foals to the background pony,the mane six.

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i gave this series an honest screening because i was legitimately curious about the hype. what i got was an average children's show, which is really what it had seemed like to me all this time. certainly the animation is very nice, and there's a definite charm to the main characters, but i'm not sure i buy this whole concept of a show that enables men to indulge in their femininity. first of all, in media men have been feminized heavily over the past two decades so i don't understand the need for some kind of emotional outlet where you can leave your gender at the door for a few hours. secondly, it seems to be praised for it's direct message that 'friends are good' as well as 'love and tolerance'. ignoring the naivety of such a philosophy, this isn't exactly some kind of pioneering idea in children's television. in fact if I remember correctly, HR Pufnstuf was about those two things, and i'm sure a lot of old shows were.
i seriously don't understand the amount of love this show has been getting. i've given it a 3/10, because it's a nice childrens TV series that is a lovely eye massage but my brain ends up being bored stiff.

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